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Phish 01/03/03
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Entered by Terry Watts
Checksums SHN
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; (DIN) Microtech Geffel m210's > Lunatec V2 > (mod) Sony SBM-1 > SOny TCD-D8 > DAT(m); DAT(m) > Sony TCD-D8 > Edirol UA-5 > Cool Edit Pro > CDWave > SHN; Source and Transfer by Rob Robar 
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Hampton, VA
Hampton Coliseum
Source: MG 210?s>V2>modSBM-1>D8 @44.1 kHz (DIN 17cm) Taper?s Section
Transfer:D8>UA5>Cool Edit Pro>CDWave>mkwACT>.shn V.3
Taped and Transfered by: Rob Robar [email protected]

Disc One: Set One
1. Tuning/Crowd
2. Tweezer>
3. Theme From The Bottom
4. Foam
5. Pebbles and Marbles
6. You Enjoy Myself (attempt 1)*
7. You Enjoy Myself

Disc Two : Set Two
1. Crowd/Tuning
2. Birds of a Feather>
3. Wolfman?s Brother
4. Makisupa Policeman
5. Axilla II
6. Twist>
7. Free
8. All my Dreams
9. Possum

Disc Three: Set Two cont.
1. Crowd
2. Contact>
3. Tweezer Reprise

*Trey apologized for flubbing the start. Restarted from the start

Show Checksums
4ecdb42802cfae6cbba9cd5f5b5fead4 *ph2003-01-03d01t01.shn
8992cc0025014b01306e1965c839cbfb *ph2003-01-03d01t02.shn
9d1bb581af99d77ae6bfa814b507d4cd *ph2003-01-03d01t03.shn
a8bdd618ec9679befe5c647585048549 *ph2003-01-03d01t04.shn
01215815725b9345b8e37e00d1937cd9 *ph2003-01-03d01t05.shn
bc5282222a650c56be215d8c3bacd5a2 *ph2003-01-03d01t06.shn
cdfb0217974bf4487313fc3e899f2a8c *ph2003-01-03d01t07.shn
4d7fb34c01585441898253996450a3cf *ph2003-01-03d02t01.shn
a7699c9619e7e782ff53e03d6decd787 *ph2003-01-03d02t02.shn
49826d3ae4406921b578618f3dd7b345 *ph2003-01-03d02t03.shn
8ecc05ec06090af010c846a177af9872 *ph2003-01-03d02t04.shn
3b33b8732d979494472a4bd5565aad2c *ph2003-01-03d02t05.shn
6ffd8e8638b86c88468d1a3c33f2accd *ph2003-01-03d02t06.shn
8557ba59850e776384932722f39ec8ee *ph2003-01-03d02t07.shn
afaed47e0d89eeb73a08b3acf51bd247 *ph2003-01-03d02t08.shn
01a23f47aeea5c3bde7c073f6c96c02f *ph2003-01-03d02t09.shn
ea354a286270b84fb3889fee5e0fe94b *ph2003-01-03d03t01.shn
850b50a9d62db811b1af66ceb9c2c33c *ph2003-01-03d03t02.shn
bd104051ab4d8b7b6b7fa99f2161ffd8 *ph2003-01-03d03t03.shn

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