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Phil Lesh & Friends 05/26/17
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16 Neumann KM140's > Lunatec V3 > Sony PCM-M10 @24/96 Resampled with Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.1.2 Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED 
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Phil Lesh & Friends

Saturday, May 26, 2017
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

source: Neumann KM140's >  Lunatec V3 >  Sony PCM-M10 @24/96
Resampled with Sony Vegas Pro 12.0
Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.1.2
Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

Set I
01. Tuning
02. Shakedown Street (KD)
03. Jack Straw (JGe, RJ)
04. Almost Cut My Hair (AK)
05. Bertha (JGe)
06. West L.A. Fadeaway (KD)
07. Ophelia (JGe)
08. Tennessee Jed (JGe, AK)
09. Samson and Delilah (RJ)

Set II
01. Help on the Way > (JGe)
02. Slipknot! >
03. Franklin’s Tower > (JGe, RJ, JC, PL)
04. Viola Lee Blues > (all)
05. Cumberland Blues > (all)
06. Viola Lee Blues (all)
07. Unbroken Chain (PL)
08. Turn on your Lovelight > (JGe, RJ)
09. Not Fade Away (all)
10. donor rap
11. E: The Weight (KD, JGe, PL, RJ)

Band: Karl Denson, Jackie Greene,
Ross James, Tony Leone, Robert Randolph, Jason Crosby,
and Alex Koford plus The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Show Checksums
39a710ac84810e0db9353dad595ccce5 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-01.flac
73dfdd92c27fe6fca103b42ac3b9bfd1 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-02.flac
363082cea64ea8c43c6704075373b89b *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-03.flac
7f301a993541eee1cba3dc35c3d86616 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-04.flac
7d895485422428fa600c3321fb2dc4ff *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-05.flac
f874d1402a0bd999849f920a276794c5 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-06.flac
3d5b2f54634a8f5790e4a480afe42562 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-07.flac
63d15d1cb0f2bc9d46a49ddf4008d2b9 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-08.flac
d9fd8cb4bf79b3a12006f87858129252 *phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-09.flac
47754a83fc166858adcc11362d4cfed7 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-01.flac
0b987a567375a8a3d19ed97993f5bbd6 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-02.flac
debe5ddda25886b72bf292efab1a49a8 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-03.flac
90e01b2b890251e26f71ed7607964393 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-04.flac
b7c9396716941b6eb7eabb249fc98f3a *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-05.flac
43f7e309ac31ebea6fe703b501da4fd2 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-06.flac
5f6a17f1b473c6f0bf7182ac41fabc80 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-07.flac
ff67f2367fa690b38113263f7d5f7f47 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-08.flac
edf114fa7d060ac35910c92bab5c6596 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-09.flac
9f8d38e58136dda5dfd6316dc51bf659 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-10.flac
edee551868547b5b36e979a1265cd667 *phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-11.flac
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-01.flac:f04af817daa2e93a3dd23055906eed32
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-02.flac:a31424c8c3854da86978c573620ea9f4
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-03.flac:e2793ca89403af86477c2422e310658b
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-04.flac:e65ba72241455725ff71c213c378e322
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-05.flac:45847a2c64642214195f41c4ef9e63c6
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-06.flac:ddf0dab41171ea70e8165063fb0312af
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-07.flac:3f35561b2ee5be9ba1ef417d3472c145
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-08.flac:e7a66e08123b1d7c2eea00ace4f13422
phil 2017-05-26 set1 t-09.flac:42eee5758a29427bb6036afab261f6a9
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-01.flac:efdc72c009820a7f6c73cad774fa0ba6
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-02.flac:13ba6737ddfa8b640fe2505b40755433
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-03.flac:3c37b0ef70209a554024434954af6cdc
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-04.flac:e3afa8a9b777f99715f78cf6c13c5910
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-05.flac:a9d1416e92e2ec6a0ca43cbe37c7a232
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-06.flac:5e7237c7cd575eb479112852383fcf76
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-07.flac:103b03ffb721dd9e597089c3fbc4bb50
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-08.flac:1b204d018a508e2920b12ed87618e6f1
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-09.flac:55d819613724f9434fcbb7a7b95be65a
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-10.flac:3e30307fc1915af1168d9504c5009a10
phil 2017-05-26 set2 t-11.flac:7be6133b9558c5bda06049adeb20eaec

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