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Zero 04/01/94
New George's, San Rafael, CA
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Nakamichi DR-8>Midiman 2496 [email protected]/16bit Stereo> Cool Edit Pro>mkwAct>SHN>CD 
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New George's
San Rafael, CA


Conversion by Rob Rice

Nakamichi DR-8>Midiman 2496 [email protected]/16bit Stereo>
Cool Edit Pro>mkwAct>SHN>CDR

CD 1
1. Severe Tire Damage
2. Golden Road
3. Horses
4. Did I Mention
5. Rigor Mortis
6. Bunny Hop Swing

CD 2
1. Outskirts Of Town
set 2
2. Chance In A Million
3. Wavy Gravy rap >
4. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
5. Catalina
6. Drums > Thunder

CD 3
1. If Six Were Nine > Manic Depression
2. Home On The Range
3. E: Highway 61 Revisited
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12b19d71d39004b5ffbce2a7c164de9d *Zero4-1-94d1t1.shn
a5c5a392512862054c97ebe84b4d777d *Zero4-1-94d1t2.shn
ceb02fabb2488afa912b0f8a16f7c08c *Zero4-1-94d1t3.shn
2c6e4292bbed0790829b1ce0ce75d23f *Zero4-1-94d1t4.shn
b9e8c46e2767a7c4546d8795e2fdc9a4 *Zero4-1-94d1t5.shn
8a64e9a8bd93d32ae1314e4905f9ea06 *Zero4-1-94d1t6.shn

bceec37210b54708ad1c1e1765a43781 *Zero4-1-94d2t1.shn
d1ef55870ec2b5fa64f810259f376260 *Zero4-1-94d2t2.shn
7ea42564f0039f396a8374e80f54950e *Zero4-1-94d2t3.shn
2d30a7304c76faa1c5cd8cd3727bb1d3 *Zero4-1-94d2t4.shn
cc5c7643ff9c2f5f9c933b3cc85b1a50 *Zero4-1-94d2t5.shn
6a062ca1c2a4df1b515064dff5998d29 *Zero4-1-94d2t6.shn

b5fa737ca30ab50f4fd13208c099cde3 *Zero4-1-94d3t1.shn
f06bd67161d5b7794c8e366c620b4756 *Zero4-1-94d3t2.shn
2388d5b3894284ebe41d89d81dd2b102 *Zero4-1-94d3t3.shn

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