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Phil Lesh & Friends 05/27/17
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16 44.1khz Neumann KM140's > Lunatec V3 > Sony PCM-M10 @24/96 Resampled with Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.1.2 Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED 
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Phil Lesh & Friends

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY

source: Neumann KM140's >  Lunatec V3 >  Sony PCM-M10 @24/96
Resampled with Sony Vegas Pro 12.0
Tracked & Flac'd with Audacity 2.1.2
Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

Set I (Phil dedicated show to Gregg Allman)
Box of Rain (PL)
Althea (NC)
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (RJ)
Loser (AK)
Here Comes Sunshine > (NC, AK)
Stagger Lee (NC)
Sweet Jane > (RJ)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (NC)

Set II
Uncle John’s Band > (all)
Dark Star jam >
Playing in the Band > (NC)
Uncle John’s Band > (all)
Midnight Rider (all)
Lady with a Fan > (PL)
Terrapin Station > (all)
I Know You Rider (all)
Sugar Magnolia (NC)
donor rap
E: One More Saturday Night (NC)

– Karl Denson, Robert Randolph,
Neal Casal, Ross James, Tony Leone, Jason Crosby, Alex Koford

Show Checksums
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-01.flac:b622bfb934e43aebb4a2f4e07e5a3b48
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-02.flac:e21b8ae270c1bf056c832c99088b6670
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-03.flac:05d588ca5d6ebc32e3b9ed65db37c416
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-04.flac:3b7adde508d7505a5217699c48e125dc
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-05.flac:fe3d87331ea41dca554c83f00f9bae30
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-06.flac:9cf369e303c2c4b80bdf8265e1c6582e
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-07.flac:0062016776036575127672c1f1d2b8e3
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-08.flac:9da5520681685cb9719c4da7bfa395c8
Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-09.flac:1d020b7179f81a7c1d5b85cad04e1422
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-01.flac:3cda3d706416819c52b2d370525e26e3
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-02.flac:f23b96628b9c466bba6db890fb4bc1cc
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-03.flac:b0d22abf722bd75a68749b426aefaac6
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-04.flac:6bbb60db1f0f4eafe85fc7c244671601
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-05.flac:4ee4e95813329e4cf072e1f2046c63f1
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-06.flac:1dbd854879ea2de01978121dae8813e4
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-07.flac:bd910620b9b66f37aa93497a6c86aca7
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-08.flac:fda7ae72fc5f3c91578c409d457ce953
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-09.flac:d752f69f8732253aa708ec1618592ba8
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-10.flac:4b0efd8c4a5b767742e2d9fd67d94e35
Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-11.flac:cd52ae8e09964abfd7afbe0f56e3134e
7ec0a892b412346338f9e06380f72250 *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-01.flac
2552880e22d4c5ec8ae162f4e115da75 *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-02.flac
4bf6e3471a282dff2d58ca876e319d1f *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-03.flac
eae84e99c4fcb92d9f09037b54534fdd *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-04.flac
e787b4cc030e64ead76f7cfa47726fbc *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-05.flac
f5b9d038dc6720a52e3ea9a37433a92f *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-06.flac
118599d38c594dfc8c9414c8db401421 *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-07.flac
07c4cc978d7118f03cbba62fefc869e7 *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-08.flac
58686d8584712a77373f74c1ae275751 *Phil 2017-05-27 set1 t-09.flac
ce828dc96c5608dcd9b198f159eb7f56 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-01.flac
ebf794119b4440c3dbfbc8dfcac00e50 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-02.flac
300f8bc856a22399e116422e3afdaed4 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-03.flac
b0762da58a575a043f0fafef3e9f26a5 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-04.flac
9599e6b070fd6565acd9c5f6cb39a4d0 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-05.flac
2f79e9333c909f360bd04c9d51529ad1 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-06.flac
a719bbc4ca0985bb64e8c13d9377923b *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-07.flac
593a8c69bbc70960fefb7192f7808fdf *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-08.flac
465a05d78320f1f8fe1b14bc40ee5dbb *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-09.flac
06d56f1c7666ded227dc07fdeeb1e3c0 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-10.flac
8ec1f2f703e2eb68c6f75a3ee87b1547 *Phil 2017-05-27 set2 t-11.flac

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