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Grateful Dead 12/11/69
Thelma Theater, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
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Source Summary flac16; Partial Set 1 source: aud>mac>wav>flac; fob recording by Rion Brady 
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Grateful Dead
Thelma Theater
Los Angeles, CA

source: aud>mac>wav>flac
               fob recording by Rion Brady *

set I (partial)

01   intro > tuning
02   Casey Jones
03   //Cold Rain And Snow
04   Mama Tried
05   T.C. plays Bach
06   Yellow Dog Story
07   Dire Wolf
08   //It Hurts Me Too
09   //China Cat Sunflower ->
10   I Know You Rider
11   Black Peter ->
12   Me And My Uncle
13   Hard To Handle
14   Dark Star//

This is the same source that was used for shnid 8998, but that was from a higher gen.  It has been cleaned up to remove most of the pops, clicks, etc.  The tape was paused between most tracks, crossfades have been applied to smooth the transitions.  Levels have been adjusted to center the sound.

* This is what Rion emailed to Deadlists:

"Dear Mr. Marshall:

I came across your web site while looking for old GD performances.  I am the person who taped the Dead at Thelma’s on 12/10 and 11., l969.

I attended the first show on each night and taped them with cheapest possible Sony cassette recorder that I had carried with me in Vietnam, from which I had returned about six weeks earlier.  I can still remember how exciting it was to listen to the tape on the way home, and probably several times a day in the weeks thereafter.

Thelma’s was a real small place, which is why the tape turned out as good as it did.  At some point, I dubbed both cassettes onto a reel, which is where most of the copies came from.  Amazingly, I still have the original cassette with Dark Star, but managed to lose the others.  I would be glad to expound on this at greater length if you wish.  You may respond to this email or I can be reached during the day at ......

Rion Brady"

This is not to be listed at Etree for the time being.  Please keep it private.


shntool output
    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE problems filename
     2:17.16       24204476    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t01.flac
     4:57.18       52433180    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t02.flac
     5:28.73       58030940    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t03.flac
     2:53.15       30552524    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t04.flac
     0:55.34        9782012    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t05.flac
     2:35.37       27429068    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t06.flac
     4:23.18       46435580    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t07.flac
     5:13.11       55239116    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t08.flac
     5:56.34       62878412    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t09.flac
     5:23.29       57045452    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t10.flac
    11:14.40      118987724    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t11.flac
     3:39.65       38784524    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t12.flac
     6:14.40       66067724    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t13.flac
    19:21.42      204899228    ---   --   ---xx   gd1969-12-11t14.flac
    80:34.22      852769960 B                     (totals for 14 files, 0.5540 overall compression ratio)

Show Checksums
7821bd00898c135f9a88e5e9e1a9a9d6 *gd1969-12-11t01.flac
7c2f78cd4522b5b7a0cadc370b28d47c *gd1969-12-11t02.flac
24e27ab8776ce549c4618a3b89d05a3a *gd1969-12-11t03.flac
fb5e2cd656252b041c91fed37f7545dc *gd1969-12-11t04.flac
4308f84830b3da4c7c55aea53430e9d0 *gd1969-12-11t05.flac
d2e89475e71d5a40360464bbd42f3c26 *gd1969-12-11t06.flac
507584181b52ed152dc1dd64f985a52a *gd1969-12-11t07.flac
3d5591cf169859a41cdd51591599da76 *gd1969-12-11t08.flac
5d4971c1e347f5afca7b699f20d096eb *gd1969-12-11t09.flac
33db2d5f80de0669f4a410ab9ed67ab9 *gd1969-12-11t10.flac
78ee2da57e294cb3189a264c3b93eb4f *gd1969-12-11t11.flac
79e5153d164e900f5798ea5d1e969efb *gd1969-12-11t12.flac
29a42c69effacbfe255a6400f1305cb4 *gd1969-12-11t13.flac
99c7cd70be941b0fe8a9456ec676d50f *gd1969-12-11t14.flac

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