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Phish 01/02/03
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d3 , d1 , d2 , d1fixed , d2fixed , d3fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary LivePhish SHN download; Note: Do NOT trade this recording by any means, including matrix sources! The md5's are merely listed as reference. Also, the original SHNs from LP contained header and sector boundary errors which can be fixed by shntool...fixed md5 and txt files reflect these changes.  
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Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

Source: (DSBD) Original Files came as WinZip files, without MD5's.  MD5s and this info file were created for the purpose of archiving.  These files are not meant for trading!!!

Notes on this source:  Fixed files on 1/7/2003.  Stripped extraneous header information and fixed sector boundaries with shntool.  Recreated MD5 files to accompany these revised files.  Thus the reason that there are (2) MD5 files, the original (filename_o.md5) and the Fixed (filename_f.md5).  Fixed are the correct ones.
Specific notes:
- All files had header information stripped
- Sector boundary fixes: D3T4 & D3T5

Disc 1 (80 Minute CDR Required)
Set 1
1. ChalkDust Torture* (14:50)
2. Bathtub Gin (17:23)
3. It's Ice** (7:58)
4. Back on the Train (11:57)
5. Round Room*** (6:09)
6. The Horse> (1:04)
7. Silent In The Morning (5:01)
8. Stash (12:28)
Total time: 76:50

Disc 2  
Set 1 Cont...
1. Water in the Sky (6:03)
2. Character Zero (8:17)
Set 2
3. 46 Days> (21:06)
4. Simple#> (10:28)
5. My Friend, My Friend (6:29)
Total time: 52:25

Disc 3
Set 2 cont...
1. Limb By Limb (10:24)
2. Thunderhead## (7:02)
3. Run Like an Antelope### (12:11)
4. Cavern (5:42)
5. Mexican Cousin^ (5:51)
Total time: 41:10

* - with digital delay loop jam about 12 minutes in
** - prior to "It's Ice," Trey jokingly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tom Hanks!" (referring to the appearance of Page's brother Steve as "Tom Hanks" on New Year's Eve), and during the song a spotlight hit Fishman, who stood up and did a little dance
*** - first time played, and with many balloons in the audience
# - "Bebop/skyscrapers" verse flubbed
## - first time played
### - lyric was "bid you to have any spliff"
^ - first time played.

- debut of Round Room, Thunderhead, and Mexican Cousin

Show Checksums
e2b43d12d7cbcf213f468b52484c3339 *ph030102d3_01_Limb_By_Limb.shn
be4032ddc1f9959cc1289f749235fb4f *ph030102d3_02_Thunderhead.shn
2d332de2f0831bc8b55649d7f08f8fcb *ph030102d3_03_Run_Like_An_Antelope.shn
35e765d52d4ead3b5d3c1fab5619ec72 *ph030102d3_04_Cavern.shn
b9a98effe72652a003c5ec50b8eb4d45 *ph030102d3_05_Mexican_Cousin.shn
1eb0625afb0e4c8ede926a5a9ab23fc1 *ph030102d1_01_Chalkdust_Torture.shn
bb184531e6a28de173775a770fdc742e *ph030102d1_02_Bathtub_Gin.shn
7348566a7fbe50b9e01652abf05f459d *ph030102d1_03_Its_Ice.shn
7df401c144343ffecca24fd68a860855 *ph030102d1_04_Get_Back_On_The_Train.shn
a810b138f1cefed6260c3adb02f32082 *ph030102d1_05_Round_Room.shn
eaa2e7a998777901a229d7aa2d11c11c *ph030102d1_06_The_Horse.shn
0f6c322b9105065605c7f43f1417a280 *ph030102d1_07_Silent_In_The_Morning.shn
698e4d9da452d76b081d777fad7f120a *ph030102d1_08_Stash.shn
2b3f2cd0e34838b2a2db3c2b260e2a16 *ph030102d2_01_Water_in_the_Sky.shn
9b4b269c3a302c3271cdc921b14a78a1 *ph030102d2_02_Character_Zero.shn
f4c9c8ce86e18e0f90a43796fb4cf5c2 *ph030102d2_03_46_Days.shn
9ebba3e82b04b4e73897566eadabad6e *ph030102d2_04_Simple.shn
a860e363053c7de93761b9f736c2e69d *ph030102d2_05_My_Friend_My_Friend.shn
41ec3f86dbe7c804c0fb2600dbf4bdf6 *ph030102d1_01_Chalkdust_Torture.shn
8df42f9818aa8872f8014fd426c2f398 *ph030102d1_02_Bathtub_Gin.shn
cee6aa9bb7b72c71ae211ecbee4c28e4 *ph030102d1_03_Its_Ice.shn
cf344974d3c6b94d8bc4dde166801cb2 *ph030102d1_04_Get_Back_On_The_Train.shn
3f3d741892f7a7e188bbe483dd5c5721 *ph030102d1_05_Round_Room.shn
b711cfa476e8035511b16b48d08c9c01 *ph030102d1_06_The_Horse.shn
0f9f2044bb6cac216b0f062930b56b44 *ph030102d1_07_Silent_In_The_Morning.shn
8f8a3d18c5988365965b8a6da8c921f4 *ph030102d1_08_Stash.shn
7ce7ebe0871086a6a76892fb7269aede *ph030102d2_01_Water_in_the_Sky.shn
6c40086314a90398eb6e4af4e3caf022 *ph030102d2_02_Character_Zero.shn
4cae4416d38243bdc012a7efc6bfb4cd *ph030102d2_03_46_Days.shn
bcd2563a429bdd0583fbfcfe588aa014 *ph030102d2_04_Simple.shn
f1beaa2c0b9ccf3aa3c0d37f0406c394 *ph030102d2_05_My_Friend_My_Friend.shn
47a5bc2dd8eb80a98051ca533e8846c2 *ph030102d3_01_Limb_By_Limb.shn
e047eb9c4b9496c7fa6fed17569f4bb9 *ph030102d3_02_Thunderhead.shn
4e787f41136a91fe6d279996100d4c97 *ph030102d3_03_Run_Like_An_Antelope.shn
540fb8c057be0760e291504f9182fcd7 *ph030102d3_04_Cavern.shn
4ee187e13ff3ddeb0d6dc838d67ecd92 *ph030102d3_05_Mexican_Cousin.shn

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