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Phish 07/25/92
Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT
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Source # 13928 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; SBD > DAT > SHN; Note: this is the same Source as DB#8852, but the two parts of YEM have been joined and a new MD5 created. 
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Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT

Source: DSBD > ? > etc, etc > SHN

1.  Runaway Jim
2.  Foam
3.  Sparkle
4.  Stash
5.  Rift
6.  YEM
7.  Llama
8.  Funky Bitch


4/17/92 Warfield Theatre

DSBD > ? > SHN

9. David Bowie

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d950f20f43ddc9602936a62e893011a3 *ph92-07-25t01.shn
86f6f0b01487e3d9d20d7e7ddd98dba2 *ph92-07-25t02.shn
b4f17d6906c09aeefde1199e3a4ff55f *ph92-07-25t03.shn
5b83fd9ed18ba6145d7d42fd0b728355 *ph92-07-25t04.shn
8f35152e41a3998d14546a076e9c959b *ph92-07-25t05.shn
d9d95e19a658ff8f6c2ef25a6c3dc811 *ph92-07-25t06.shn
3ce74815977c7d2885935caabfb84fd9 *ph92-07-25t07.shn
dd5cb44be596f186ce166a8d755e6ee2 *ph92-07-25t08.shn

dfaaf68ae4c89af6fcd7c7202b760944 [shntool] ph92-07-25t01.shn
6c2c64de2d70c4fa37f922af3b4aa3dd [shntool] ph92-07-25t02.shn
2e481044339a2ab006ebd333e90e6ffd [shntool] ph92-07-25t03.shn
370453f75aae39524f3928e2fca72647 [shntool] ph92-07-25t04.shn
f7b117577dceac5e594a1348bc67cc60 [shntool] ph92-07-25t05.shn
5412d8fad8132b29a70bc1b668b166ca [shntool] ph92-07-25t06.shn
6cbf8ba8652cbc74f6b97c011c657f5f [shntool] ph92-07-25t07.shn
9374134919c3899f9bd89ef708a3eb65 [shntool] ph92-07-25t08.shn
1af357e4bf2ef1a690227a8219235901 [shntool] ph92-07-25t09.shn

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Date User Comment
05/24/2003 Eric Drop-out in "YEM" at about 7:10. "David Bowie" filler is incomplete and fades out.
03/15/2012 Yurkovic Audible click/pop at 5:19 of track 1