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Grateful Dead 10/15/81
Club Melk Weg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary AUD (FOB by unknown Belgian taper with unknown equipment)> CM> C> DAT> CDRx1> EAC> SHN; via Stephen Agan to abgd 
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BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE Melkweg
CITY Amsterdam
STATE Holland
DATE 10/15/81

SET1 Minglewood Blues ; They Love Each Other > El Paso ; Friend of the Devil>
Little Red Rooster ; Althea ; Beat it on Down the Line ; Far From Me ;
Alabama Getaway > The Promised Land
SET2 Man Smart, Woman Smarter ; He's Gone > Spoonful > Drums > Space >
The Other One > Wharf Rat > Around & Around > Johnny B. Goode
ENCORE It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
COMMENTS Disc 1 is set 1 and MSWS, Disc 2 has the rest of the show.
RECORDINGS AUD(FOB by unknown Belgian taper with unknown equipment)>CM>C>DAT>CDRx1>EAC>SHN.  
DAT>CDR ripped and encoded by Skankweed.

Posted to alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed 8/2000 by Skankweed

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e35978759ddcbd14971f854eb504815f *gd811015d1t01.shn
4d071ee2b991268d0a0bfb611f263af8 *gd811015d1t02.shn
cecba7fc409a37da8a4bfcfcf78738ba *gd811015d1t03.shn
e64fd336ab9bdaf3222e992622dee50a *gd811015d1t04.shn
a3e31eb50a07c2443205c6c36fa03246 *gd811015d1t05.shn
9c881d038285a2c15cbea7365d9c98a8 *gd811015d1t06.shn
a7fcc92c6eb7b4901282989fc83d1552 *gd811015d1t07.shn
954abd9b6c983bc8d79d8a6f6a9f3186 *gd811015d1t08.shn
cd2053d4297035991b9827e4f3f132c4 *gd811015d1t09.shn
7b94da4c7c912e7c1ac0e35bb9d51e53 *gd811015d1t10.shn
6482874e3d196260458a4521112ac326 *gd811015d1t11.shn
189c725f2676d4f64a59a643316383f1 *gd811015d2t01.shn
fab39841d69ea2ad7bc37702237b7434 *gd811015d2t02.shn
87a498078fa8deeae672cb5272cf0cbc *gd811015d2t03.shn
8f5baf84c68846ef078bf4602d7511d0 *gd811015d2t04.shn
926a52fc0e39b356d8172a031d4e19f9 *gd811015d2t05.shn
0aeaab56ba60d93051d2c62fb4c99da1 *gd811015d2t06.shn
1f75148f7816f2f103ced1305b0627a4 *gd811015d2t07.shn
d6abca119f99385cd2b73dea228872a6 *gd811015d2t08.shn
1e2422a519bbf437184e8e4b716dfe88 *gd811015d2t09.shn
56531d599909c169b4c31c38c69b8d60 [shntool] gd811015d1t01.shn
617a2ca237e9e2f97ec8bf3999713342 [shntool] gd811015d1t02.shn
fa3044b7441c2b4c7ca3ba3d198640b7 [shntool] gd811015d1t03.shn
4c5c4c7efd9a64c163efabb54c5fc2e3 [shntool] gd811015d1t04.shn
f075b5b52b9b419027813c21ab696511 [shntool] gd811015d1t05.shn
d6be80dd2e3c043f7e17ece15ebf5790 [shntool] gd811015d1t06.shn
8bdd0b1db0a8586b3b0d0fe9b3ab3468 [shntool] gd811015d1t07.shn
c959c1e345319b04c4f0127885d3c298 [shntool] gd811015d1t08.shn
8b32da9981b1dda8a85a9b73feb3528b [shntool] gd811015d1t09.shn
feb251c903cb595171cba63113a6d7f5 [shntool] gd811015d1t10.shn
53b4e032dc1f2e0bcff6f104fc67b568 [shntool] gd811015d1t11.shn
c8ee8d1601a253c1248734fa75e4bfb8 [shntool] gd811015d2t01.shn
96734339023c9af1f09bdc6c8b76fdaa [shntool] gd811015d2t02.shn
15573be69cf1dca928cd0fe205d052a9 [shntool] gd811015d2t03.shn
5a18bedc9614455df18e76fd738901eb [shntool] gd811015d2t04.shn
37fb56d0da1ebdfe4a8802b651a6e54f [shntool] gd811015d2t05.shn
4553c2a6e25880f09b5f62cf4dbac2d9 [shntool] gd811015d2t06.shn
4e3a841e63618ed724430d057a2f9002 [shntool] gd811015d2t07.shn
68ac1b797ace05966babef5ec49709fe [shntool] gd811015d2t08.shn
34b25becdc693b4acb86f3c71d0c0186 [shntool] gd811015d2t09.shn

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