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Grateful Dead 04/08/71
Music Hall, Boston, MA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary SMR>PCM>WAV>Shn; Conversion via SEK'd Prodif96Pro, editing via Samplitude filtered the right channel to reduce 60-cycle hum using narrowband filter reducing it a few db's; uploaded by [email protected] 
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Grateful Dead
Boston Music Hall, Boston MA


Conversion via SEK'd Prodif96Pro, editing via Samplitude
filtered  the right channel to reduce 60-cycle hum using narrowband filter
reducing it a few db's.

Disc 1 Time:  75:27
Truckin' [7:59] ;
Bertha [5:54] ;
Next Time You See Me [3:44] ;
Playing In The Band [4:29] ;
Loser [6:21] ;
Beat It On Down The Line [2:58] ;
I Second That Emotion [5:09] ;
Sugar Magnolia [5:26] ;
China Cat Sunflower [5:29] >
I Know You
Rider [5:08] ;
Casey Jones [4:48]

Disc 2 Time:  79:53
Dark Star [14:38] >
Saint Stephen [5:47] >
Not Fade Away [5:33] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:04] >
Jam [3:00] > Not Fade Away [2:27] ;
Sing Me Back Home [7:24] ;
Cumberland Blues [5:10] ;
Greatest Story Ever Told [2:29] >
Johnny B. Goode [3:27] ;

E:  Good Lovin' > Drums > Good Lovin' [17:58]

uploaded by [email protected]
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58bb4a515b62ada8368e53f47b8d9418 *GD71-04-08D2T10.shn
6cc4981cdd180fad1bac7bbcc19cf76d *GD71-04-08D1T02.shn
572c30aa21d67c61f1139f3533f1efae *GD71-04-08D1T03.shn
6e90cedc6fe26f269788c5b6ce26753e *GD71-04-08D1T04.shn
c8f8342bb8fed438878786125eb84bf6 *GD71-04-08D1T05.shn
7c7f8d7d242197643242a4928abd1318 *GD71-04-08D1T06.shn
daaa1e388d0a484e5127ced76a65465b *GD71-04-08D1T07.shn
9215f444370e7e289f4234d1b36a8f00 *GD71-04-08D1T08.shn
cca7839a0e9fc47ceb71b623eae7a5c2 *GD71-04-08D1T09.shn
853db82192904cf5c2eab94d4b6455b3 *GD71-04-08D1T10.shn
761d6ba48199d7c9c709a27d1d3c8235 *GD71-04-08D1T11.shn
c51ef7a06dc2a2057df405e842288dee *GD71-04-08D1T12.shn
d2ff21490ee12b4311d1e3525460faf3 *GD71-04-08D2T01.shn
9d55f070003f1b2b5cd7d77d765c2cfb *GD71-04-08D2T02.shn
ed3bb5d7b0b671156b99402ab4d139e1 *GD71-04-08D2T03.shn
70298c4b5652b2fd5190c68e7a98f2c5 *GD71-04-08D2T04.shn
c685387bcdaefe8644874088cffb710c *GD71-04-08D2T05.shn
cfae4666d0c7a2fe9b8203e8545fd9a9 *GD71-04-08D2T06.shn
6f5da01764e9965671b9c0ad984eeae1 *GD71-04-08D2T07.shn
35b27ee0e66b80affd90c65995e04d0d *GD71-04-08D2T08.shn
4985611d960ef364c4d373d272b22792 *GD71-04-08D2T09.shn
7bd236916bd8e739574b7b6503f498aa *GD71-04-08D1T01.shn
b04c92d85f37de9a68cba827a549f0f0 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T01.shn
7993fff6e3e4a286f6017a7e2f56d391 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T02.shn
9a353e173819e6fac9ff1c509d873960 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T03.shn
ee27f9ffaf9b181eb75095bc5068b8d3 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T04.shn
9a588a42c8cc21362c4e32fcdc215ba8 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T05.shn
5c454929af469baab51e18414c307323 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T06.shn
0b864f251cadd8f86712cb5d625ec78c [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T07.shn
ade9caaf77bb8867ad4ea73de8363bb5 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T08.shn
4bc0932866667d4eded72ab0f391dd2f [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T09.shn
74c31a600af540c49caace4a7a0e562e [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T10.shn
e801a757c54e11050ae54a215caa4097 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T11.shn
bfe74d91e2d79dcf0106b752778df955 [shntool] GD71-04-08D1T12.shn
9f7a04ff2c52282e51aa89fc9a2e69df [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T01.shn
f5a642ab9fd722a9a7d8020ef1c6a2f5 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T02.shn
eb428313af3def79be0e018bda8fa6d8 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T03.shn
1b327c9e8cb81b28d5de423b91a85124 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T04.shn
41dd6acff961efe85f8ab9b47d4c9b03 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T05.shn
60a7edc93fb47c1928094bae44cd4546 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T06.shn
09bf175d362f0aa276863320153568b7 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T07.shn
dbb141a5918ea8b9c9aea3561c345562 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T08.shn
be0dd24f58780d2427e32058d28d204c [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T09.shn
8a6f3451869fe168873454ddf9195b26 [shntool] GD71-04-08D2T10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD; via Mike Lai; updated... (1) sbd; same as... (0) flac16; 7" Betty... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Source Info:... (0)
Date User Comment
01/12/2003 Chris Perkins a few notes: (1) Sound is very nice. (2) Lots of SBEs. Use shntool to fix them before burning. (3) The timings in the info file must be from somewhere else, as they do not match the length of the tracks. (4) There is a tuning track between Loser and BIODTL