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Grateful Dead 03/23/81
Rainbow Theater, London, England
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Source Summary flac16; Source Info: Frank Streeter's Master Audience Cassette (at the soundboard); Sennheiser 421 > Sony TC-D5M (TDK MA90); Transfer Info: Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 > Adobe Audition 3.0> TLH flac2496; Transfer by Charlie Miller; Mastered by Scott Clugston 
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Grateful Dead
Rainbow Theatre
London, England
Monday March 23, 1981

This is a 16/44 fileset. 24 bit to 16 via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Frank Streeter's Master Audience Cassette (at the soundboard); Sennheiser 421 > Sony TC-D5M (TDK MA90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 > Adobe Audition 3.0> TLH flac2496

Transfer by Charlie Miller
Mastered by Scott Clugston

- Thanks to Frank Streeter for the source cassettes
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer
- Thanks to the folks responsible for shnid6685 unknown audience source which supplies from 15:15 thru 15:22 of "Playing In The Band" (a medalist contender for fastest tape flip)
- Between song transitions smoothed

Set One:
s1 t01. Intro/Crowd
s1 t02. Jack Straw
s1 t03. They Love Each Other
s1 t04. Cassidy
s1 t05. It Must Have Been The Roses ->
s1 t06. El Paso
s1 t07. Ramble On Rose
s1 t08. New Minglewood Blues
s1 t09. Sugaree
s1 t10. Lazy Lightning ->
s1 t11. Supplication

Set Two:
s2 t01. Crowd/tuning
s2 t02. Bird Song
s2 t03. Samson & Delilah
s2 t04. To Lay Me Down
s2 t05. Terrapin Station ->
s2 t06. Playing In The Band ->
s2 t07. Drums ->
s2 t08. The Other One Space ->
s2 t09. The Other One ->
s2 t10. Stella Blue ->
s2 t11. Sugar Magnolia
s2 t12. Casey Jones

Show Checksums
gd81-03-23 s1 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac:583686426d1a1301a093158bddb5e74e
gd81-03-23 s1 t02 Jack Straw.flac:3c5bc0b6000d294926e41e36e452324d
gd81-03-23 s1 t03 They Love Each Other.flac:fcd120f148107a17374e93192231a9d0
gd81-03-23 s1 t04 Cassidy.flac:64e874c6725d93fdc43ee31dcb2e5a68
gd81-03-23 s1 t05 It Must Have Been The Roses.flac:51b48b9c90a0ad1917fbf2de8e8628ee
gd81-03-23 s1 t06 El Paso.flac:8eb0ae0125772b92da0a74db98871405
gd81-03-23 s1 t07 Ramble On Rose.flac:1c505c1c77810a94db89f2b1bf5b1517
gd81-03-23 s1 t08 New Minglewood Blues.flac:6254e720ad85d52502056c6c87154fc3
gd81-03-23 s1 t09 Sugaree.flac:6625ae9c9b6bcf522d22559080b3a279
gd81-03-23 s1 t10 Lazy Lightning.flac:b034114c2d86564d85beb2672c4f5eac
gd81-03-23 s1 t11 Supplication.flac:f1c1e8dcec8d09e2270a33243560017e
gd81-03-23 s2 t01 Bird Song.flac:de24f524ce8debb640feff0d17e68e3f
gd81-03-23 s2 t02 Samson & Delilah.flac:77fc688bf6ba24b155ee93a7a3983c14
gd81-03-23 s2 t03 To Lay Me Down.flac:299149c3a3d7f68643b26b23dd755dc8
gd81-03-23 s2 t04 Terrapin Station.flac:50d167d9b6904b3b1f461392dca41457
gd81-03-23 s2 t05 Playing In The Band.flac:76a7246c827387629fd214c2a14022aa
gd81-03-23 s2 t06 Drums.flac:89d28e2bbad342cae49e2f2e52d2d122
gd81-03-23 s2 t07 The Other One Space.flac:19cdbba675742882b51b7a60a77397f7
gd81-03-23 s2 t08 The Other One.flac:68e2322840f27445c6358b00d77899c9
gd81-03-23 s2 t09 Stella Blue.flac:5df0e28094722ca87d87ad8ed61320fc
gd81-03-23 s2 t10 Sugar Magnolia.flac:29c05627fe3852ff2b50b5d89663be5d
gd81-03-23 s2 t11 Casey Jones.flac:a9b5a707ae82754a64d5b118e7a71ebe
bde781dc2a05f855c13584efcafc2a8b *gd81-03-23 s1 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac
232e9d8c3bd1e36757a9fd53cd9f49ea *gd81-03-23 s1 t02 Jack Straw.flac
d17bdf443d00fb84659690bb220f408e *gd81-03-23 s1 t03 They Love Each Other.flac
d573700b6bf5723697fa645cde5bd5fd *gd81-03-23 s1 t04 Cassidy.flac
8e329c736f1d0b61ba56da2b89c5e706 *gd81-03-23 s1 t05 It Must Have Been The Roses.flac
210cb1979b79cf09b4302295f40a6fd1 *gd81-03-23 s1 t06 El Paso.flac
b69624b3f156d170489a75d44f141150 *gd81-03-23 s1 t07 Ramble On Rose.flac
f9fdd3b78cdaa97ec16705c4bd03fc8d *gd81-03-23 s1 t08 New Minglewood Blues.flac
c4320f7044305e8e07a60652c9871ee1 *gd81-03-23 s1 t09 Sugaree.flac
1fd7615083f95750915eaea1efdaed87 *gd81-03-23 s1 t10 Lazy Lightning.flac
3ab1558e6fccb541e1ea875d05fa749a *gd81-03-23 s1 t11 Supplication.flac
455a7dc3e9a4cd3adf64f8c634cbf8d3 *gd81-03-23 s2 t01 Bird Song.flac
01624a2edabc4e8a8db41b9a32ac2f56 *gd81-03-23 s2 t02 Samson & Delilah.flac
21e38ab519a26d67e78fbd374efad175 *gd81-03-23 s2 t03 To Lay Me Down.flac
6406b4636ef16713357a53030b751a5a *gd81-03-23 s2 t04 Terrapin Station.flac
30109114311d499405a97ffc884d282b *gd81-03-23 s2 t05 Playing In The Band.flac
d0a42917a90210ea7cb538c07f382c37 *gd81-03-23 s2 t06 Drums.flac
d0333b75130fba22ed4b4e7f6b298feb *gd81-03-23 s2 t07 The Other One Space.flac
632024530378a4b3c48584e414f53ea1 *gd81-03-23 s2 t08 The Other One.flac
c717d824ef788b6b1cb121e93a7ed5e8 *gd81-03-23 s2 t09 Stella Blue.flac
ae1c2af54a003eb30d090c0bba93e18f *gd81-03-23 s2 t10 Sugar Magnolia.flac
e26d33be80aa4fd194692cff9a84a78e *gd81-03-23 s2 t11 Casey Jones.flac

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