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Robert Hunter 09/22/86
Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums roberthunter1986-09-22.139801.flac1648.md5 , roberthunter1986-09-22.139801.flac1648.ffp
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Media Size Compressed: 383 MB (401604608 bytes)
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Source Summary flac1644: AUD -> 1st or 2nd Generation XLII Cassette via Sony D6C -> Tascam DR-40 > Audacity > FLAC 
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Robert Hunter
Peabody's Down Under
Cleveland, OH

Source: AUD, Unknown Taper, 1st or 2nd Generation XLII Cassette via Sony D6C -> Tascam DR-40
@44.1 khz/16 bit.  Amplified in Audicity and output to individual tracks in FLAC.

Set I
01 Jack Straw
02 Alabama Getaway
03 End of the Road
04 Amagamalin Street
05 Easy Wind
06 Mr. Charlie
07 Tiger Rose
08 Touch of Grey

Set II (Partial)
09 Stage Banter
10 Brown Eyed Women
11 Rock Columbia
12 Bertha
13 Friend of the Devil
14 Who, Baby, Who
15 Chingo
16 Rubin and Cherise
17 Aim at the Heart


This show happened during the period when Jerry Garcia was recovering from his diabetic coma.   I remember RH giving
everyone a Jerry update, but it must have been later in the 2nd set and that tape has vanished.  You can hear
someone in crowd yelling "What about New Years?".

Probably no more than 1st or 2nd generation cassette.  The volume on the tape was pretty low so this is as
high as I could go without the noise being bad. The initial clipping at the beginning of Jack straw is present
on the original audio tape.

If someone wants to do a proper mastering of this, please contact me and I can send the unaltered transfer files.

Tom Markson
November 13, 2017
[email protected]
Show Checksums
cc35117653aa17a833f99b5da6f8e475 *01-Jack Straw.flac
7f6dd17e18998812853a1c14c139dbe1 *02-Alabama Getaway.flac
7befb7a9c9f98adcbf7fa17e64892e65 *03-End of the Road.flac
3e519eca42ca746a315d4372e5893dae *04-Amagamalin Street.flac
3ad58a6dcc74e633cdb523abeba13c78 *05-Easy Wind.flac
13c432776accd8ee493598accd58b4da *06-Mr. Charlie.flac
67d133bf409f0ebe94c9f6a2d0efe78d *07-Tiger Rose.flac
db5b4ddb5b4bfd4d2cd172009144246f *08-Touch of Grey.flac
0ba03beb9d9fe7b381bb67b26568389e *09-Stage Banter.flac
ff941c68e0af9fc8efdf273f9489c4ac *10-Brown Eyed Women.flac
0d28cf2959615930f63c424adc80d658 *11-Rock Columbia.flac
1c06474199947dfcf4c97bba15af5865 *12-Bertha.flac
6fe015722a71b7baf92ec1253fd93437 *13-Friend of the Devil.flac
be686265dc3e0be942ef4b592722e40f *14-Who, Baby, Who.flac
464a8c5bfe57be8ce9e6552ee8c647a9 *15-Chingo.flac
b685f42a48e64d44362ba7f7d790d694 *16-Rubin and Cherise.flac
6d6f9e099c941638b0a1cfac5aeb8b22 *17-Aim at the Heart.flac
01-Jack Straw.flac:c31b45d4334dacfb41a87aedf73253f8
02-Alabama Getaway.flac:cd64496cac9666bd5d310282ec33655c
03-End of the Road.flac:842844da3dcdaf33992853a697382b14
04-Amagamalin Street.flac:94581d075c01d8cb603a0cd52e4e2941
05-Easy Wind.flac:37b2984f03957d392d8d8faa4d182997
06-Mr. Charlie.flac:4317c884a329617a2d0f3b9d728625ca
07-Tiger Rose.flac:d7e5a97f95e1635964f673895c312a83
08-Touch of Grey.flac:ffd229fdcdcd3e055278b7875b8258ec
09-Stage Banter.flac:c3e12e13f7589d4ad9fe8156f00ca13d
10-Brown Eyed Women.flac:dfe1ae62603f54c229dd05d1f7c5b181
11-Rock Columbia.flac:b7ef87dceb9d5caecc4ca85d7713c6c9
13-Friend of the Devil.flac:7fae97d24d085495f81c191d318ae541
14-Who, Baby, Who.flac:5b5dc96d1953abaa2ce9a142f61adc71
16-Rubin and Cherise.flac:1adcc94a899f49ac9ce9af678c641eb4
17-Aim at the Heart.flac:569b56b252240e312d01fee6d2219688

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