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Grateful Dead 05/14/83
Greek Theatre, U. Of California, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac24/48 Master: AUD MC Beyer M201's X-Y > Sony TCD5M no dolby TDK MA90 s1|Maxell MX90 s2 Location: 85 feet from stage DFC Transfer: Nakamichi CR-5A (24/96) > Tascam DR680|SD > i7Windows7 Audacity > cdwav editor > TLH flac level 8 Mastered: Executive Crew Tom Pinney Kyle Holbrook John Hance Transferred by Kyle Holbrook 
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Grateful Dead
Date 1983-05-14 SAT
Greek Theatre
Berkeley CA

disc 1
d1t01 - tuning
d1t02 - Feel Like A Stranger
d1t03 - Friend Of The Devil
d1t04 - Me & My Uncle >
d1t05 - Mexicali Blues
d1t06 - Happy Birthday to Billy  #*
d1t07 - Tennessee Jed   //
d1t08 - My Brother Esau & >
d1t09 - Bertha

disc 2
d2t01 - Shakedown Street   //*
d2t02 - Playing In The Band >
d2t03 - China Doll >
d2t04 - Space >
d2t05 - Drums >
d2t06 - Space >
d2t07 - The Wheel >
d2t08 - Playing In The Band >
d2t09 - Morning Dew >
d2t10 - Sugar Magnolia     //*
d2t11 - Encore One More Saturday Night

Show notes
5 PM start
# cut start
* Actual Kreutzmann Birthday is May 7
One of my favorite GD shows. The Shakedown and Morning Dew are standouts.

Recording Notes
// Tape Flip
& Missed first few seconds
//* Tape swap
Encore was on set 1 tape

Master: AUD MC Beyer M201's X-Y > Sony TCD5M no dolby
        TDK MA90 s1|Maxell MX90 s2
Location: 85 feet from stage DFC
Transfer: Nakamichi CR-5A (24/96) > Tascam DR680|SD > i7Windows7
          Audacity > cdwav editor > TLH flac level 8
          This is xxx bit copy
Mastered: Executive Crew Tom Pinney Kyle Holbrook John Hance
Transferred by Kyle Holbrook
Where in the world do I begin with this story? Personally, we met one of the most influential Deadhead personalities I ever met in my years as a deadhead, John Jay Hance, known simply as "the Double". From a band perspective, these three shows and this one in particular were special; set list wise this show looks normal, but the treatment of the songs and their incredible enthusiasm for being in the gorgeous California sun at a show put on by their man, Bill Graham. From a deadhead point of view, the annual throw down at the Greeks was just plain fun. The guards weren't too interested in what was in that grocery bag with the taping gear near the bottom! The crowd was brimming with a very West coast mellow excitement and the atmosphere was electric by the start of this Saturday show.

Oddball GD trivia. These shows were staggered starts, meaning the Friday show started at 7 PM, this Saturday show started at 5 PM and the Sunday show went off at 3 PM. Supposedly this was to accommodate the deadheads who needed to get out of town on late night flights Sunday night, but for me it made for one hell of a compressed experience. When I looked at my two ticket stubs I recalled the staggered starts. This was my first Greek shows and I was blown away by the tonal aspects of the bowl and the concrete steps going up the amphitheater leading to the trees which make it a unique venue visually and aurally.

Then there was the John Meyer sound system put together by Don Pearson of UltraSound which Dan Healy gave quite a ride on this weekend. The Meyer team had just put in production several key aspects of their touring PA systems; the "self powered" speaker with voltage sense back. They were also in the early stages of developing the SIM system with Dan Healy which allowed for real time fine tuning of the loudspeaker array's equalization compensating for negative aspects of the PA's interaction with the environment. Add to this the two Meyer UPA-1's they strapped to the front of the stage directly in front of Bobby which led to the clearest, most in your face Bobby rhythm guitar typically completely missing on an AUD recording.

When we got home we thought it was the Beyer mics along with our dedication to getting in the door as close to first as possible on Saturday. We were just beginning to learn about John Meyer and Ultrasound ;-) =Which brings me back to JJ. Myself, Fran, Tom and John Borg all boarded a plane in Syracuse to go to San Francisco. on the connecting 747 flight out of JFK ambled aboard a tall fellow wearing a sport jacket with a tie dye underneath. He spotted us trying to blend in near the back row of the huge side section. We got to talking and in the end John took a ride from our friend to his friends place in the San Francisco. As it turned out, our host, former Su student, Howard Terry, lived in the city close to John's friend.

JJ was a tape collector like no other. He knew all of the East coast tapers and had copies of almost all of their shows. When Sean Murtha finally took count of his tape collection in 1984 there were over 5,000 shows represented. He introduced us to Rango Kershovan on night one when we arrived late and didn't have time to get the gear inside. John got us a copy of his tape that weekend, YFD only knows how! Rango was set up against the back row of the bowl with some of his crew on the first row of concrete and thus his microphones were in an optimal position at the front of a step four feet above everyone’s heads surrounded by his friends keeping it pretty quiet. So Tom asked if we could join him Saturday and he said yes. It turned out we arrived a few minutes before him and wound up setting up in pretty much the same spot yielding to Rango as he set up in the same mic location and we were a couple feet to the left rear of his stand with the Beyers crossed in XY in OLvy's brand new mounting bracket made of a broom stick.

- - - - - shntool

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     1:16.520      22037804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6876  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t01.flac
     8:20.400     144115244 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7424  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t02.flac
     9:51.987     170492204 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7314  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t03.flac
     3:24.640      58936364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7383  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t04.flac
     5:09.373      89099564 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7495  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t05.flac
     0:26.947       7760684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7178  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t06.flac
     8:09.747     141047084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7456  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t07.flac
     5:25.813      93834284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7448  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t08.flac
     6:32.133     112934444 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7549  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t09.flac
    12:44.947     220304684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7560  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t01.flac
    10:50.760     187418924 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7711  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t02.flac
     8:40.600     149932844 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7511  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t03.flac
     3:51.013      66531884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7656  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t04.flac
     5:45.133      99398444 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7256  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t05.flac
     6:35.480     113898284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7020  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t06.flac
     8:34.587     148201004 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7411  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t07.flac
     2:23.907      41445164 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7516  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t08.flac
     9:55.613     171536684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7412  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t09.flac
    10:39.853     184277804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7678  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t10.flac
     5:34.167      96240044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7496  gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t11.flac
   134:13.620    2319443440 B                            0.7465  (20 files)

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ba80ba1abde959ccb110c8bbe2b74089 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t01.flac
8d56ed46857756b04ebffadd9b246037 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t02.flac
b110ca60618e430428d1608d4f4083e6 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t03.flac
6af6f0c8740595a5482427c3c6506af5 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t04.flac
b50616d9b3fc73bc90ae82fc19b6a6f3 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t05.flac
7e5dd9d92ed41ea2b33650e289664cb7 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t06.flac
cfb27467b552793f41c6f01a65d36e29 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t07.flac
432ce95edb772cb4bbb9d8d67aede1a4 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t08.flac
414680d717ca4d0f9397f58306c3a772 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s1t09.flac
e0dc6cf68a423af6ff31583e9abc504a *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t01.flac
0995e2412d88b867263b902a1bcfe58d *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t02.flac
86757787a16d4db62af18ac8a802f0aa *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t03.flac
866bf8477f7bcc7a88792020d2012ae5 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t04.flac
030e052f017a472b07776c174002ef28 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t05.flac
31196e4bbf94cf0313bce43f87f1324c *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t06.flac
ec1ddc1ea560fcd5c41051c4ed248b93 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t07.flac
552c11b2bbf71ee51303c88ad00c7ab1 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t08.flac
38980277e8daad0b7d3b91bb04638a8c *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t09.flac
a031f0dbb9f2f8f48e74b4171ea4708b *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t10.flac
7311eb3c3b1f9ca9d5508785e6379818 *gd1983-05-14-24beyerm201s2t11.flac

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