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Grateful Dead 07/04/89
Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16; Recording info: (FOB/DFC) Schoeps CMC4/MK4 > PCM; Transfer info: Sony SL-10 > Sony PCM-601ESD > Behringer Ultramatch Pro > Tascam DA-3000 (WAV 16-bit/44.1k); PCM Recorded & Provided by Ted Mattes 
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Grateful Dead

July 04, 1989
Rich Stadium
Buffalo, NY
Sets I & II

Mattes' Muniments

Recording info:
(FOB/DFC) Schoeps CMC4/MK4 > PCM

Transfer info:
Sony SL-10 > Sony PCM-601ESD > Behringer Ultramatch Pro > Tascam DA-3000 (WAV 16-bit/44.1k)

PCM Recorded & Provided by Ted Mattes
Transfer via Charlie Miller
Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel
February 13, 2018.

Patch info:
- shnid 133778 (AKG 414-BTL) supplies
- s1t06; 4:56 - 5:03
- s2t01; 1:51 - end
- s2t02; 0:00 - 4:01

- 10,000 Maniacs opened & dare I say were very good.
- This date in GD history was officially released as the soundtrack to "Truckin' Up to Buffalo" DVD.
- minor digital glitches in set one, most notable towards the end of the set.
- The 2nd set tape starts with some digital flutters (tuning 0:40) that leads to multiple breaks in the tape.  The breaks left behind an odd digital noise that appeared every twenty seconds or so & lasted till approximately the 3:50 mark of ToG.  Thanks to Dan Tepper & his AKG's for suppling the rug to sweep this under.
- PitB reprise finishes what was started in Foxboro (7/2/89).
- It was late morning & I was standing on a corner (with a dollar in my hand).  A nondescript white van pulls to the stop light, as it approaches the light it's side door slides opens.  The man whom opened the door asks me something but I haven't a clue as to what he's saying.  I only notice that he's sitting on the bench seat with Jerry.  My only response was to thank Jerry for the music.  Jerry said "glad you like it".  With that, the door slid closed & the white van sped away.  I have no idea who else was in the van or what that person even said.  'Ask the time baby I don't know'.
- Lake Erie was treated to a fine Bertha.

-Set I-
s1t01 - tuning
s1t02 - Bertha ->
s1t03 - Greatest Story Ever Told
s1t04 - Cold Rain and Snow
s1t05 - Walkin' Blues ->
s1t06 - Row Jimmy
s1t07 - When I Paint My Masterpiece
s1t08 - Stagger Lee
s1t09 - Looks Like Rain ->
s1t10 - Deal

-Set II-
s2t01 - tuning
s2t02 - Touch Of Grey
s2t03 - Man Smart (Women are Smarter)
s2t04 - Ship of Fools ->
s2t05 - Playin' in the Band reprise ->
s2t06 - Terrapin Station ->
s2t07 - Drums ->
s2t08 - Space ->
s2t09 - I Will Take You Home ->
s2t10 - All Along the Watchtower ->
s2t11 - Morning Dew ->
s2t12 - Not Fade Away
s2t13 - encore break
s2t14 - U.S. Blues

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(J.Noel 13 February 2018)

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c01f1ff0f614da314e8862634b2b56b1 *gd89-07-04.s1t01.flac
634589c173da29504c0b4dda914bf7a7 *gd89-07-04.s1t02.flac
555bc7ac91e8c4307b15bc4bc9702d9c *gd89-07-04.s1t03.flac
d9b0f02660c144b275ef956a4ded763e *gd89-07-04.s1t04.flac
da5f6747cdc16e5180b9644281287556 *gd89-07-04.s1t05.flac
3d59e404ae949e0f6fcfdce548419d12 *gd89-07-04.s1t06.flac
c161c3a7236a96ce857e736ec569df55 *gd89-07-04.s1t07.flac
db437b5550420a8910c3ded2ceeb713c *gd89-07-04.s1t08.flac
8638796cbcb92bbad567d189d2e7cf79 *gd89-07-04.s1t09.flac
a47f83e9e3b568dd1e304ff3909af211 *gd89-07-04.s1t10.flac
63da96e76b8dee01131d6780b2a66aa0 *gd89-07-04.s2t01.flac
39d1b36a9681f0f7a1ea7c981c54c82f *gd89-07-04.s2t02.flac
ed97a9409ce3597a71274342020b4687 *gd89-07-04.s2t03.flac
a1a46a2c619215df9577205d73deeca5 *gd89-07-04.s2t04.flac
1fb802dffa7c356c6502fbf01e218f8e *gd89-07-04.s2t05.flac
995eecbbac589eaa90f174fc53348e99 *gd89-07-04.s2t06.flac
e2c973cf45091b665c9356be06a1da28 *gd89-07-04.s2t07.flac
3657e0b4ce822f9a470e9e0766c63ad5 *gd89-07-04.s2t08.flac
01e9f6da2e5cfd6dc6f1d2c6e9c5307f *gd89-07-04.s2t09.flac
c7dabaebbf59736be7eaa6d6c69caa98 *gd89-07-04.s2t10.flac
53c3418653f2d332894200dfa119f2f1 *gd89-07-04.s2t11.flac
ec7ce03c514be1c1c1128e2b4b09f092 *gd89-07-04.s2t12.flac
0ff06778c186ab94cd450e2027a94a0d *gd89-07-04.s2t13.flac
99553c5526cd55a20ffd73a406797ccb *gd89-07-04.s2t14.flac

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