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Garcia 10/31/89
Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Jay Ashley remaster of earlier source
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Jerry Garcia Band  10-31-89 (Discs: CDA-2/SHN-2)
Concord Pavilion  Concord  CA

Bertha Remaster of the source listed Below

AUD>>(*)>>SHN>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN - Sound B+


d1-How Sweet It Is
d1-Stop That Train
d1-Mission In The Rain
d1-Run For The Roses
d1-Like A Road
d1-My Sisters And Brothers


d1-Cats Under The Stars
d2-Second That Emotion
d2-And It Stoned Me
d2-Waiting For A Miracle
d2-Don't Let Go
d2-That Lucky Old Sun
d2-Tangled Up In Blue


d2-Werewolves of London


Digitally remastered using a custom built, Dual-DAW, nicknamed Bertha, by [email protected] on December 20, 2002.

(*)From the original text file:

MAD (taped by Marcus Buick and Sean Webber-Small,B&K 4011's @ 110 ORTF [handheld, Section FF, Row F,Seat 104]) > Monster M1000 > TAO Research (Oadedesigned supply) > Monster M1000 > Panasonic SV250,Panasonic SV250 > Sony PCM601 > Sony SL360, SonySL360 > Sony PCM701 > Digidesign 442/Quadra650,edited w/ProTools 3.1, mastered with Masterlist 1.2 >Sony920s 2x CD mastering burner master CD > HP 9350iextraction using EAC (v0.9 beta 4) > sector boundaryalignment using shntool (v1.01) > .shn encoding usingmkwACT (v0.97 beta 1).
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20bad643586d9ae71bab142bc6b8dedb *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t01.shn
e583ed46021cd67a246495863d617aaf *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t02.shn
bf37927011c612ae8089d1be9d0fb16a *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t03.shn
62c9f09a4fc20400d48b5c3eec265e18 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t04.shn
b7f715601d41b203279bc5e47c33dbdc *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t05.shn
ce0916316ee87b551713f1291217bec5 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t06.shn
51aafe65f12ec8d73eedfbb40486e0ff *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t07.shn
6323af0e09143b53bc8e626bc20748b5 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d1t08.shn
f8c850fb929e081c4064978d1da43b15 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t01.shn
78e7072e7318b268266f0db0187a695a *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t02.shn
a554c90cd26a5e8f67b33b8a40ec8d32 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t03.shn
1293519c23272358bff4f37b4cf02b4d *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t04.shn
98873e2c2ade991850230dd802ae6755 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t05.shn
9eb3104b3f02e47e177bec9f2e9b1435 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t06.shn
4d0a3fc699c5f66b0e9d62a25cc9756a *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t07.shn
d2df5452f7f22fc6b0ed85daff5735b4 *jgb89-10-31(Bertha)d2t08.shn

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Date User Comment
01/09/2003 Joe Jupille Can anyone who has heard both comment on the differences in sound quality between the original and remastered versions? Any idea what sort of processing might have been undertaken?