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Robert Hunter 09/22/86
Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums roberthunter1986-06-22.ffp , roberthunter1986-09-22.md5
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Media Size Compressed: 415 MB (435159040 bytes)
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Source Summary flac1648: AUD -> 1st or 2nd Generation XLII Cassette via Sony D6C -> Tascam DR-40 > Audacity > FLAC 
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Robert Hunter
Peabody's Down Under
Cleveland, OH

Source: AUD, Unknown Taper, 1st or 2nd Generation XLII Cassette via Sony D6C -> Tascam DR-40
@48khz/16 bit.  Amplified in Audicity and output to individual tracks in FLAC.

Set I
01 Jack Straw
02 Alabama Getaway
03 End of the Road
04 Amagamalin Street
05 Easy Wind
06 Mr. Charlie
07 Tiger Rose
08 Touch of Grey

Set II (Partial)
09 Stage Banter
10 Brown Eyed Women
11 Rock Columbia
12 Bertha
13 Friend of the Devil
14 Who, Baby, Who
15 Chingo
16 Rubin and Cherise
17 Aim at the Heart


This show happened during the period when Jerry Garcia was recovering from his diabetic coma.   I remember RH giving
everyone a Jerry update, but it must have been later in the 2nd set and that tape has vanished.  You can hear
someone in crowd yelling "What about New Years?".

Probably no more than 1st or 2nd generation cassette.  The volume on the tape was pretty low so this is as
high as I could go without the noise being bad. The initial clipping at the beginning of Jack straw is present
on the original audio tape.

If someone wants to do a proper mastering of this, please contact me and I can send the unaltered transfer files.

Tom Markson
November 13, 2017
[email protected]
Show Checksums
01-Jack Straw.flac:72e4615e409bfaac3cf487a2a10591ab
02-Alabama Getaway.flac:2d5f15887dc30a468ffcca6b7740348d
03-End of the Road.flac:41789514e361415d2898499f88cfb43b
04-Amagamalin Street.flac:62817fd23f2d2db33981fec7727918f2
05-Easy Wind.flac:803f4bf446c61a8687254fd2d5cc8ad5
06-Mr. Charlie.flac:9be3e44d15871ea91ec824805e951a1a
07-Tiger Rose.flac:7ab2aeef7594f36224381906cf8ebb7f
08-Touch of Grey.flac:c98331af11bcff2d9f46f3608e906696
09-Stage Banter.flac:ac0980bf840199fd4cb5d65ba1aeccf7
10-Brown Eyed Women.flac:e35223a3acecb2e3a901f4c34c2b494c
11-Rock Columbia.flac:2c590c6932c7158f80156119581a7578
13-Friend of the Devil.flac:f4d76e4b32bd13cead5fbd7f2379a9c8
14-Who, Baby, Who.flac:3d7c483b2b49644b4fd456a9f9eba448
16-Ruben and Cherise.flac:0ec6b3d14f62469673264ee954c2fd72
17-Aim at the Heart.flac:686f0e195989bc4416addea5f8ac37e5
8c74822034a32f317b31416597479577 *01-Jack Straw.flac
673dc7488e583a843562ddb23d94bd2c *02-Alabama Getaway.flac
325397077c369ea924ccb4c045ba19e5 *03-End of the Road.flac
450c12a13c2b2dae4732325e0b1ffb80 *04-Amagamalin Street.flac
12b62e0310bd478f4fe945793e29cb78 *05-Easy Wind.flac
4f3bef6603f13bae2f188826f7f410e3 *06-Mr. Charlie.flac
29e282b30b1eb7314131a89a353edae8 *07-Tiger Rose.flac
bb16171b4dcc2fdabbc56dd484271c25 *08-Touch of Grey.flac
520304153fb36ef9ab3a503f6248f9ff *09-Stage Banter.flac
5c59607963fe1c7027331bf1837bd4f7 *10-Brown Eyed Women.flac
53df8d37c72089f063a96a20ebdb53ed *11-Rock Columbia.flac
429fd8da5db72837d358ef8376595914 *12-Bertha.flac
f5f1f8b23667aa9910f051a781033242 *13-Friend of the Devil.flac
523c8e2a8e00f63190c27295a2ec0d93 *14-Who, Baby, Who.flac
aedf59cfa41b83821c815956f9de951a *15-Chingo.flac
ab0c38454f28be2cbcf8e6a3abe5024c *16-Ruben and Cherise.flac
927c6399fa91cfe78e5c5b4d9a45e76b *17-Aim at the Heart.flac

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