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Wilco 07/09/99
Rockpalast, Loreley, Germany
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Digital Satellite > DAT > CD > EAC > .shn 
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Rocplast Airbase
Lorely, Germany
July 9, 1999

Source: Digital Satellite > DAT > CD > EAC > .shn
Conversion: Ivan Kotch ([email protected])

Disc One:

1.  California Stars
2.  I'm Always In Love
3.  I Must Be High
4.  Hotel Arizona
5.  Nothing's Gonna Stand
6.  Red Eyed & Blue
7.  I Got You
8.  She's Jar
9.  Shot In The Arm
10. We're Just Friends
11. Misunderstood
12. My Darling
13. Christ For President
14. Can't Stand It
15. Monday
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f1efa405544e0ec9d741347311d20ee0 *wilco99-07-09t15.wav.shn
052a7be9f45f072ac9b0f2cb6f88a327 *wilco99-07-09t09.wav.shn
b964c4f412b3bd11ad2da29da2536aa4 *wilco99-07-09t02.wav.shn
088d562667ea9516d7f04f975a06f312 *wilco99-07-09t03.wav.shn
34b8d66f331798deef5d43e452d9f826 *wilco99-07-09t04.wav.shn
3bb8436558e16d1562ac2dfe6cab839c *wilco99-07-09t05.wav.shn
0d4b794846a2ba666ee6aa2421633ac7 *wilco99-07-09t06.wav.shn
ec139d8483a22e10b8346e8c03d801de *wilco99-07-09t07.wav.shn
aa68ed307cab95adf0bcbc07785ff330 *wilco99-07-09t08.wav.shn
20d3716cc28eba105faab1e8f5218fa1 *wilco99-07-09t01.wav.shn
d256246cff3b14ee50a96ed2befcd8d5 *wilco99-07-09t10.wav.shn
474aa2fe40aa85ab702df055b7ae7e82 *wilco99-07-09t11.wav.shn
2e82f280aa8764ffdd603a66d1b60b16 *wilco99-07-09t12.wav.shn
4dad09cfa9543bc16541b1305f96f816 *wilco99-07-09t13.wav.shn
d2eaa39211bf53e066a3c3787e530aa0 *wilco99-07-09t14.wav.shn

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