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Grateful Dead 05/12/81
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Source Summary flac16; Source Info: Frank Streeter's Master FOB Audience Cassette; Nakamichi CM700 mics > Sony TC-D5M (TDK MA90); Transfer Info: Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 > Adobe Audition 3.0> TLH flac2496 
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Grateful Dead
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum
New Haven, CT
Tuesday May 12, 1981

Thihs is a 16/44 fileset. 24 bit to 16 bit via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Frank Streeter's Master FOB Audience Cassette; Nakamichi CM700 mics > Sony TC-D5M (TDK MA90)

Transfer Info:
Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.8 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 > Adobe Audition 3.0> TLH flac2496

- Thanks to Frank Streeter for the master recording
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer
- Thanks to the folks responsible for the shnid101924 nak300 source which supplies "Shakedown Street", "Looks Like Rain", "Ship Of Fools" and the first 7:56 of "Estimated Prophet", as well as a 1:10 patch in the transition between "Drums" and "Space"
- Frank's master tape with the beginning of the 2nd set broke when attempting to transfer
- Between song transitions smoothed
- "He's Gone" dedicated to Bob Marley

Transfer by Charlie Miller
Mastered by Scott Clugston

Set One:
s1 t01. Crowd / Tuning
s1 t02. Alabama Getaway ->
s1 t03. Greatest Story Ever Told
s1 t04. Peggy O ->
s1 t05. Cassidy
s1 t06. It Must Have Been The Roses
s1 t07. Me & My Uncle ->
s1 t08. Big River
s1 t09. Althea
s1 t10. Little Red Rooster
s1 t11. China Cat Sunflower ->
s1 t12. I Know You Rider

Set Two:
s2 t01. Crowd /Tuning
s2 t02. Shakedown Street ->
s2 t03. Looks Like Rain
s2 t04. Ship Of Fools
s2 t05. Estimated Prophet ->
s2 t06. He's Gone ->
         Jam ->
s2 t07. Drums ->
s2 t08. Space ->
s2 t09. The Other One Space ->
s2 t10. The Other One ->
s2 t11. Wharf Rat ->
s2 t12. Sugar Magnolia
s2 t13. Don't Ease Me In

     length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     1:02.42       11035628 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6071  gd81-05-12 s1 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac
     4:44.31       50170556 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6658  gd81-05-12 s1 t02 Alabama Getaway.flac
     3:59.39       42251372 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6613  gd81-05-12 s1 t03 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac
     6:36.36       69939116 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6344  gd81-05-12 s1 t04 Peggy O.flac
     4:57.06       52404956 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6613  gd81-05-12 s1 t05 Cassidy.flac
     6:56.21       73431836 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6406  gd81-05-12 s1 t06 It Must Have Been The Roses.flac
     2:52.41       30437276 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6594  gd81-05-12 s1 t07 Me & My Uncle.flac
     5:39.36       59884316 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6579  gd81-05-12 s1 t08 Big River.flac
     8:08.31       86156156 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6436  gd81-05-12 s1 t09 Althea.flac
     9:01.31       95505356 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6522  gd81-05-12 s1 t10 Little Red Rooster.flac
     5:46.11       61060316 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6569  gd81-05-12 s1 t11 China Cat Sunflower.flac
     5:53.17       62309228 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6757  gd81-05-12 s1 t12 I Know You Rider.flac
     1:09.03       12178700 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5051  gd81-05-12 s2 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac
    12:05.17      127930028 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6062  gd81-05-12 s2 t02 Shakedown Street.flac
    10:01.10      106039964 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5610  gd81-05-12 s2 t03 Looks Like Rain.flac
     7:40.47       81254588 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5705  gd81-05-12 s2 t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
    11:18.18      119641580 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6134  gd81-05-12 s2 t05 Estimated Prophet.flac
    17:44.08      187708460 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5505  gd81-05-12 s2 t06 He's Gone.flac
    10:01.05      106028204 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6100  gd81-05-12 s2 t07 Drums.flac
     4:03.11       42891116 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.5644  gd81-05-12 s2 t08 Space.flac
     2:08.40       22673324 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6292  gd81-05-12 s2 t09 The Other One Space.flac
     4:29.35       47533964 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6669  gd81-05-12 s2 t10 The Other One.flac
     9:43.09      102862412 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6290  gd81-05-12 s2 t11 Wharf Rat.flac
     8:20.52       88322348 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6714  gd81-05-12 s2 t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac
     3:20.48       35392940 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6542  gd81-05-12 s2 t13 Don't Ease Me In.flac
   167:42.45     1775043740 B                            0.6207  (25 files)

No errors occured.

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gd81-05-12 s1 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac:92c4cbe8febf8ee5cedc1c887f57783d
gd81-05-12 s1 t02 Alabama Getaway.flac:cd70b11a4c71a25f0038f86fb5a0df47
gd81-05-12 s1 t03 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac:7ffdac998e9c39e9593c7f9c85377236
gd81-05-12 s1 t04 Peggy O.flac:beac42b011e859996833ecb11516ff3d
gd81-05-12 s1 t05 Cassidy.flac:d52e28ca27c6e9d5cfc81191bea29449
gd81-05-12 s1 t06 It Must Have Been The Roses.flac:d8ee983248aa043d7104b29e5a6ea1eb
gd81-05-12 s1 t07 Me & My Uncle.flac:1c18b2ea5d01b165ae031f3c9dbaae22
gd81-05-12 s1 t08 Big River.flac:d095b1444a7475c246f2fca99644d304
gd81-05-12 s1 t09 Althea.flac:6f0b7d89c8db78ec690a7e2a59d65615
gd81-05-12 s1 t10 Little Red Rooster.flac:5127f35951650e04d393c53b2c4f3623
gd81-05-12 s1 t11 China Cat Sunflower.flac:fe10b1276c3509ee155349320c474c59
gd81-05-12 s1 t12 I Know You Rider.flac:3ba0a28a83914b69135370c75bba3a19
gd81-05-12 s2 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac:021cdf1adc7e0e188446a686b6a082eb
gd81-05-12 s2 t02 Shakedown Street.flac:d1baf1b47092dc3c1e85e14ac8eab173
gd81-05-12 s2 t03 Looks Like Rain.flac:0d0833de99564ebf4eba715172e4cf62
gd81-05-12 s2 t04 Ship Of Fools.flac:0afab213ab952021eb874fd6df31923a
gd81-05-12 s2 t05 Estimated Prophet.flac:f7b78dd9373b9f0ddc03426669d1469d
gd81-05-12 s2 t06 He's Gone.flac:fb7726e6ddef31828dfa2a654661398e
gd81-05-12 s2 t07 Drums.flac:9e408d4c2f54f099761df8d023be9598
gd81-05-12 s2 t08 Space.flac:bd2491118cce37dc5c1a2aadc80610b5
gd81-05-12 s2 t09 The Other One Space.flac:c0e3ff37ba6b8afe0725ef60dbc9b6fd
gd81-05-12 s2 t10 The Other One.flac:b30178ef85edef67bd58ce3ffe7c9198
gd81-05-12 s2 t11 Wharf Rat.flac:c6fd204315d40416ba9ac1067f7b031d
gd81-05-12 s2 t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac:cc2788daf47ef113f658b2a78351c70d
gd81-05-12 s2 t13 Don't Ease Me In.flac:53f678db99cc4df006e5066981e9f7a5
e4c6a65cca09d32a3e1fa7c66b4278bd *gd81-05-12 s1 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac
e2da31a0bbf3ae94754cc0383ea80b65 *gd81-05-12 s1 t02 Alabama Getaway.flac
4a32efcd81367527df52140fc8e0229f *gd81-05-12 s1 t03 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac
be7e30af4d88fb2aaf6b1daf367b3495 *gd81-05-12 s1 t04 Peggy O.flac
d9493005cbc4c2130272ba8729fd0861 *gd81-05-12 s1 t05 Cassidy.flac
383d7a2a865afd8b1358f03057d139e3 *gd81-05-12 s1 t06 It Must Have Been The Roses.flac
36bc7af0cb4e9aaf5a4efafdf5cf5dcc *gd81-05-12 s1 t07 Me & My Uncle.flac
20d8c9116a02a50cd43a5bae29b45963 *gd81-05-12 s1 t08 Big River.flac
9e2421288e82c4351dcf0f8b979bd068 *gd81-05-12 s1 t09 Althea.flac
9ce2e894f1c35ae2342f6b10d22f9506 *gd81-05-12 s1 t10 Little Red Rooster.flac
1e7df10408290ef4160694d1f5a4f8f4 *gd81-05-12 s1 t11 China Cat Sunflower.flac
33b2e32b2982325582338d43bf016164 *gd81-05-12 s1 t12 I Know You Rider.flac
2e07ea6fd5e0ee2c38c7842ddae8ce31 *gd81-05-12 s2 t01 Crowd_Tuning.flac
04779a244841f6a04604e3410968a3e9 *gd81-05-12 s2 t02 Shakedown Street.flac
2cb101f95d82fd26381d3bb5e576c736 *gd81-05-12 s2 t03 Looks Like Rain.flac
8ed59b15089436caf26c581f712f7158 *gd81-05-12 s2 t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
f1be9a68a30328066f75c24cceec940c *gd81-05-12 s2 t05 Estimated Prophet.flac
8de8ac9e33ccb2ce520f63ea98c4f4bb *gd81-05-12 s2 t06 He's Gone.flac
acdd899751b35f7f3ddd5affc843bd17 *gd81-05-12 s2 t07 Drums.flac
55100840aff15ccf1e3f92976126c04a *gd81-05-12 s2 t08 Space.flac
cb708436218e3b513c872b37f60849e2 *gd81-05-12 s2 t09 The Other One Space.flac
30859a13592b85e8b3f62ff20b574f45 *gd81-05-12 s2 t10 The Other One.flac
1ff3ccffe323cab20a76ec1385d52faa *gd81-05-12 s2 t11 Wharf Rat.flac
e5cb02296faf806630d19101e78a5801 *gd81-05-12 s2 t12 Sugar Magnolia.flac
ec892f3aa70f9616a172bedcc9699b12 *gd81-05-12 s2 t13 Don't Ease Me In.flac

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