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Grateful Dead 03/27/87
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16; Set 2, OTS Schoeps CMC441 (@90ยบ x-y) > PCM (Sony PCM F1) > DAT(1); John Ammons Transfer: from his clone of the DAT. Tascam DA20 Mark II DAT > Roland SRC-2 sample rate/format converter (from SPDIF to Optical) > Mac Mini > Audacity 3.0 at 44K > Wave 
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Grateful Dead

March 27, 1987
Hartford Civic Center,
Hartford, CT
Set II (only)

From the Ammons Archive

OTS Schoeps CMC441 (@90ยบ x-y) > PCM (Sony PCM F1) > DAT(1)

John Ammons Transfer: from his clone of the DAT. Tascam DA20 Mark II DAT > Roland SRC-2 sample rate/format converter (from SPDIF to Optical) > Mac Mini > Audacity 3.0 at 44K > Wave.

Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel
WAV > Audacity > Flac 16/44
July 02, 2018

- Thanks to John Ammons for sharing his crystal clear dat source.
- Recorded from front row of OTS by an unknown taper (might be Oade, might not).
- This one's for Gil & his retail experience that opened the back door.

- Set II -
s2t01 - Touch of Grey ->
s2t02 - Sampson and Delilah ->
s2t03 - Cumberland Blues
s2t04 - Estimated Prophet ->
s2t05 - Eyes of the World ->
s2t06 - Drums ->
s2t07 - Space ->
s2t08 - Uncle John's Band ->
s2t09 - Morning Dew
s2t10 - encore break
s2t11 - Johnny B. Goode

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(J.Noel 02 July 2018]

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f5d95eb5b1d373ffc9e8c9c4d2d6f184 *gd87-03-27.s2t01.flac
93df402b080d404de0b23a6b3f3d4d28 *gd87-03-27.s2t02.flac
4762e5261539329247c8a924be8a91d9 *gd87-03-27.s2t03.flac
ce43a393283d75d994608c47a08f1e8b *gd87-03-27.s2t04.flac
33f944f6e59603fcaa02efdc4bc08309 *gd87-03-27.s2t05.flac
f03087e91a8a28fbe224801e1ff87e1d *gd87-03-27.s2t06.flac
4ec00dcb81340af6944f1cbda3d66ce1 *gd87-03-27.s2t07.flac
4d1dd0fbb0e74c59fc8d06c2227191ff *gd87-03-27.s2t08.flac
d89e0116f906f13f7f56d7e9acaa951c *gd87-03-27.s2t09.flac
5e498278c15d673316036b1d159b59c9 *gd87-03-27.s2t10.flac
39baa2de66aafab4630f7e167dc0892a *gd87-03-27.s2t11.flac

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