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North Mississippi Allstars 11/24/17
Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
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Source Summary flac16: Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Minglewood Hall
Memphis, TN

Source:  Schoeps CCM-4L>Lunatec V3>Tascam HD-P2
Transfer:  HD-P2>Audacity>CD Wave>Trader\'s Little Helper
Recorded and seeded by Tim DiScenza
Thanks to William V for the setlist help and all of the staff at Minglewood Hall

01:  Mississippi Bollweevil
02:  You Got to Move
03:  Pray for Peace
04:  Goin Down South
05:  Hear My Train A Comin
06:  Meet Me In The City
07:  Deep Ellum
08:  Need To Be Free
09:  Miss Maybelle
10:  ML
11:  Let Me In
12:  Po Black Maddie>Skinny Woman
13:  Long Haired Donney
14:  KC Jones
15:  Ho Down
16:  Shimmy>Station Blues>My Babe
17:  Granny Does Your Dog Bite?
18:  No Mo
19:  Shake Em On Down
20:  Mean Ol Wind Died Down
21:  All Night Long>Lovelight
22:  Shake
23:  Rollin N Tumblin

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e3be9b79a0e86fa4c4634a309b015e87 *NMAS11-24-1701.flac
82b7a752978411eeab4f6ad75f04e51b *NMAS11-24-1702.flac
da929aade23b3aafbc8d3237b5fd9963 *NMAS11-24-1703.flac
5bd41e455b7b39e88637f9d53b57b7ac *NMAS11-24-1704.flac
0d93ae53d77c915a794a98d267cb7a21 *NMAS11-24-1705.flac
f7b8e4133d9736c3d7b90f621c662756 *NMAS11-24-1706.flac
a02a072d4e8df71fdc5d8ca9dbf0fd2f *NMAS11-24-1707.flac
6cc6561a80b3d179f3a05d85e78feed0 *NMAS11-24-1708.flac
f2871003ef15f596448d898235d86c7f *NMAS11-24-1709.flac
8966f13890a02c33649a11c1b8e92f32 *NMAS11-24-1710.flac
142d0f9e75682fac9db3001ccf5d87d8 *NMAS11-24-1711.flac
ab734aadd8826844af7588b98b86f6a6 *NMAS11-24-1712.flac
1dfffa875136352dc3ebbd892f31abaf *NMAS11-24-1713.flac
262931e43dec44106664033b6faad45d *NMAS11-24-1714.flac
b7eae4eae1f28c1f0afd55d3c32a0c36 *NMAS11-24-1715.flac
23bd55a4640ca4b9d0a6cce288029c71 *NMAS11-24-1716.flac
2f0528080d9f02739327744a2206eecb *NMAS11-24-1717.flac
e04ac0b8765a02215136563dab32c0a5 *NMAS11-24-1718.flac
d8c4d6c584edff887058d1b271c9d41d *NMAS11-24-1719.flac
c4a0d157c894ef4842ff45dc55eba3c0 *NMAS11-24-1720.flac
9e71b2fe447640b3c56acc491e60b83d *NMAS11-24-1721.flac
7f42664062eacd9dc265ca6ca1945537 *NMAS11-24-1722.flac
e7f28332ed74a3bb2012e57fa9c25081 *NMAS11-24-1723.flac

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