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Grateful Dead 12/12/81
Fiesta Hall, San Mateo County Fairgrounds, San Mateo, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Source Summary flac24; Source Info: Master Audience Cassettes; Nakamichi CM300 mics with CP4 capsules > Sony TC-D5M (dbx)> Frank Streeter's 1st generation (dbx decoded) cassettes (Sony TC-D5M)(Maxell UDXLII-C90); Transfer Info: 1st Generation Cassettes (Nakamichi CR-7A)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 (.wav 24-bit/96k) > Adobe Audition 3.01 (.wav 24-bit/96k) > TLH flac2496 
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Grateful Dead
Fiesta Hall
San Mateo County Fairgrounds
San Mateo, CA
Saturday December 12th, 1981

Source Info:
Master Audience Cassettes; Nakamichi CM300 mics with CP4 capsules > Sony TC-D5M (dbx)> Frank Streeter's 1st generation (dbx decoded) cassettes (Sony TC-D5M)(Maxell UDXLII-C90)

Transfer Info:
1st Generation Cassettes (Nakamichi CR-7A)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 (.wav 24-bit/96k) > Adobe Audition 3.01 (.wav 24-bit/96k) > TLH flac2496

- Thanks to Frank Streeter for the 1st generation cassette source
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer and coordinating this effort
- Thanks to Matt Vernon and Andy Lemieux for the shnid14011 Nakamichi 300 source which supplies "Where Have All The Heroes Gone", "Oh Boy", "Lady Di & I" and "The Boxer", the final few seconds of "One More Saturday Night", as well as most of the "Encore Break" (0:47 total)
- Dance For Disarmament Benefit
- Set One is acoustic with Joan Baez, without Brent
- "Lady Di & I" without Jerry
- "New Minglewood Blues","Little Red Rooster" and "Around & Around" with Matt Kelly
- "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" with Joan Baez, without Jerry & Brent
- Pitch corrected

Mastered by Scott Clugston
August 2018

Set One: (Joan Baez/Acoustic)
s1t02 - Me & Bobby McGee
s1t03 - Children of the Eighties
s1t04 - Lucifer's Eyes
s1t05 - Warriors of the Sun
s1t06 - Bye Bye Love
s1t07 - Barbara Allen
s1t08 - You Won't Find Me
s1t09 - Where Have All the Heroes Gone
s1t10 - Oh Boy
s1t11 - Lady Di & I
s1t12 - The Boxer

Set Two:
s2t01 - Crowd
s2t02 - New Minglewood Blues >
s2t03 - Little Red Rooster
s2t04 - Deep Elem Blues
s2t05 - Me & My Uncle >
s2t06 - Mexicali Blues
s2t07 - Dire Wolf
s2t08 - Cold Rain & Snow
s2t09 - Around And Around >
s2t10 - One More Saturday Night
s2t11 - Encore Break
s2t12 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     4:39.053     160734764 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7121  gd81-12-12 s1t01 Me & Bobby McGee.flac
     6:58.680     241159724 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7147  gd81-12-12 s1t02 Children Of The Eighties.flac
     4:06.373     141911084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7093  gd81-12-12 s1t03 Lucifer's Eyes.flac
     8:25.493     291164204 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7073  gd81-12-12 s1t04 Warriors Of The Sun.flac
     2:48.760      97205804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7152  gd81-12-12 s1t05 Bye Bye Love.flac
     5:20.653     184696364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7334  gd81-12-12 s1t06 Barbara Allen.flac
     5:37.293     194281004 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7300  gd81-12-12 s1t07 You Won't Find Me.flac
     5:39.333     195456044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5832  gd81-12-12 s1t08 Where Have All The Heroes Gone.flac
     3:58.920     137617964 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5744  gd81-12-12 s1t09 Oh Boy.flac
     5:35.533     193267244 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5636  gd81-12-12 s1t10 Lady Di & I.flac
     3:54.893     135298604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5898  gd81-12-12 s1t11 The Boxer.flac
     1:03.533      36595244 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6614  gd81-12-12 s2t01 Crowd.flac
     7:30.000     259200044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7014  gd81-12-12 s2t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac
     8:12.320     283576364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7010  gd81-12-12 s2t03 Little Red Rooster.flac
     5:27.173     188451884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7030  gd81-12-12 s2t04 Deep Elem Blues.flac
     2:59.560     103426604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7040  gd81-12-12 s2t05 Me & My Uncle.flac
     4:58.987     172216364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7050  gd81-12-12 s2t06 Mexicali Blues.flac
     2:59.027     103119404 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6960  gd81-12-12 s2t07 Dire Wolf.flac
     6:31.920     225745964 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.7015  gd81-12-12 s2t08 Cold Rain & Snow.flac
     3:40.440     126973484 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6962  gd81-12-12 s2t09 Around & Around.flac
     4:21.827     150812204 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6953  gd81-12-12 s2t10 One More Saturday Night.flac
     0:58.013      33415724 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6024  gd81-12-12 s2t11 Encore Break.flac
     5:34.473     192656324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6903  gd81-12-12 s2t12 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac
   111:22.259    3848982412 B                            0.6833  (23 files)

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gd81-12-12 s1t01 Me & Bobby McGee.flac:53af2c408d7a8e876e1882e035de4c19
gd81-12-12 s1t02 Children Of The Eighties.flac:0b98db49c2a6ec8f112c4f180e660cea
gd81-12-12 s1t03 Lucifer's Eyes.flac:02ccf1dd0dfd7b0cf3f8fae85f7e3104
gd81-12-12 s1t04 Warriors Of The Sun.flac:bb74ea15ac30d210ff142e200c11fa3d
gd81-12-12 s1t05 Bye Bye Love.flac:27912530d38d12f5d5d4db6d23a8627e
gd81-12-12 s1t06 Barbara Allen.flac:16e56de4df320421289b22c52e3a1751
gd81-12-12 s1t07 You Won't Find Me.flac:657caa1235767214eb8b926fc885e387
gd81-12-12 s1t08 Where Have All The Heroes Gone.flac:bfe821309b60804cd4929c091b98e70f
gd81-12-12 s1t09 Oh Boy.flac:b1bee49d757b7ed4e79d4842acbfed84
gd81-12-12 s1t10 Lady Di & I.flac:2658d0041ad08ddd6da4e5f0044beb26
gd81-12-12 s1t11 The Boxer.flac:3514049c05d1e36f9829b69b2032baa6
gd81-12-12 s2t01 Crowd.flac:1a4f3cfda9e93003c69002fb0be6235a
gd81-12-12 s2t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac:d8c5bbf1fc0f82ec346f1e58df2d1656
gd81-12-12 s2t03 Little Red Rooster.flac:8e78838fa81be15d7e0e42125bcc5759
gd81-12-12 s2t04 Deep Elem Blues.flac:618fc494b272529417920634818c5fee
gd81-12-12 s2t05 Me & My Uncle.flac:9c33648695f2f4c9aced47de92282768
gd81-12-12 s2t06 Mexicali Blues.flac:a6f1c1cae82ffe44606e9ecf68daf2d8
gd81-12-12 s2t07 Dire Wolf.flac:78996662dafc8b6a4671a613d97e268b
gd81-12-12 s2t08 Cold Rain & Snow.flac:1662db7dc44d716b12dd431b3281d4b0
gd81-12-12 s2t09 Around & Around.flac:135dd95d4d4e56d8c11fd123f754b6be
gd81-12-12 s2t10 One More Saturday Night.flac:92c000939d2f78b88fdea225ccdee741
gd81-12-12 s2t11 Encore Break.flac:83121d1270d68ffa81bbdc43f7d96351
gd81-12-12 s2t12 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac:d824ffff540a1ed9fabd3d7e8d85dc68
a76e46fdf9fd05d38710524b20dce947 *gd81-12-12 s1t01 Me & Bobby McGee.flac
74de790a21b86e4fffbfa64f3da9dfc2 *gd81-12-12 s1t02 Children Of The Eighties.flac
e99c50fe9aea127c79ac02641234f9bb *gd81-12-12 s1t03 Lucifer's Eyes.flac
e8d3863f2b53f793db9483a90807122c *gd81-12-12 s1t04 Warriors Of The Sun.flac
30c9d0943808002a2ffe38b69127e7d2 *gd81-12-12 s1t05 Bye Bye Love.flac
f5df0576e9443b1690a8b8be2db7f0e8 *gd81-12-12 s1t06 Barbara Allen.flac
3933f7f0d6d43ecf325a24b43983b001 *gd81-12-12 s1t07 You Won't Find Me.flac
9a55f6af24aafb7e77ec8265a4d1db95 *gd81-12-12 s1t08 Where Have All The Heroes Gone.flac
6d1cb77e02ca3afeea99c5ee04ad856e *gd81-12-12 s1t09 Oh Boy.flac
b6f0324f93f06fe98a2d1e8bcec1bfcf *gd81-12-12 s1t10 Lady Di & I.flac
041b843ed929459fbb52dcaf420603fb *gd81-12-12 s1t11 The Boxer.flac
f2fd1251adfd2259492a380469bc3f6e *gd81-12-12 s2t01 Crowd.flac
f7c4e2523567f79cacbe2ad41d11ed58 *gd81-12-12 s2t02 New Minglewood Blues.flac
b780fdae2f5e26ead0575dcf1de93d67 *gd81-12-12 s2t03 Little Red Rooster.flac
cc765390bb9487d2cb26dcb8b55dce2b *gd81-12-12 s2t04 Deep Elem Blues.flac
f6da67ef1ddcb033aa65883d1aee8e9f *gd81-12-12 s2t05 Me & My Uncle.flac
d5035652fe0275eff386248f88bd8ecf *gd81-12-12 s2t06 Mexicali Blues.flac
5de4974481777e024f7688dc658551bd *gd81-12-12 s2t07 Dire Wolf.flac
6aff37488cc168ad896ce8c9cc608fc2 *gd81-12-12 s2t08 Cold Rain & Snow.flac
e048b8c1227e14a33cf3515fc7f91216 *gd81-12-12 s2t09 Around & Around.flac
73571888349c80c5d511a1f913696a30 *gd81-12-12 s2t10 One More Saturday Night.flac
5cdfcfd944a83f31e2e7e5364e739057 *gd81-12-12 s2t11 Encore Break.flac
5a385cfdeb07a04ab13a6ce17d3f3fef *gd81-12-12 s2t12 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.flac

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