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Dead & Company 06/09/17
Folsom Field, Boulder, CO
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Source Summary flac24 *mk22* 
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Dead and CO
Folsom Field
Boulder, CO

****24bit File******

Schoeps mk22>NOS>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
FOB/DFC 40\' back dead center, 7\' high
dsp: 788t > wavelab5 > cdwave > wavelab5 > flac(7)

tagging: Flacs tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

Set 1:

01 Intro 1
02 Dancing in the Street
03 Cold Rain and Snow
04 Hell in a Bucket
05 Big River
06 Althea
07 New Speedway Boogie
08 The Music Never Stopped
09 Ripple

Set 2:

01 Intro 2
02 St. Stephen
03 Estimated Prophet
04 Eyes of the World
05 Deal
06 Let It Grow
07 Drums
08 Space
09 The Other One
10 Morning Dew
11 Crowd


12 Touch of Grey

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fd18293247c708be2c672fb67856db83 *deadco2017-06-09s1t01.flac
fe21acb48a94b65280c2c93e44836dd8 *deadco2017-06-09s1t02.flac
c6e20b8048f284ee82e67c9481ecd063 *deadco2017-06-09s1t03.flac
3cc782075eb1f8c2452b0a18e615ff5f *deadco2017-06-09s1t04.flac
f49817215d8241b31384cdec1cb88535 *deadco2017-06-09s1t05.flac
be44961df04cba270b39d22eb7296d0d *deadco2017-06-09s1t06.flac
ba4885853e3edce9d5d4fc864d4831a4 *deadco2017-06-09s1t07.flac
6b134f090cbdddd1052dbedde8c885c0 *deadco2017-06-09s1t08.flac
fa6258dae7dd31f01378f524a2936b5a *deadco2017-06-09s1t09.flac
87ee82c6296f14be9d208e5fccafe25b *deadco2017-06-09s2t01.flac
91aaf9c5095823abd04474cc386978bd *deadco2017-06-09s2t02.flac
a8d5e4633a392db922adefc9a4f91f41 *deadco2017-06-09s2t03.flac
c883bc7245de99a3727be83ddc851c92 *deadco2017-06-09s2t04.flac
17ed6d8ebb57b914d3cdec4d8d1e5590 *deadco2017-06-09s2t05.flac
b2e582822660f90d8dee35ebdd6da7d0 *deadco2017-06-09s2t06.flac
d1df24947af2aae91dec7213cea3f5cd *deadco2017-06-09s2t07.flac
854ee7acc87f2e78b17da45dc1938df5 *deadco2017-06-09s2t08.flac
287be3279345d5ca31093c8d0913f575 *deadco2017-06-09s2t09.flac
29787ed35d5dd1b75258703f2bb7b40f *deadco2017-06-09s2t10.flac
9de960ed6baa3883feeb5d94012be6fc *deadco2017-06-09s2t11.flac
7fd9e09c2522076b1f5e39d8c023080a *deadco2017-06-09s2t12.flac

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