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Medeski Martin & Wood 05/13/00
Park West, Chicago, IL
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Entered by duggy
Checksums shn-md5
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Source Summary shn; schoeps mk4 (ortf/dfc/fob)-> kc5-> cmc6-> schoeps vms 52ub-> da-p1-> eac-> shn; via Michael Corcoran 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
May 13th, 2000
Park West, Chicago, IL
Seeded by Michael Corcoran

Source: schoeps mk4 (ortf/dfc/fob)->kc5->cmc6->schoeps vms 52ub->da-p1->eac->shn

Set I
Nostalgia In Times Square/Angel Race (I'll Wait For You) > Seven Deadlies, Brigas Nunca Mais > Drums'n'Bass > Latin Shuffle > Bass Solo, Olde Wyne

Set II
Thaw > Golden Lady > Open Improv > Afrique > Felic > Buster Rides Again > Rise Up > Mercy Mercy Mercy > Swamp Road

E: Hey Joe
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50520370461bd9e30b5e0a6906e3be9d *mmw00-05-13d2t8.shn
e990c98dd250354e254bba0d73e2073c *mmw00-05-13d1t2.shn
b5a048912daf29851b8eb643f9ec9655 *mmw00-05-13d1t3.shn
0873214a620818d568dd39474907f6b7 *mmw00-05-13d1t4.shn
309503ac3a6f1d586a6a66259f0c3a0b *mmw00-05-13d1t5.shn
a07ebd01b67d1efdaedf72c8ad9b0aea *mmw00-05-13d1t6.shn
0255bf6947c58966c66df0a39da33d5c *mmw00-05-13d1t7.shn
8dd568d46f229bd7ab97f30da63fddb8 *mmw00-05-13d1t8.shn
eb0764fc23c37e263c9d9963c91da18c *mmw00-05-13d2t1.shn
32c590c817c387aa2725e03ffd7ddd4e *mmw00-05-13d2t2.shn
55b0272885cbac191bc2e6f933f0fd7c *mmw00-05-13d2t3.shn
046a9f899eb96f967d12ba816a188ef2 *mmw00-05-13d2t4.shn
c8248027d91a34c1690af3ac9749446f *mmw00-05-13d2t5.shn
4d52231e8889a27fd37f290275e032ae *mmw00-05-13d2t6.shn
ef7e63523ba845252b56807096536d17 *mmw00-05-13d2t7.shn
a5f0df79c0a461e27ee0d7716d494a36 *mmw00-05-13d1t1.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
flac16; Schoeps mk4v... (1)
Date User Comment
01/19/2010 duggy Added setlist above for reference. I've no idea what the tracking on this source would be.