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Jeff Tweedy 10/20/99
Lounge Ax, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AKG C1000 S's > Graham-Patten DMIC-20 (44.1 Khz), FOB 
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Jeff Tweedy
October 20, 1999  
Lounge Ax, Chicago IL

Source: AKG C1000 S's > Graham-Patten DMIC-20 (44.1 Khz), FOB

Transfer: Dat Master > Tascam DA-20mkII > Zefiro ZA2 > HD > SoundForge (left channel
boosted 2.42 dB) > CD Wave (tracking) > SoundForge (5 dB volume increase in d1t01 to compensate
for level adjustment made during show, fades and 2 sec. silence in d1t01 and d2t16) > .shn

Disc 1
01 New Madrid
02 How To Fight Loneliness
03 Candy Floss
04 Ashes of American Flags
05 One By One
06 Heavy Metal Drummer
07 Thirteen
08 Hesitating Beauty
09 When The Roses Bloom Again
10 Bob Dylan's 49th Beard
11 At My Window Sad & Lonely #1 (incomplete - forgotten lyrics)
12 At My Window Sad & Lonely #2
13 I'm The Man Who Loves You
14 Shot In The Arm
15 I'm Always In Love

Disc 2
01 Summer Teeth
02 Misunderstood
03 Far Far Away
04 She's A Jar
05 -Encore break 1-
06 *I Wish My Baby Was Born #1 (incomplete - forgotten lyrics)
07 *I Wish My Baby Was Born #2
08 *Down In The Willow Garden
09 Forget The Flowers
10 Pick Up The Change #1 (incomplete - forgotten lyrics)
11 Pick Up The Change #2
12 Long, Lonely, Alone
13 -Encore break 2-
14 Oklahoma USA
15 Gun
16 The Lonely 1

*w/ Evelyn Weston (Lounge Ax waitress) on saw
Show Checksums
c692a8d44c1c6ee3b2982d958f7f7f5a *jt1999-10-20d1t01.shn
dc98cb5a52f969457720b0e25da17454 *jt1999-10-20d1t02.shn
0fefe6e64e305e5a86e8949ad6fff857 *jt1999-10-20d1t03.shn
a20920abe584b7af70f55e2a4ac85325 *jt1999-10-20d1t04.shn
39a077babd45065e6709e484b5404515 *jt1999-10-20d1t05.shn
33518793cd0a70bc954fd810dafe2d98 *jt1999-10-20d1t06.shn
8ab1b17b7c540562e054e341089f3e1a *jt1999-10-20d1t07.shn
582b50b2c2edb2d563e1d8957a126455 *jt1999-10-20d1t08.shn
154e4faa5a81c11bfe0f986d93157d3a *jt1999-10-20d1t09.shn
87ef5d41322e300ce42c20ad3ab065fc *jt1999-10-20d1t10.shn
4a542d5f1e08bb1be3b45fa1f33e7380 *jt1999-10-20d1t11.shn
fbb44b0b27e467d9b1e6bedb8df6e312 *jt1999-10-20d1t12.shn
ebd0b24f987bccd5753919ca9d263591 *jt1999-10-20d1t13.shn
3ff53b2db3e4f80adee971d19af1f6fe *jt1999-10-20d1t14.shn
8f2c7411599c9c1769a4e224d1871a0f *jt1999-10-20d1t15.shn
6479ef1c2941adb5da1603656f12d37e *jt1999-10-20d2t01.shn
f612b5c92f52897c3eafde923accea09 *jt1999-10-20d2t02.shn
78f709b22f7307378d5d4f6d07e5daec *jt1999-10-20d2t03.shn
884a741d0af4b5e12347b1f4453dccc2 *jt1999-10-20d2t04.shn
ce4143ddba3b882427ea1f304b16f6c4 *jt1999-10-20d2t05.shn
ef39bfe29aadb7d7471894923788d2da *jt1999-10-20d2t06.shn
18429f0ae7c66d81e6fd6dfbf3dd4293 *jt1999-10-20d2t07.shn
c91403c746a9bc1a745008bd5807787e *jt1999-10-20d2t08.shn
03f05f916b28031f3badc825b400a9ba *jt1999-10-20d2t09.shn
fb2b055c3fb41808bfefdae76adf6bfc *jt1999-10-20d2t10.shn
0648e8c70eeeb815afcb2b0828e895a6 *jt1999-10-20d2t11.shn
a3880b0bfac8f7bd2a5ca464836d2c83 *jt1999-10-20d2t12.shn
8c02b9ac373c9e63de4f25b4d00456d0 *jt1999-10-20d2t13.shn
331c158272b80107819985b76139d8c0 *jt1999-10-20d2t14.shn
b89e3a9f53b980de33b44a090db054c0 *jt1999-10-20d2t15.shn
5561e72eb1462b488babf981cb804cf5 *jt1999-10-20d2t16.shn

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