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Phish 07/28/18
The Forum, Inglewood, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary flac16 44.1hz Neumann Ak50's (hypers)>Lc3ka>KM100>SD Mixpre 6 OTS CF Card>Soundforge9.0 (normalized)>CDWave>TLH Taped and Transferred by Todd Hodulik Thanks Obarron. for the clamp space. 
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The Forum
Inglewood, CA
July 28, 2018

Neumann Ak50's (hypers)>Lc3ka>KM100>SD Mixpre 6 OTS
CF Card>Soundforge9.0 (normalized)>CDWave>TLH
Taped and Transferred by Todd Hodulik
Thanks Obarron. for the clamp space.

Suzy Greenburg
Soul Shakedown Party
Kill Devil Falls
Your Pet Cat
Tide Turns
No Men In No Man’s Land
Bathtub Gin

Gotta Jibboo
Birds Of a Feather
Soul Planet

Sparkle *
Character Zero
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28a132f5cb8475b60e7ef5a385cc3b7e *01 Julius.flac
3b482a1169d5de31e6867fe1d92aa9e7 *02 Suzy Greenberg.flac
fdba2bee1fc5ee98f2e3c8393c3729f0 *03 Timber Ho.flac
9a77dee077104d3b9b9c6c5b337613be *04 Soul Shakedown Party.flac
5477d9f0518503d922c8d6a42dade252 *05 Kill Devil Falls.flac
8b066edde0378580d2f6a2ec85d08219 *06 555.flac
dee934f56ccf1f5b1c45a53a688689e2 *07 Your Pet Cat.flac
81365331779968a53778513d8b6d355c *08 Tide Turns.flac
9a71b3af0849aa2bcfcb22578b6daf29 *09 No Men In No Mans Land.flac
98762a1d9a23de9aa57e089747f28cd0 *10 Bathtub Gin.flac
5ab8c7cdc0f971c92b2e846fd915346f *11 Gotta Joboo.flac
8474b1294542a42219bab8c308573aa8 *12 Fuego.flac
57fd174d57cc01c67aedc176af4b6f30 *13 Birds Of a Feather.flac
d68d415f9dd1472db25a0575e2bf523b *14 Meatstick.flac
f24dbeb6440cbf67e2169e102ef7d74a *15 Soul Planet.flac
437a952e3a58bd23f8d54681bfaea615 *16 Wingsuit.flac
92747da69940af255cf4d26c78ef1a50 *17 Cavern.flac
e151011ccb8af1f47ba9a833f607f148 *18 Sparkle.flac
f9ff583fa42d34cbeb5dc1f371665bf7 *19 Character Zero.flac
28ed547833eaa1e89b62f5d9d85a779d *ShowNotes.txt
01 Julius.flac:eeafd249b23e9e2632aa8e85db2269a5
02 Suzy Greenberg.flac:279632c5e59ea2bdb29cf14988806e50
03 Timber Ho.flac:be2dcc92859fc685c092fac47ec9e85f
04 Soul Shakedown Party.flac:fa6ec5218dab4f7a3db365e104ea6bf3
05 Kill Devil Falls.flac:b212d9e2eb5f3ba41598d64020579a49
06 555.flac:bb6292288842e35ec9556cf1b3d69780
07 Your Pet Cat.flac:42cd5ab8b0079e4447244f7e2fe14a12
08 Tide Turns.flac:30838cd91834dcc248960524b99c29e9
09 No Men In No Mans Land.flac:5d2873a6d140bbd59e8a51102bc543b5
10 Bathtub Gin.flac:317c56842d16250030c712d26c94288d
11 Gotta Joboo.flac:d2d8376ebe071bbb2dc34e1513dc661f
12 Fuego.flac:1152b5d2ed90834e7be8286909d0147a
13 Birds Of a Feather.flac:f1dae39375603eedd72d6fb6213a18e3
14 Meatstick.flac:1b467974a1c13727a956c9e0e4584400
15 Soul Planet.flac:59c2a77709450b90538ed94e53ae7981
16 Wingsuit.flac:fec598dd99346cdff60ae311822c62ef
17 Cavern.flac:b5e2fec60e0fb3133980602f0b749904
18 Sparkle.flac:dcffc6fc71b25703b9bdb8a78a545d7b
19 Character Zero.flac:1722a08af9f494f50a976b4f322ee665

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