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Grateful Dead 08/31/80
Capital Centre, Landover, MD
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
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Source Summary flac24; Source Info: George Sterry's Master Audience Cassettes; Unknown mics > Sony TC158SD (Maxell UDXLII-C90); Transfer Info: Master Cassettes (Nakamichi CR-7A)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 (.wav 24-bit/96k)> Adobe Audition 3.01 (24-bit/96k) > TLH flac2496 
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Grateful Dead
Capital Centre
Landover, MD
Sunday August 31st, 1980

Source Info:

George Sterry's Master Audience Cassettes; Unknown mics > Sony TC158SD (Maxell UDXLII-C90)

Transfer Info:
Master Cassettes (Nakamichi CR-7A)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz)> KORG AudioGate 4 (.wav 24-bit/96k)> Adobe Audition 3.01 (24-bit/96k) > TLH flac2496

- Thanks to George Sterry for the master cassette recording
- Thanks to David Beckwith for liberating the tapes from eBay
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer and coordinating this effort
- Other One space included in "The Other One"
- Pitch corrected

Mastered by Scott Clugston
July 2018

Set One:
s1t01 - Alabama Getaway >

s1t02 - Promised Land

s1t03 - They Love Each Other

s1t04 - Mama Tried >

s1t05 - Mexicali Blues

s1t06 - Althea

s1t07 - Little Red Rooster

s1t08 - Tennessee Jed

s1t09 - Far From Me

s1t10 - Lazy Lightning >

s1t11 - Supplication

s1t12 - Deal

Set Two:

s2t01 - Crowd

s2t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told >

s2t03 - Uncle John's Band >

s2t04 - Lost Sailor >

s2t05 - Saint Of Circumstance >

s2t06 - Comes A Time >

s2t07 - Truckin' >

s2t08 - Drums >

s2t09 - Space >

s2t10 - The Other One >

s2t11 - Stella Blue >

s2t12 - I Need A Miracle >

s2t13 - Good Lovin'

s2t14 - Brokedown Palace

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     5:13.000     180288044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6702  gd80-08-31 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.flac
     4:20.013     149767724 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6786  gd80-08-31 s1t02 Promised Land.flac
     7:38.147     263892524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6686  gd80-08-31 s1t03 They Love Each Other.flac
     2:36.053      89886764 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6756  gd80-08-31 s1t04 Mama Tried.flac
     5:03.267     174681644 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6731  gd80-08-31 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.flac
     8:28.840     293091884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6693  gd80-08-31 s1t06 Althea.flac
     8:11.987     283384364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6683  gd80-08-31 s1t07 Little Red Rooster.flac
     9:32.213     329594924 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6711  gd80-08-31 s1t08 Tennessee Jed.flac
     4:39.013     160711724 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6721  gd80-08-31 s1t09 Far From Me.flac
     3:20.080     115246124 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6775  gd80-08-31 s1t10 Lazy Lightning.flac
     7:14.853     250475564 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6717  gd80-08-31 s1t11 Supplication.flac
     4:42.238     162569066 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6780  gd80-08-31 s1t12 Deal.flac
     0:54.800      31564844 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6354  gd80-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac
     3:54.680     135175724 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6694  gd80-08-31 s2t02 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac
     8:57.213     309434924 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6686  gd80-08-31 s2t03 Uncle John's Band.flac
     6:46.600     234201644 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6567  gd80-08-31 s2t04 Lost Sailor.flac
     6:59.667     241728044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6711  gd80-08-31 s2t05 Saint Of Circumstance.flac
     9:20.147     322644524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6536  gd80-08-31 s2t06 Comes A Time.flac
     8:45.813     302868524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6763  gd80-08-31 s2t07 Truckin'.flac
    11:34.827     400220204 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6575  gd80-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac
     4:10.653     144376364 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6550  gd80-08-31 s2t09 Space.flac
     8:11.547     283130924 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6647  gd80-08-31 s2t10 The Other One.flac
     9:34.480     330900524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6526  gd80-08-31 s2t11 Stella Blue.flac
     4:01.613     139169324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6730  gd80-08-31 s2t12 I Need A Miracle.flac
     8:10.840     282723884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6741  gd80-08-31 s2t13 Good Lovin'.flac
     6:41.450     231235274 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6713  gd80-08-31 s2t14 Brokedown Palace.flac
   169:04.035    5842965076 B                            0.6673  (26 files)

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gd80-08-31 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.flac:72892fc2bc3a6138679c775cbf511cde
gd80-08-31 s1t02 Promised Land.flac:2638d41de13c9ecb21bc36bae5ff27d0
gd80-08-31 s1t03 They Love Each Other.flac:55a9e84f606df4759507ee8dd70afd21
gd80-08-31 s1t04 Mama Tried.flac:1caeca457a7e0dc25e2eadb7c176d471
gd80-08-31 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.flac:ee36508bd770cd8fc3e0db59199c8d8a
gd80-08-31 s1t06 Althea.flac:f5e8f707c135cfb76bb66ce12f4d37f2
gd80-08-31 s1t07 Little Red Rooster.flac:e6b5f1c1ba1140f7f0551e123eac7549
gd80-08-31 s1t08 Tennessee Jed.flac:681c0485778489400a0c021d98745bf9
gd80-08-31 s1t09 Far From Me.flac:7fc15ca5c9e1d10cb87e33700907d90a
gd80-08-31 s1t10 Lazy Lightning.flac:78cf2dc6397991a0e902a70de95616ea
gd80-08-31 s1t11 Supplication.flac:f9e4e5ae792f0cf87ecd752a9d15bb75
gd80-08-31 s1t12 Deal.flac:2c6789a8de0f6462a271cf84d4637843
gd80-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac:af3d21f17bd0d85ce0d6eab178d1edb7
gd80-08-31 s2t02 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac:cf464930214986f8e2fd0db1c40be656
gd80-08-31 s2t03 Uncle John's Band.flac:f6e7d128d5f2d824214c90cb3a26f30a
gd80-08-31 s2t04 Lost Sailor.flac:40152dceda37fd91f643d447d2885b0f
gd80-08-31 s2t05 Saint Of Circumstance.flac:c8ec687aec8cc988f1b8fcaa2881750c
gd80-08-31 s2t06 Comes A Time.flac:d656233b78049ce77599a5ce118dbd30
gd80-08-31 s2t07 Truckin'.flac:d3e0d12bac423b01d8ad8e085961363a
gd80-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac:0f7bfc3b253b3dd2c79dad65f75b92f4
gd80-08-31 s2t09 Space.flac:4927a2a7e1a9baa84ca80056bc9def4d
gd80-08-31 s2t10 The Other One.flac:7498b4db8db0ce535ee3562859ad196f
gd80-08-31 s2t11 Stella Blue.flac:64e01ce3624770f48cef4a0eed2bbca8
gd80-08-31 s2t12 I Need A Miracle.flac:363ef2d2ce1fef1cef4a2f8fd58c0d8e
gd80-08-31 s2t13 Good Lovin'.flac:a7980a0d4c97d3a658c23abd161370b7
gd80-08-31 s2t14 Brokedown Palace.flac:b72c30d421fe4155a60ce7b7af92798d
e193e16b8d684d5f8955d781c68a2e98 *gd80-08-31 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.flac
580d98a3b43c63318455be88fca4ae50 *gd80-08-31 s1t02 Promised Land.flac
66f922f30a98f79a62b617a356f04667 *gd80-08-31 s1t03 They Love Each Other.flac
6c9b9f45f31863df4d2f9eeb75043000 *gd80-08-31 s1t04 Mama Tried.flac
772cbed7e21b886e83fa7f378646726a *gd80-08-31 s1t05 Mexicali Blues.flac
b95b5fc2ac166385327d6bdf127b8fca *gd80-08-31 s1t06 Althea.flac
c4451710045e5b2df836dccf56613281 *gd80-08-31 s1t07 Little Red Rooster.flac
954f8a89770be8f96369fe3b4fd6b24f *gd80-08-31 s1t08 Tennessee Jed.flac
5f9a4bdd376473384eb871651abe8ed8 *gd80-08-31 s1t09 Far From Me.flac
e7ca56301aa7628d0d2edb04b21e2d40 *gd80-08-31 s1t10 Lazy Lightning.flac
f6ca8e798b4cb246bc8c4c9d0f045ba4 *gd80-08-31 s1t11 Supplication.flac
64f1011c30e355ae0eb461ead17c7569 *gd80-08-31 s1t12 Deal.flac
06329b0708ed8a146fc5933057afc773 *gd80-08-31 s2t01 Crowd.flac
3f0ec718a9bad456963fef49a5f41b22 *gd80-08-31 s2t02 Greatest Story Ever Told.flac
61e194ccc0567054611dedd5a126e579 *gd80-08-31 s2t03 Uncle John's Band.flac
70ef75627408c7415cd53e38518a202a *gd80-08-31 s2t04 Lost Sailor.flac
4048795cb872bd14a3f5b70d4338b66c *gd80-08-31 s2t05 Saint Of Circumstance.flac
059bcbd6726ad32084c288e0d625053f *gd80-08-31 s2t06 Comes A Time.flac
c557cf194959642efb4bf83b5d5c493e *gd80-08-31 s2t07 Truckin'.flac
05d240b4036bab2c07e8f4e01c4f8962 *gd80-08-31 s2t08 Drums.flac
25aa9de8add9294aaddf9fcf03b259bb *gd80-08-31 s2t09 Space.flac
b1ebd91724d33070353d8bc78e4aa3c9 *gd80-08-31 s2t10 The Other One.flac
ac7c9872dd84526bf3bbb56630078657 *gd80-08-31 s2t11 Stella Blue.flac
e53fbb665e849a139e407c083181010c *gd80-08-31 s2t12 I Need A Miracle.flac
61b7dc02993f1fd1c22f2eb4fb16076f *gd80-08-31 s2t13 Good Lovin'.flac
a312ad9c6fd1b57ab1ba9cd3fb98a0e2 *gd80-08-31 s2t14 Brokedown Palace.flac

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Recording by Jim Wise:... (3) Audience (unknown equipment... (2) AUD, SBD combo: Set 1:... (0) flac16; Recording by... (0) flac16; Nakamichi... (0) flac16; Recorded By... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16/48kHz; Source... (0)
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