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Grateful Dead 12/15/94
Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary shntool fix of Jon Seff's AKG seed  
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Grateful Dead
Los Angeles Sports Arena - Los Angeles, CA

Source: AKG 460B + CK8 > D3 @48k
Transfer: DA-20mkII > Hosa S/PDIF > Delta DiO 2496 > Peak > WAV @44.1k > SHN (no extraction)
Transferred, SHNed and seeded by Jon Seff ([email protected])

Disc I/Set I:
01 Shakedown Street 18:05
02 Wang Dang Doodle 08:20
03 Lazy River Road 07:33
04 Me And My Uncle > 02:48
05 Mexicali Blues 08:41
06 Row Jimmy 10:21
07 Promised Land 04:48
Total Time 60:40

Disc II/Set II:
01 Foolish Heart 12:27
02 Long Way To Go Home 06:28
03 Corrina > 11:59
04 Uncle John's Band > 13:11
05 Drums > 13:29
Total Time 57:37

Disc III/Set II continued:
01 Space > 14:08*
02 The Last Time > 05:45
03 Morning Dew  12:35
04 Crowd 03:21
05 E: Liberty 06:28
Total Time 42:21
*w/Bob on acoustic
seeded 04.10.01

Original SHN's had sector boundary errors on all tracks.  These were 'fixed' by converting the original SHN's to WAV, and performing SHNTOOL Fix *.wav on each set's worth of wav files.  The resulting wav's were recompressed to SHN using shorten 3.4.  

Chris L. - 11/02.
Show Checksums
0ceacf1ddd288810be9e2a63e2c11cf4 *gd94-12-15d3t04-fixed.shn
7b6572ed7ba52cbba1a309795d631c3b *gd94-12-15d1t02-fixed.shn
2c4fb8edeb7ea12dff3c3b4016d6457f *gd94-12-15d1t03-fixed.shn
dd2b5d0a623c61c2872cd19f499b2ca5 *gd94-12-15d1t04-fixed.shn
630d6eadf535665c87a8f907a3050e7d *gd94-12-15d1t05-fixed.shn
c3c1aceb8c7b48d04870dccd0a13a435 *gd94-12-15d1t06-fixed.shn
7e081c4d09cf9ca124925483faab4594 *gd94-12-15d1t07-fixed.shn
086e1e4bf88de2bc49877b042ff94f73 *gd94-12-15d2t01-fixed.shn
75b61158606e062153effe533a85f9b2 *gd94-12-15d2t02-fixed.shn
4da4360d7ea4b63edb414d6095de109c *gd94-12-15d2t03-fixed.shn
971a17c6eeb9333ef86eae1b7e9a4ae5 *gd94-12-15d2t04-fixed.shn
d7dc409653fbd3f0833e8f073802e1fa *gd94-12-15d2t05-fixed.shn
28fd26e39b0ef044edfe7328c972f3e7 *gd94-12-15d3t01-fixed.shn
7150e28f9789c2932dd6f5d8f6a5bb7f *gd94-12-15d3t02-fixed.shn
0a11a4b519ca93d96fb569b3cc4857dd *gd94-12-15d3t03-fixed.shn
409da7409cb5eba3b41eff587c6ac94b *gd94-12-15d1t01-fixed.shn
2c141a19cc3061841e3abf966f28d74e *gd94-12-15d3t05-fixed.shn
b6bdb7db34cc2207142fd495713be7ca [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t01-fixed.shn
dbe4a8ca0c971306467b89c6ecd352bf [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t02-fixed.shn
892de18ae6dded2ac5abc0d7e5dda91b [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t03-fixed.shn
b34059689ca2a766176253df5c23ec52 [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t04-fixed.shn
7aaf09774b782a4e132cdd847329ff04 [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t05-fixed.shn
7fc82c7c77eade50be09580e636c2fe2 [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t06-fixed.shn
a32a51016a1a55f84138f2956302d453 [shntool] gd94-12-15d1t07-fixed.shn
0fe8f2e0b77f64e4126824adf000f2d1 [shntool] gd94-12-15d2t01-fixed.shn
7488a04555e8edd5f5beff3c2d758baa [shntool] gd94-12-15d2t02-fixed.shn
4bc2314cf0a694df268c739db8ccf181 [shntool] gd94-12-15d2t03-fixed.shn
03306ed29feb024d7234e88fb4de5ebc [shntool] gd94-12-15d2t04-fixed.shn
3ff50641bde9212ab861b44fd49a098c [shntool] gd94-12-15d2t05-fixed.shn
988238f27ffa84d2c26f43c81c024034 [shntool] gd94-12-15d3t01-fixed.shn
a689bf196cd97bc8dacff8728e0a7288 [shntool] gd94-12-15d3t02-fixed.shn
ddcf517e06b8543b519b816ec268109e [shntool] gd94-12-15d3t03-fixed.shn
4f631628d32ce72912e779bfc2be3804 [shntool] gd94-12-15d3t04-fixed.shn
e801c8dd05b795c6b66e0821bdb74be8 [shntool] gd94-12-15d3t05-fixed.shn

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