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Trey Anastasio 03/03/01
Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann ak40 (ORTF) > lc3 > km100 > Apogee AD1000 > Tascam DA-P1; Sony D8 > SB Digital I/O2-> CDWav > mkwACT > SHNv3; Taped by bry; Seeded by Chris Buford 
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Trey Anastasio-Township Aud.   Columbia, SC

front row of taper section; directly behind paul

Source: Neumann AK40 (ortf) -> LC3 -> KM100 -> Apogee AD1000 ->Tascam DA-P1
Transfer:  Sony D8 -> SB Digital I/O2 -> CDWave -> mkwACT (shnV3)
md5 file is for the whole show (all 3 discs together)
Taped by:  bry
Seeded by: harpualope ([email protected])-chris buford

this is the new source w/o the fades.  sorry....

Disc 1

1.  Push On Till The Day >  
2.  Tube Top Wobble  
3.  Makes No Difference  
4.  Mozambique
5.  In the Wee Hours
6.  Nothing But an E Thing
7.  Done Done It
8.  Mellow Mood
9.  The Way I Feel
10.  First Tube
11.  Signed Sealed Delivered

Disc 2
1.  Burlap Sack and Pumps
2.  Circles
3.  Drifting
4.  Small Axe
5.  Noodle Rave Daddio
6.  Sunday Morning
7.  Sand >
8.  Trey Loop Jam

Disc 3
1.  Strawberry Fields Forever
2.  Back On Train
3.  Waves
4.  At The Gazebo
Show Checksums
9c5afe1942571eed66c3ec01dcb0ec3a *trey01-03-03d1t01.shn
5769b9a644570f12ca52feef2ef5fd5b *trey01-03-03d1t02.shn
cfca4ad0af791ce286d6d755e6a2947f *trey01-03-03d1t03.shn
2b60617fdb9eec64dd91e35ffa7a5f76 *trey01-03-03d1t04.shn
93bf3ee33c2ece90bc55e5a9fc495baa *trey01-03-03d1t05.shn
fa40959eca9db7f47652cef92c9a84e5 *trey01-03-03d1t06.shn
edf37e71daf0d44dd08f1ec08383bc7e *trey01-03-03d1t07.shn
2b268b1fa112a55cb8bd0a6ea2993b69 *trey01-03-03d1t08.shn
ba53149b845870a06fa925cbcac5a841 *trey01-03-03d1t09.shn
e99943abc3ce1202f8caa61106873780 *trey01-03-03d1t10.shn
a2ee419e362c4274233233964efa2844 *trey01-03-03d1t11.shn
491af003a53de7a3494f51c59da79e96 *trey01-03-03d2t01.shn
55262257a4e8035ecf708d2b3e0583a9 *trey01-03-03d2t02.shn
6afb50e5c59e99ec1bddba41aa5b7868 *trey01-03-03d2t03.shn
fab8047ca59901286c95f3b27fd89c1e *trey01-03-03d2t04.shn
16168f3d2946baecfedb1f01d0287c94 *trey01-03-03d2t05.shn
d7f239746b975384c23db54059584fe6 *trey01-03-03d2t06.shn
e9b47afc55f11f8428ec09d7a57380d1 *trey01-03-03d2t07.shn
fd25f1e62fab197a12eb1259bdf76493 *trey01-03-03d2t08.shn
86b693a6aabf4c192caf2ffd5fd7b84f *trey01-03-03d3t01.shn
f32eff2283409969fb11b8ff571c49c6 *trey01-03-03d3t02.shn
1a123e42759b5b07e9edb84c936963d4 *trey01-03-03d3t03.shn
2f96695804ad7cb297fbc67dc4508115 *trey01-03-03d3t04.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Neumann u89i (Hypercardiod,... (2) Schoeps CMC6/mk4v > AD1000... (0) Schoeps mk4 > Reutelhuber >... (0) Schoeps CMC6/mk21 > Apogee... (0) Schoeps mk4v; DAT > CDR >... (0) (FOB) Schoeps mk21/mk8 >... (0) flac16; AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
03/20/2003 Bill Gardner Disc 3 is incorrect labled. It should be
**DISC 3**
1. Sand > Trey Loop Jam
2. Strawberry Fields Forever
3. Back On Train
4. Waves
5. At The Gazebo

additionally, this show sounds great and is really worth tracking down.
05/27/2011 TWATTS I have a DAT labeled km140s > v2 > ad1k... Same source???
02/09/2014 reynardMachine Tracks 5-8 on disc 2 are mislabeled and broken up incorrectly.
Track 5 is Sidewalks of San Francisco
Track 6 is the end of the SoSS start/stop jam and the beginning of Ether Sunday.
Track 7 is the continuation of Ether Sunday.
Track 8 is Sand>Quadrophonic Toppling