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Grateful Dead 08/07/82
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac24 48khz Set 2 only. Source Audience Recording: Beyer M 201c Location: 80 feet from stage|DFC (five rows in front of soundboard) Lineage: Beyer M201's X-Y (hyper cardiod) duct taped to stand>> Sony TCD5 w Maxell XL-II, Dolby B ON Playback: Nakamichi LX-5 ->Marantz PMD 661|SD card 24/96 Processing:SD->Audacity (Windows 7)-> CDWav editor ->TLH (flac) Taped by: Executive Crew Kyle Holbrook & Phil Schuman Transferred by Kyle Holbrook 
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Grateful Dead
Alpine Valley Music Theater
Date 1982-8-07
East Troy WI

Set 2 only (arrived late)
d2t01 - China Cat Sunflower      ->
d2t02 - I Know You Rider
d2t03 - Man Smart/Woman Smarter
d2t04 - Ship of Fools             *
d2t05 - Playin' in the Band      ->
d2t06 - Space/drums              //
d2t07 - Drums/space              -> +
d2t08 - The Wheel                ->
d2t09 - Playin' in the Band      ->
d2t10 - Morning Dew              ->
d2t11 - One More Saturday Night   #
d2t12 - U.S. Blues

recording notes:
* 2 second cut (accidental pause button hit?)
// tape flip    (42:01)
+ Abrubt level increase (44:50)
# levels on master lowered at start

Source Audience Recording: Beyer M 201c
Location: 80 feet from stage|DFC (five rows in front of soundboard)
Lineage: Beyer M201's X-Y (hyper cardiod) duct taped to stand>> Sony TCD5 w Maxell XL-II, Dolby B ON
Playback: Nakamichi LX-5 ->Marantz PMD 661|SD card 24/96
Processing:SD->Audacity (Windows 7)-> CDWav editor ->TLH (flac)

Taped by: Executive Crew Kyle Holbrook & Phil Schuman
Transferred by Kyle Holbrook

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     6:47.867     117465644 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7464  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t01.flac
     7:26.453     128578604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7663  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t02.flac
     8:07.293     140340524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7721  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t03.flac
     6:50.187     118133804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7515  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t04.flac
     9:43.147     167946284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7728  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t05.flac
     3:03.707      52907564 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7670  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t06.flac
     5:53.560     101825324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7289  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t07.flac
     6:25.853     111125804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7523  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t08.flac
     4:00.787      69346604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7522  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t09.flac
     9:48.307     169432364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7377  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t10.flac
     4:54.173      84721964 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7650  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t11.flac
     5:10.747      89495084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7590  gd1982-08-07beyerm201.24d2t12.flac
    78:12.080    1351319568 B                            0.7559  (12 files)
Summer Tour 1982
Grateful Dead started me into a lifelong hobby of recording music.

These shows are from the well preserved archives which ultimately amount to the result of tremendous love and energy put in by many people along the way. In 1982 we had Olvy Johnson, Mike Yacavone, Dave Prescott, and Mark Fitzgerald as well as Fran Walsh, later my wife, then even later Olvy's wife.

We set out on tour because of Dave Prescott's knowledge of the band and ownership of the recording equipment. Dave had Olvy and I assist a few times before he handed us his Sony TCD5 Professional Cassette recorder and two Beyer M201 hypercardioid microphones as we planned to head to Arizona. The plan was to "wear" the microphones in a straw cowboy hat (later augemented, then later still abandoned as way too unwieldy in the heat or indoors).
This tour consisted of ten shows for us, we skipped Ames IA (1982-08-06)to head home to Syracuse NY with the plan of going back to Alpine Valley with Fran and another SU friend. All of the planning was done via pay phones and landline phones as this was 1982 obviously before cell phones.

Dave also had a connection in Arizona who would get us tickets he said. SO off we went in Olvy's 1976 Chevy Impala with Texas plates leaving Syracuse NY and arriving in Tempe Arizona in 40 hours sleeping in the car taking turns driving. We met Dave's friend Cliff in Tempe and he invited us to crash on the floor of his apartment, which we did. The next day they drove us to the concert in a white van with carpet on the walls and about 8 hippie wannabees to the parking lot of the field where the show was held.

Compton Terrace July 25 1982- mic location- lawn about 150 from stage
We set up a blanket and staked out some space making it known that we were tapers. most of the folks around us were nice and asked how to get acopy and ultimately were respectful of what we were doing. EXCEPT for this one guy behind us who kept screaming loud things including, "I want to f**k your wife" the entire first set. During encore break, he came up to us and apologized saying it was his first Dead show. He thought we were "bootleggers" and until his friends told him we were cool and the band allowed the recording he was loud. He said nothing during set2 and our time was less stressful thinking at least we were getting less crowd noise. Even with modern mixing tools you can still hear this guy on the recording.

we drove to Colorado early the next morning and when getting on the I-17 to Flagstaff two girls in summer dresses had a sign, "Need Ride to Boulder", and were obviously deadheads heading to the Red Rocks shows. We picked them up and found out they were students at CU in Boulder and by the middle of the ride one of them invited us to crash on the floor of her 3 person apartment.That is a LONG drive if you've never done it, especially in the middle of summer. We got to Boulder early the night before show 1, and of course, tickets were the topic of the town. Our host had hers and a set for a friend who was supposed to show up from out of town. Turned out that set of tickets became ours and we magically had one ticket per show for the three night run.

Or should we say three DAY run! In 1982, the park service opened the gates to the park at 8 AM and the amphitheatre at noon. Red Rocks is a COlorado State park and monument. We were told the theory was that non concert goers wanted access to the park portion even while the concert goers were parking and tailgating etc. So Olvy and I headed up there in time to be in the first line of cars to get to the gates of the concert parking. We did what any red blooded American teenagers would do, Olvy hid in the trunk! We got through, and ultimately he snuck into the venue from the back of the rock ledge (Which WaS extremely difficult, now attendees would not have access).

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison CO Night 1 FRI July 27 1982
mic location- 75 feet from stage about 40 feet left of center.
If you were at these shows you will mention the rain within 30 seconds of recalling the experience. It rained at least a portion of every day of the three. On this Friday, it had been raining off and on all afternoon. It was raining for the first few minutes of first set, then stopped.
It started pouring about 10 minutes into the second set and didn't let up until the encore. Phil was standing in water on the stage while local crew were squeeging waves if water off the stage. Somehow, for our second only master we made a decent recording as we thought to place one of those cheap plastic poncho's they sell at venues up and over the cowboy hat. Hard to truly say after 35 years, but this show will always be my most remembered Red Rocks show as it was my first, and the experience led me to make sure it would not be my last time there.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison CO Night 2 SAT July 28 1982
mic location- 50 feet from stage dead center
This day's story starts during set 2 the night before. About 10 minutes into the downpour a tarp comes over my head as I wore the mics and the amount of rain hitting my head was greatly reduced. Looked around and it was 2 dudes who had noticed we were recording in the pouring rain holding a tarp over our heads.Those same guys showed up early on this day 2 and offered to set up behind us again and help us cover up in case of rain. Those two guys were great and I traded tapes with one of them for 3-4 years afterward. Jim Morrison (his real name) going to school (Tulane I think) in New Orleans at that time and his friend- Jim. If either of if you hear this- THANKS!

It rained steadily most of the first set into set break but mercifully stopped at the start of set 2. At one point the rain got heavy where Bob mentions hoping they don't go up in sparks . They played the expected rain songs, Lazy Lightning in the first set and Let it Grow in set 2 being notable. The lack of rain during set 2 was refreshing and allowed the crowd and Rocks to dry out a bit.

Our story got interesting that night after the show at our hosts apartment. After we ate pizza and listened back to the first set on her stereo, one of her roomates came home, having been at the show working security and then out drinking. About 2:30 AM, being exceedingly drunk, he starts to harass Olvy and me saying we were there without paying any money and had this recording of the show and that he wanted it. "Give it to me" he said loudly pushing me up against the center island in their kitchen. Our host ran up, rapidly explained to the kid that the Dead allowed the recording, that we broke no laws, that he was drunk and way out of bounds etc. Olvy wouldn't have let it get any further, but she stopped him anyway. So, we've made our third master and already been threatened bodily because of it!

Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison CO Night 3 SUN July 29 1982
mic location- 110 feet from stage dead center (first row behind soundboard)
So, we did feel threatened and wound up getting out of there about 5 AM, and going to a local,laundry mat, doing a bunch of wet clothes, and sleeping in their parking lot until we headed to the Rocks. We had found Olvy a SUN ticket the day before and were finally able to absorb the park, take it in a bit, go to the visitors bureau hut and such before heading in a bit late for us. We wound up directly behind the soundboard in the midst of several other tapers. This was the first time we met and spoke with other tapers. Which resulted in the first time we felt embarrassed or out of place with our straw cowboy hat "mic stand".  One guy mentioned we should buy a stand and we started thinking about it after that.

This show was the ultimate wrapping up of a three day run in a magical location like Red Rocks. Phil's bass was booming- but perfectly clear, Jerry's leads were soaring and Bobby was in great form. But it RAINED - both sets! Even the Dead's vaunted sound crew had problems with the PA, crackling can be heard on all recordings made of this show. All in all, the sound quality of this tape, and others on the LMA, are pretty good, considering it rained the entire show. The second Other One in 3 days had the tour heads buzzing and the entire atmosphere was electric. I'm pretty sure this is when I got the bug to go on tour and tape as many of these things as I could.

We headed immediately after the show toward Austin TX, driving through Denver at night down I-25 and out of Colorado toward our home state. We arrived in Arlington at our friend Eric's house sometime the day before the Austin show. He and our friend Skip would be going to the show with us.

Manor Downs Raceway, near Austin TX July 31 1982
Mic location: About 85 feet from stage near center
We caravaned down to Austin the next afternoon arriving a bit late but buying tickets at the gate- for $10! We set up about 30 feet in front of the board next to about 3 groups of guys with mic stands, one guy using a crutch with a single mic on it and another guy holding up a boombox on a crutch recording the show with it. Eric lost his wallet, skip said he saw people having sex in the bushes, Olvy got mad at a dude yelling underneath HIS own mics (one pointed toward the sky the other at the stage!). The recording tells me we had a good time and came out with a relatively decent tape.

We had to leave Austin right after the show to head to Arlington, ending up crashing at Eric's. We woke up and Skip decided he would follow us in his car to OKC. We did not realize the show was an early start but did head up there in time to arrive at the oklahoma City Zoo just as the show was scheduled to start.

Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre August 1 1982
Jerry's Birthday!
Mic location: patched out with taper right behind soundboard
This was our first time arriving late, We had luck in finding someone who ofered us a patch out of his gear, another first. This was also my first show on Jerry's birthdate. An odd sort of first though was seeing about 500 Harley Motorcycles parked out the side of the venue and so many bikers inside. I guess they figured OKC was the place to be. It was HOT. Almost 100 degrees and they were selling beer in gallon containers the size of milk jugs. yes. really! Bikers and others were buying the beer and throwing it all around, on each other and the whole event did get on the edge of out of control.

Skip decided to follow us along to Kansas City next. the drive was brutal.Grueling heat, finicky vehicles, no shade on the Kansas plains in August! We arrived at the Zoo in Kansas City around noon and there was barely anyone around. We checked show times and realized we had several hours to kill and nothing to do as we were watching our cash at this point in the tour. We hung around the parking lot and eventually met this guy who told me he bought a used car for $500, no more, at the start every summer tour and drove it until it died hoping that wasn't until he got home after tour.

Starlight Theater Kansas City MO August 3 1982
Microphone location- in pavilion, moved between sets patched out of Nak 550
This was the show where we became tapers. We had tickets, bought at the box office earlier in the day during a surprise release. But the seats were farther back than we wanted. We spotted the guy we patched out of in OKC walk by us, and set up about 10 rows in front of us. So we asked if we could patch, he said,he had an extra ticket, one of us sit here and help him. I recall Olvy sat with him and at set break the taper, Dan, wanted to move. So, we commandeered three empty chairs about  15 feet up and almost dead center for Dan's Nakamichi set up. The venue was amazing, the show incredible and the scenery and skies co-operated to add beauty to the light show on stage.

This show is widely regarded as an excellent example of what the Dead were about on their best days of 1982. We called it "bringing the heat". After a top notch first set, the boys came out and hammered it down. The Shakedown, Sampson & Delilah, To Lay me Down and Let it Grow are grade A Dead. This recording capatures it pretty well as we were in the right spot acoustically.

Kiel Auditorium St. Louis MO August 4 1982
Mic Location: 25 feet from RT stacks side section about 15 rows off floor
Skip was still with us, but I can't recall if he made it into this show. Kiel auditorium is a concrete cave with awful acoustics. On top of that they busted all the tapers on the way in or near the sbd. We had tickets in the lower section about 2 sections from the speaker stacks. It didn't matter. The sound on this tape was always near the lowest of the run, and the setlist didn't have deadheads years later clamoring for it in trades. Listening back, it isn't an awful first set. I do have a distinct memory of heading back from the concessions during Promised Land and how boomy the building sounded with Phil's bass bouncing off the walls.

After this show we realized we could make it to St. Paul MN in about the same time we could make it home to Syracuse. We came up with an idea of making it home for less than 24 hours, missing ST. Paul on August 6 and getting to Alpine Valley for 08-07. Skip was still with us and continued on to Syracuse! He drove behind us all the way to Syracuse and once there he let me drive his car to Alpine Valley while Olvy stayed in Syracuse to have his car worked on. My girlfriend was plenty annoyed at being left alone for three weeks while we traipsed across the country seeing the Dead. We took my friend Phil and together the three of us drove straight from Syracuse to Alpine Valley. Or so we thought. Skip's car died on the Ohio Toll way and luckily only took us about 6 hours to have repaired.

Alpine Valley Music Center AUgust 7 & 8 1982
Microphone  locations (in front of and on corner of soundboard)
We arrived late for the first show, parking took several hours down a series of beautiful Wisconsin country roads. We wound up parking in a farmers field who had a huge lot mowed down for the occasion. By the time we made it through the gates, there we caught only 2-3 first set songs. No worries I assured Fran and Phil, we have tomorrow night to be here early. Wound up setting up Dave's Beyer's on the rail in front of the soundboard using another taper's pole and duct tape. This would be the first time our mics were on a stand of some sort. Hopefully some of you will enjoy the audience experience archived with this second set.

We slept in the car and on the ground, not being properly prepared to camp. I do recall Phil finding some folks selling food which we had for lunch. Kids were cruising through the cornfields, grabbing husks of corn and being stupid city kids in farm country.We had lawn tickets but I was determined to make it to the pavilion to set up near that front rail like the previous night.I snuck through the back rail separating the lawn fromn pavilion seating and got to the front of the board. A guy I had seen at Red Rocks was setting up some Nakamichi's at the right corner of the soundboard. He let me patch out of his setup. It turned out he was friends with the sound crew and that the 3-4 seats next to the booth were empty and we had the run of them. A great time at a special Grateful Dead show. Zakir HUssein came out during drums and played until encore and John Cippolina came onstage after space and inspired Phil to jam his ass off behind John's sharp leads and Jerry's more melodic ones.

The tour went on toward the West coast and we headed back to Syracuse. first summer tour, but it wouldn't be the last, I got bit by the bug.
(to be continued)

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