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Wilco 02/19/97
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
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The Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


01. Misunderstood
02. Far Far Away
03. Forget the Flowers
04. That's Not the Issue
05. Someday Soon
06. New Madrid
07. Pick Up the Change
08. Red-Eyed & Blue > I Got You > Someone Else's Song
09. Why Would You Wanna Live?
10. I Must Be High
11. Passenger Side (fast!!)
12. Hotel Arizona

sounds like this show may be from an FM source.  Tweedy attempts to say the word "shit"
which is digitally changed into something sounding more like '*[email protected]*#'.

great sounding show...

Show Checksums
32d4f4b51ab03f34a00600075dc8bd74 *wilco1997-02-19t01.shn
94656cc6138b0d63026134f1890d7299 *wilco1997-02-19t02.shn
756618907bf03739fa93ceaf21dc7ac8 *wilco1997-02-19t03.shn
15177f7bf01a2bbff9cdc0d895f72960 *wilco1997-02-19t04.shn
20786957b0e57aee75859c9a0d86ad27 *wilco1997-02-19t05.shn
d4e33bd6bab81bbf75130157a635756e *wilco1997-02-19t06.shn
44012fe7f80c861d57ee34862bced9b7 *wilco1997-02-19t07.shn
3fb63b18be44d30beb70df7db7f81847 *wilco1997-02-19t08.shn
84d138c609cd5d02c3cff2f1ebcd00e3 *wilco1997-02-19t09.shn
8923c434dba91ac7f714b3ebf971144c *wilco1997-02-19t10.shn
27b64052dcdab84e5f8fde24a591a195 *wilco1997-02-19t11.shn
7ae2c70883102617dd1139d5beec1a29 *wilco1997-02-19t12.shn

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