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Garcia 09/15/89
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums jg1989-09-15..md5 , jg1989-09-15..ffp
Disc Counts 0 / 0
Media Size Compressed: 494.56 MB (518582272 bytes)
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Source Summary JGB; flac16; s2; Tom Markson's Sony ECM-909-> Sony D6C-> XLII Master Cassette; Mastered: XLII Master Cassette-> Nakamichi 7a-> Denon ADC [email protected]> Wavelab-> WAV-> FLAC24 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Alpine Valley Music Center
East Troy, Wiscsonsin

Recorded and Mastered (29 years later) by Tom Markson


Recorded: Sony ECM-909->Sony D6C -> XLII Master Cassette
Mastered: XLII Master Cassette->Nakamichi 7a->Denon ADC [email protected]>Wavelab->WAV->FLAC24
This file set is 16 bit @ 44.1 htz


Track 1: first 1:51sec patched from shnid 118330
Track 7: first 7 seconds patched from shnid 118330

Set II

01 Harder They Come
02 Mission in the Rain
03 Thats What Love Will Make You Do
04 Second That Emotion
05 Waiting for a Miracle
06 Don't Let Go
07 Lonesome and a Long Way from Home

Special thanks to Rob Berger for the Nak7a and Jamie Waddell for his moral encouragement and all his help


There is a one second cutout in Lonesome and Long way home

This was one of my first recordings.  I had just bought the D6C and its companion ECM-909 microphone. Snuck it into
the show.  During the show, tapers were getting busted around me, but I stood there with my D6 and that dinky
little ECM-909 mic at my chest and got the recording.  Unfortunately, the first set is misplaced.
May turn up some day.

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
    13:21.60      141437564 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6264  01 Harder They Come.flac
    11:34.17      122461628 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6106  02 Mission in the Rain.flac
     9:55.49      105073292 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6436  03 Thats what Love will make you do.flac
     9:50.55      104205404 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6320  04 Second That Emotion.flac
     6:59.24       73968092 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6344  05 Waiting for a Miracle.flac
    20:39.61      218703116 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6186  06 Don't Let Go.flac
     5:48.37       61474268 B   ---   --   ---xx   flac  0.6424  07 Lonesome and a long way from Home.flac
    78:10.03      827323364 B                            0.6268  (7 files)

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8d6aff280fd958904ccbdc46692dfa0a *01 Harder They Come.flac
37b49ae13a6581d1603cb2d39083aae7 *02 Mission in the Rain.flac
309d3c07fa7dbe00d50375e860e87849 *03 Thats what Love will make you do.flac
292c211016fb8c71ab3bf543635af1ee *04 Second That Emotion.flac
5d59f62514ed19da19c234cddcf1ceae *05 Waiting for a Miracle.flac
a51d9db430778116159ea27d08ec4df1 *06 Don't Let Go.flac
1537c7d750144217b894d6c255540271 *07 Lonesome and a long way from Home.flac
01 Harder They Come.flac:e8523f9a007c2711f11ba9b13b9ae3ce
02 Mission in the Rain.flac:039d23cb0d50e63c4dffdf00e564eebb
03 Thats what Love will make you do.flac:7582bcfb670cd68a3a687223159b1a2d
04 Second That Emotion.flac:c3387085e5bf8dee7a274c601bb3dd5d
05 Waiting for a Miracle.flac:0ba99d662f465dca874955a0ca004891
06 Don't Let Go.flac:251a7830870f920c9dec00a165d67f50
07 Lonesome and a long way from Home.flac:01a0beb5fde9ae0c7602ab38cd942ffa

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