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Ratdog 02/21/14
NYCB Theater at Westbury, Westbury, NY
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Entered by Todd
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Source Summary flac16: Rode NTG1 > Apogee MiniMe > DR-100MKII > Audacity > Flac 
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2/21/2014 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY

Rode NTG1\'s ->  Apogee MiniMe(24/48) -> SPDIF out -> DR-100MKII
Tracked & Flac\'d with Audacity 2.05

Taped, transferred, and seeded by BIGT aka IAMHAMMERED

I: Jam > The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion, Crazy Fingers > Little Red Rooster, Bury Me Standing > Tennessee Jed, Cassidy > Promised Land

II: El [email protected], Deep Elem [email protected], [email protected], Weather Report Suite Prelude/Part [email protected] > Let It Grow > Eyes of the World > Stuff > Come Together, GDTRFB
E: U.S. Blues

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c907b3b6f81dd695e57f967737f0ee99 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-01.flac
b6335a9cf96984bbbc92e61e6f8e2330 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-02.flac
7a05c2bff04474517b74abeddfba6a22 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-03.flac
821bd276c6e1005e864d9ef2dbaf273e *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-04.flac
c010ff234518ff337c9b0c570393b1c4 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-05.flac
a014becb254ce95b9f38ed7d14c794f0 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-06.flac
59dec7203f772f39e17e9ca43b647c35 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-07.flac
a4ca8ebae188a2a954ff2d7310fae0d4 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s1-08.flac
75384596460953297d936498aeea4c63 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-01.flac
b48c67515ff078a338642af799611b6c *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-02.flac
b73d60439d16930ca693f7233855ebae *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-03.flac
5531b6bd9df3e5e7a2b11cd8464d644b *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-04.flac
4559000079e72c866013357c3b57796f *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-05.flac
feccc83fff95c7ed017555d9702dbbeb *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-06.flac
8f49987248b354e9381194f6a4d89e0a *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-07.flac
951492ebf227e4e67e1004ffb58df7a4 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-08.flac
d05af9d49a161ce4f1d9b13232f94342 *Ratdog2104-02-21 s2-09.flac

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