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Gov't Mule 10/30/99
Stubb's Barbeque, Austin, TX
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Gov't Mule
Austin, TX
Stubb's Barbeque

Comments: acoustic show

Disc 1

1) It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home,
2) Dolphineus >Painted Silver Light,
3) Thorazine Shuffle,
4) Gambler's Roll,
5) Kind Of Bird,
6) Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys,
7) I Shall Return,

DIsc 2

1) Afro Blue,
2) Madman Across The Water,
3) It Hurts Me Too >
4) End Of The Line
5) 1:43 of audience
6) Get Behind The Mule,
7) Soulshine

Radio Interview and acoustic numbers, Austin, TX
8) Radio Announcer
9) John the Revelator
10) Interview
11) Afro Blue
12) Interview
13) Soulshine
14) Interview conclusion

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88298b48a454f8013ae3579507dfbfc6 Mule103099d1t1.wav.shn
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9a3e925124bbfb7cd172b22cea2bdb7d Mule103099d1t3.wav.shn
d9f08b95e429b064145dd07652a2634a Mule103099d1t4.wav.shn
fd2153fb9654d38b37c9f65955baeba6 Mule103099d1t5.wav.shn
a172a6d540777cfb9e530d178a472569 Mule103099d1t6.wav.shn
429c4ac2c82130b3497fafc994698fc7 Mule103099d1t7.wav.shn
39bbaad786cc515998be20434f0951d8 Mule103099d2t1.wav.shn
8b111b71884c4748fb90885997f3060d Mule103099d2t10.wav.shn
c4d4a92f94bbbdbec14b3e5dc5d6e463 Mule103099d2t11.wav.shn
59d3cc0be15226f70739eabddeb89831 Mule103099d2t12.wav.shn
d858aae5b1cb16d6c9c3727669662b61 Mule103099d2t13.wav.shn
32d052397a0ba5af595770156762d139 Mule103099d2t14.wav.shn
e12b89bf3ddda373f5e1f3ec9d485b83 Mule103099d2t2.wav.shn
d56a68d7b71f171acb0c61b05b19d126 Mule103099d2t3.wav.shn
9609b686db6322b0d0e434fac8fe2bc4 Mule103099d2t4.wav.shn
9f7da8d74e7d41085b8c2f6f1184434e Mule103099d2t5.wav.shn
4282cae765f63d512121765341886700 Mule103099d2t6.wav.shn
8babd627129359fbdd7e822fd8187249 Mule103099d2t7.wav.shn
e922c5ddb7c982ffb5dc6b77c8e964c8 Mule103099d2t8.wav.shn
abda5d81b53122c80fa0bae88fcadd93 Mule103099d2t9.wav.shn

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