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Grateful Dead 05/07/89
Frost Amphitheatre, Palo Alto, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac24; Recorded and Mastered by ArchivalAudio, Ian Stoy; Master Audience cassette: Toa K1’s spaced about 30” (Pointed At The Stacks) + Sennheiser 416’s (or Sennheiser MKH-415T?) > Sony MX-12 (mixer) > Sony WM-D6c media: Denon HD8 (metal partial-high bias) 90 for first set and 100 for second set. Dolby C on; Mastering: Tascam 302 Dolby C on > ArchivalAudio silver-gold RCA>1/4” TS > Zoom F8 at 24/48; Transcend 600x SDHD class10 U1 128gb Transcend usb 3 card reader > MacMini 3 GHz i7/16GB DDDR3; Audacity: Fades/Tracking normalize to -1.0db remove DC offset > flac24; xACT Flac Fingerprints 
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Grateful Dead
Frost Amphitheater
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

*********** 24 Bit version NOT intended to burn direct to CD *********

Recorded and Mastered by ArchivalAudio [Ian Stoy]
ArchivalAudio [at] gmail [dot] com
Master Audience cassette:

Toa K1’s spaced about 30” (Pointed At The Stacks) + Sennheiser 416’s  (or Sennheiser MKH-415T?) > Sony MX-12 (mixer) >  Sony WM-D6c
media: Denon HD8  (metal partial-high bias)  90 for first set and 100 for second set. Dolby C on

Tascam  302  Dolby C on > ArchivalAudio silver-gold RCA>1/4” TS > Zoom F8 at 24/48
Transcend  600x SDHD class10 U1 128gb
Transcend usb 3 card reader > MacMini  3 GHz i7/16GB DDDR3
Audacity: Fades/Tracking  normalize to -1.0db  remove DC offset > flac24
xACT Flac Fingerprints

+Ozone 5: Dynamics + Maximizer   normalize to -.5db  remove DC offset > flac24


An ArchivalAudio Production 4/2017 to 2/2018

First shared at Lossless Legs

Grateful Dead • 1989-05-07 • Sunday • Frost Amphitheater •  Stanford University • Palo Alto, CA

Set 1:
Crowd and tuning
Iko Iko
Little Red Rooster
Me And My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues
Built To Last
[tape flip]  no music lost
Picasso Moon
Bird Song

Set 2:

Foolish Heart
Victim Or The Crime
Crazy Fingers >
Man Smart-Woman Smarter >
He's Gone > Spoonful Jam
Drums >
[tape flip]  a few seconds of drums before Mickey plays the bar is missing crossfaded
Space  >
The Other One
Black Peter >
Turn On Your Love Light

Teddy Bear’s Picnic (midi tuning) >
Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Rex Foundation Benefit
Billy Kreutzmann's 43rd Birthday

Really nice Birdsong set 1 closer.

Not one of my favorite or best recordings that I have done, however since not many other Audience recordings circulate, here this is. My recordings of the year before  in 1988 were much better and only the Toa K1’s. I used a Sony MX-12 mixer, apparently grey market in the USA, That I found at the Rose Bowl flea market. The MX-12 is powered by 6 D cells and has only either 1/4” TS or RCA inputs for 6 channel mixer with 2 vu meters. This was a 4 mic mix Toa k1’s on wide bar spaced at 30” and the Sennheiser 416 t (I think) short shotguns into the mixer, mixed on the fly.  The 416’s were borrowed from an unnamed art college that I used to attend by an old friend, it’s possible it was a pair of 415’s at some earlier shows I tried the 816 but liked the shorter 416/415’s better. Mic’s on same stand in the OTS just behind the board at one of my favorite outdoor venues. The Frost is so amazing and the sound was very full of fun. It was a windy day but you could see the wind sailing in the eucalyptus trees that surrounding the Amphitheater, at times this cause phasing and the music to swirl as well.  I think the mix was more of the 416’s then the Toa K1’s which I think lost out on the low end and some of the openness but it doesn’t sound that bad. I think we were a level up and slightly on Phil’s side at the back corner of the house mix position, though its hard to remember exactly where we were. I didn’t always take notes, sometimes I did other times I didn’t and always thought I’d remember but now all these years later, it can be challenging.

No other processing or eq’ing

enjoy - ArchivalAudio

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db0a0da58488a9696cbee8c50f567e12 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-01.flac
1f414352a0af90e68731b350e423902e *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-02.flac
3ddb6e835e61300c7c1ad9285f5cbcbf *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-03.flac
5eb5462316d42b64f11b1b28648ebc16 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-04.flac
5c77426fcbc6f836c4b752d0fc090430 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-05.flac
a9b6267c0311822d083ec9a7c4553837 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-06.flac
db11309bbd2ddc1164c7d38e1f333967 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-07.flac
7e64284bb6c0811a86d4b3a6f6eb90d0 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-08.flac
912d8aa70de5266155c80a7ecbba84d6 *1989-05-07-set1-AA-toak1-416-09.flac
52d34a8ff2653183ee9e4876697804b4 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-01.flac
74b252fecf3ce635e405425263e09857 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-02.flac
1a4caa3f1b7887e8fe108b6b7ed04c77 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-03.flac
c21cc11b314209d201b81bd5bc92eae7 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-04.flac
8141d1be0218295bb18d0d50edf87234 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-05.flac
a13ca2a9c1fa6decc33cc65506c26bb0 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-06.flac
e0345f0dca0c1c42147c66414c1d6226 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-07.flac
7758afe3396f13cbcdbfbf65bb6b6526 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-08.flac
75661dc94f86d9867892624d1e3c1823 *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-09.flac
66da55f8d347bb38bb1c89b8a0b5ed6a *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-10.flac
dbe7eba74374968ff0cece4a7e26ca6f *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-11.flac
56138f9dbf9cf817e0a4141e2a6edf1b *1989-05-07-set2-AA-toak1-416-12.flac

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