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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/07/99
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d1wav , d2 , d2wav
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC64 > Lunatec V2 > SBM1 > DAP1, Taped by: Chris Lessard; Transfer: D8 > Opcode DATport > CDWAV >mkwACT 0.97, Transferred by J. Kollath, Tracked by Mike Vescovo 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
7 November 1999
Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue

Source: Schoeps CMC64 > Lunatec V2 > SBM1 > DAP1
Taped by: Chris Lessard

Transfer: D8 > Opcode DATport > CDWAV >mkwACT 0.97
Transferred by: J. Kollath
Tracked by: Mike Vescovo

Another combusticator release!

-One Set Only-

01. Improv >
02. Big Time > Drum Solo [@7:21] >
03. Macha >
04. Brigas Nunca Mais
05. Just Like I Pictured It
06. Seven Deadlies
07. Acht O'Clock Rock >
08. Everyday People >
09. Philly Cheese Blunt

Disc 2:
01. The Lover >
02. Improv >
03. Felic >
04. Bubblehouse
05. Coconut Boogaloo

615 MB
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5c0c086eeaa108df1fc1886eb58ab3a1 *mmw1999-11-07d1t3.shn
1246526ed304c3c92499b64e98588723 *mmw1999-11-07d1t1.shn
87b8868832744dcf552a5c3423217e26 *mmw1999-11-07d1t2.shn
06b11d4f6b2e37c105ef7bec8125f140 *mmw1999-11-07d1t4.shn
429ea04fb9f38513fde68e56cd5f238d *mmw1999-11-07d1t5.shn
b983f2862aa4641c1011453972633b61 *mmw1999-11-07d1t6.shn
1a00c1938cc01d337d0befd5d6830ce9 *mmw1999-11-07d1t7.shn
16c6f145dd5f0d835b88b3ac9321542f *mmw1999-11-07d1t8.shn
8c1acd0b88cf043fe85339872d8cbc31 *mmw1999-11-07d1t9.shn
ee6bfaf9781ef65a027c76de0a3b07c3 *mmw1999-11-07d1t9.wav
9e66fa81c04a06793056d3ec1e76aba6 *mmw1999-11-07d1t2.wav
0447a2e892ee7a5c08f44e1d4077f840 *mmw1999-11-07d1t3.wav
fd4ffe740a5e104a48769e3e186abd4e *mmw1999-11-07d1t4.wav
d208381fff4091defb35f4ba4f67bec5 *mmw1999-11-07d1t5.wav
9ae0749b4a85af3900955529d09f44af *mmw1999-11-07d1t6.wav
de7b322c52ddfa0fdbd70d04b4b0568d *mmw1999-11-07d1t7.wav
c62eead2a0a02e5e44aefebc3cb80b9b *mmw1999-11-07d1t8.wav
7f4bf3c4b2434d121165d0f557b2bdbb *mmw1999-11-07d1t1.wav
07bf932055a2fa85d9bbc122a834f4c7 *mmw1999-11-07d2t1.shn
9c43fa745b690e27d4eceba02da6df40 *mmw1999-11-07d2t2.shn
cecc808ac8e4956c9eb7e5fd211910f9 *mmw1999-11-07d2t3.shn
c35d715a224e31b8c14ccd183c275098 *mmw1999-11-07d2t4.shn
a4d1ce16955aec146b6d88ddb6d68e88 *mmw1999-11-07d2t5.shn
81cb668c104b260ebf87b4792fbafe06 *mmw1999-11-07d2t1.wav
cb88761c8c5175ce776f051309057195 *mmw1999-11-07d2t2.wav
75fe5220641b9a84544b05c564bf6a0b *mmw1999-11-07d2t3.wav
2b2467debc28fd0af97fdabd86f6318c *mmw1999-11-07d2t4.wav
09b0c7c3a715820a0f00b1c9c73c0a21 *mmw1999-11-07d2t5.wav

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