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Grateful Dead 11/24/78
Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Pre-FM MR > DAT > CD > EAC > WAV > SHN ; upgrade in circulation  
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Grateful Dead
Capitol Theater
Passaic, NJ
11/24/78 All
Pre-FM MR > DAT > CD > EAC > WAV > SHN

Disc #1
Set 1:
1. Jack Straw
2. Sugaree
3. Me and My Uncle >
4. Big River
5. Stagger Lee
6. Passenger
7. Candyman
8. New Minglewood Blues
9. From the Heart of Me

Disc #2:
1. Loser
2. Promised Land
Set 2:
3. I Need a Miracle >
4. Good Lovin'
5. Friend of the Devil

Disc #3
1. Estimated Prophet >
2. Shakedown Street >
3. Drums* >
4. Ollin Arrageed* >
5. Fire on the Mountain* >
6. Sugar Magnolia
7. Johnny B. Goode

* - w/ Hamza El Din
This show was a live nation-wide FM broadcast.

Known Flaws - There's random problems in the right channel during Me & My Uncle > Big River.  
This flaw supposedly appears on the master reel.

Transfer done by Chris Warren
[email protected]
Show Checksums
ab4aa6c007dbeecde9bd012c4aa2167d *GD-11-24-78-D1-T04.shn
4606ed2163e466999786c123064699fb *GD-11-24-78-D1-T02.shn
e1c660777457d8ee0c89ba636bcbf7ff *GD-11-24-78-D1-T03.shn
f40b33d36c6909dceb68754949478d7a *GD-11-24-78-D1-T01.shn
a3fb26f53052aa12f72587cc46188ae4 *GD-11-24-78-D1-T05.shn
280acd7484cf583cca2491eb81111f18 *GD-11-24-78-D1-T06.shn
51bfa11a32cf6f929a02dddddc39826f *GD-11-24-78-D1-T07.shn
a0de4552efdf141f4606fcd91c1a1e78 *GD-11-24-78-D1-T08.shn
fd2814702688fcf641dca1f220935f2d *GD-11-24-78-D1-T09.shn
7719458cc69e8d21ccdeb996c9fea0cb *GD-11-24-78-D2-T01.shn
f28baa899ae4fd37debed6d4cca59b06 *GD-11-24-78-D2-T02.shn
16e1158d570d5cbfc74c296d8a130309 *GD-11-24-78-D2-T03.shn
9ee4255eafd68bd9ee433a775bfb84c4 *GD-11-24-78-D2-T04.shn
b68d2c18f93d09f5c0f757399b74bfb2 *GD-11-24-78-D2-T05.shn
b033c11e9919e8bc6d85c5fe6c3daf64 *GD-11-24-78-D3-T01.shn
f6cab07d205858a8d6ee213518c2bee3 *GD-11-24-78-D3-T02.shn
c6533ccde73239813fc6e2be5b7b93db *GD-11-24-78-D3-T03.shn
c282ded6b33692a923acf12fdaf012c5 *GD-11-24-78-D3-T04.shn
a0e5f08f09651a72ebec47ea149872dc *GD-11-24-78-D3-T05.shn
cd30406ecb22df3e1d32fa9dcbfa9dce *GD-11-24-78-D3-T06.shn
193a8b2d515e9ee951b739608d6dfbb9 *GD-11-24-78-D3-T07.shn
ad2e690b1cd37e168ec36671e76882f8 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T01.shn
a680b6647ee6b60453ba2d918eed789d [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T02.shn
723744cd844320683cf9e30c6b86fd0f [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T03.shn
7d80fbdb428e45795e4eade9e081baef [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T04.shn
f22c0faeebeccdf854ec0e11e30a11f6 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T05.shn
20a72ffa6a5e3a646d0a97466a6ce2dc [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T06.shn
808d5da120d4eec886f64d22a36e0467 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T07.shn
baf75128a93598e795b071b81279a7c8 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T08.shn
fce41ac1b4d931f1a8aaaa7c8f093147 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D1-T09.shn
ae94a11d6034803374f4489d15069ef5 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D2-T01.shn
bda8020b77e978ab8566fd56deef91ee [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D2-T02.shn
7a20361c032faa407535f31da73008a3 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D2-T03.shn
b2159c1e1ed7590a02c8d3ee36f1eb85 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D2-T04.shn
1b6fb8af023d3759f52bd55d82caa701 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D2-T05.shn
679d02993a900b8918a665bd01bc3d5e [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T01.shn
9075ec28c0e438bf0f89d2b04c51633f [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T02.shn
3e66e93871637101c7f8d4a7f2a985e5 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T03.shn
f468419f6f22bd19dec531faeb231b6c [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T04.shn
557cd4cdd3a4cb330cf020e3aee865d9 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T05.shn
5fe61172c1751ea426ec2c0d0ec3c271 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T06.shn
424b64020c045b60287e06c201b040f2 [shntool] GD-11-24-78-D3-T07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD-> FM-> ?; via Doug... (1) SBD (2- or more?- songs... (5) FM> Reel> CD; via Fred... (5) flac16; SBD(PreFM) >... (0) flac16; Source:... (3) flac16; Recording... (2) flac24; Source:... (0) DTS-Audio-CD 5.1... (0) flac24; Partial Sets... (0) flac16; Partial... (0) flac24; LINEAGE FM... (0) flac16; LINEAGE FM... (0) flac16:; Live FM... (0) flac16; Source:... (0)
Date User Comment
06/07/2003 Tyler This fileset has a dropout in d3t2, Shakedown, at about 8:20 or a few seconds after. My md5s check out and match those listed here. The dropout is cleanly spliced but obvious and appears (from timings) to be missing about a minute of the best part of the jam.
06/08/2003 sport This is an underated show.
06/08/2003 Joey Sure would like a copy of this so i could compare it with my master.
06/09/2003 dms maybe one of the discussion groups would be a more appropriate forum for such a request.
10/16/2003 Koolaid This source along with Peter Braverman's seed sound awesome!
12/09/2004 Kevin Tobin the dropout during the heart of the shakedown jam (d3t2) lasted for 1 min 44 sec but is complete on the braveman fm version. working on the video of this show so have fixed it and the numerous right channel dropout during uncle>river so have the complete show for the dvd
12/09/2004 Kevin Tobin during the drums (d3t3) a segment of the drums repeats itself - from 2:58.389 to 3:52.592 for 0:54.202 seconds - no music is missing.