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Dead & Company 06/09/17
Folsom Field, Boulder, CO
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Source Summary flac24 *mk4* 
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Dead and CO
Folsom Field
Boulder, CO

****24bit File******

Schoeps mk4>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
FOB/DFC 40\' back dead center, 7\' high
dsp: 788t > wavelab5 > cdwave > wavelab5 > flac(7)

tagging: Flacs tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

Set 1:

01 Intro 1
02 Dancing in the Street
03 Cold Rain and Snow
04 Hell in a Bucket
05 Big River
06 Althea
07 New Speedway Boogie
08 The Music Never Stopped
09 Ripple

Set 2:

01 Intro 2
02 St. Stephen
03 Estimated Prophet
04 Eyes of the World
05 Deal
06 Let It Grow
07 Drums
08 Space
09 The Other One
10 Morning Dew
11 Crowd


12 Touch of Grey

Show Checksums
16e5396e360079a42c59b2117a80d8df *deadco2017-06-09s1t01.flac
2201401e9276289ef4f460aedd13b476 *deadco2017-06-09s1t02.flac
69b52965ca008e636684e9c1b931b450 *deadco2017-06-09s1t03.flac
f03c597d8f8c70ed70b097d11ffb914f *deadco2017-06-09s1t04.flac
b8e21f27332911f3f8ca7c603a75a1d6 *deadco2017-06-09s1t05.flac
e8ede1ba493c22cf32e8ca429924a446 *deadco2017-06-09s1t06.flac
d6b207c038b10f7bd864f050171ff399 *deadco2017-06-09s1t07.flac
d6f705704fbfaac37130f3e46f8c017a *deadco2017-06-09s1t08.flac
74abc08f9d62fa8e6ee1202e363134a7 *deadco2017-06-09s1t09.flac
3734b74dd654dd0590cb67187f3b0659 *deadco2017-06-09s2t01.flac
d0f393a1e38f3eb2b20d9dd1f3612263 *deadco2017-06-09s2t02.flac
d29ff7ec0efcb8001ef508aed6385082 *deadco2017-06-09s2t03.flac
bf36f3691df45605a7e50fd56d47021e *deadco2017-06-09s2t04.flac
3dc241593a360a24b11e2c42af599dd5 *deadco2017-06-09s2t05.flac
8dd68886cd19018919b812b937334951 *deadco2017-06-09s2t06.flac
e25a990825ab8a1664ec9ecb74ebfd92 *deadco2017-06-09s2t07.flac
d15e452571bc176430890cd1434c0566 *deadco2017-06-09s2t08.flac
28bcb5012f14535fa2006784d555b74b *deadco2017-06-09s2t09.flac
b14f6d5e4450caecdad1ce8bfe232f76 *deadco2017-06-09s2t10.flac
192644ef54f6c30d0a668e67c401ff0c *deadco2017-06-09s2t11.flac
3fda5b1fa7d97cf53ed799327654558c *deadco2017-06-09s2t12.flac

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