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Grateful Dead 02/07/69
Stanley Theater (Early, Late), Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Late Show ; SBD> MC(Bear Owsley)> DAT (Rob Eaton)> (Jim Wise) HHb>CDR ; Seeded to Etree by T. Wiley 
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Grateful Dead
Stanley Theater
Pittsburg, PA

Late Show

Source: SBD>MC(Bear Owsley)>DAT(Rob Eaton)>(Jim Wise)HHb>CDR

Conversion: EAC(secure)>CD WAV>Cool Edit Pro>SHN(seekable)

CD 1 {61:40.22}  
01. George Washington Story {1:24.45}
02. Cryptical Envelopment-> {1:54.64}
03. The Other One-> {7:27.06}
04. Cryptical Envelopment-> {9:04.20}
05. Death Don't Have No Mercy {11:32.61}
06. Alligator-> {3:45.63}
07. Drums-> {3:51.06}
08. Jam-> {1:04.09}
09. China Cat jam-> {1:15.51}
10. Primal Alligator Jam-> {7:34.62}
11. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)-> {6:32.65}
12. Feedback-> {4:24.13}
13. And We Bid You Good Night {1:48.07}

COMMENTS:   Late Show.  Recorded by Bear (Owsley) on a "Concord" cassette deck model unknown
...laid on an Ampex 90-minute cassette. Restoration &Preservation by Rob Eaton. Playback on
a Tascam 122 mk111 (azimuth adjusted) > db 926 a/d converter > db 3000 s sample rate
converter (variable speed) > panasonic 3800 DAT @ 44.1 kHz By Rob Eaton.
DAT>HHb>CDR By Jim Wise. Rob Eaton's list reads(4.5, 067min, Sbd, A0D0, Cass M->Dat  0, 48k,
Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->3800 x 0). Yes these disks I ripped with EAC are the
actual CDRS that Jim Wise made. I re tracked this one it came to me as 3 tracks.
D1t04(Cryptical Envelopment) Minor static @ :48 filtered to remove static, Pop @ 3:35
filtered to remove the pop. I had trouble tracking this one so if I tracked it wrong please
correct it and lmk and give me a better tracked copy. Enjoy!!

Conversion/Edit/Seeded to Etree by T. Wiley 01/13/2003.

EAC: Secure to extract disk @ 100% quality, no reported errors.
CD WAV: To select tracks.
Cool Edit Pro: To preform edits(see comments above).
Shn tool: To confirm sector boundaries.
SHN: Via mkwact(seekable)

Another Installment Of The Music Never Stopped Project!

Many thanks to PT for Jim Wise's source disks :)

Show Checksums
b9c71fef2d51cd379e77a8a95cb99978 *gd69-02-07late_d1t01.shn
eb262c5b1431a82d7d183bc045fe0045 *gd69-02-07late_d1t02.shn
7eeb31e8b55ade023f0d84b5f12774e4 *gd69-02-07late_d1t03.shn
ad7d4a42be6030fba0da08bfb4c9cc4d *gd69-02-07late_d1t04.shn
f1fe53a799b50cbd1957160e221b648c *gd69-02-07late_d1t05.shn
a0427f1624de0cd3594186ce5ea53dd7 *gd69-02-07late_d1t06.shn
ce76e32baaf2226062a04dbf137196b0 *gd69-02-07late_d1t07.shn
887e5c3fdd48dd03c9f547e2945a2d65 *gd69-02-07late_d1t08.shn
d726fa3afbdb05508d3c3118f9447031 *gd69-02-07late_d1t09.shn
175fc146959991a048314470a46a7631 *gd69-02-07late_d1t10.shn
be75f485cde89f81b35388a85cf1235d *gd69-02-07late_d1t11.shn
219a5663e7a24a3abaa1bd093db46833 *gd69-02-07late_d1t12.shn
8d8f4efa2be7665518493846bb006221 *gd69-02-07late_d1t13.shn
3ffdcc8680f049e89db75e909e575da2 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t01.shn
017221bf2420968e0fd1d2b0fe5222b5 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t02.shn
b00af4260120c38155bf27493e44ab56 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t03.shn
d2d47544345aedf76ebb0dbad898af61 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t04.shn
2ec622534dae00763b959cc60b79e810 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t05.shn
999c707a8d422c85c9621c0748ed7e12 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t06.shn
c22df3bdb94abbb3289703832cf761ab [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t07.shn
bcec4646ee22bd034a897508e639e789 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t08.shn
9bbd7dabea7fe09138e3c884eb4d1ccb [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t09.shn
aa59d27a88099b756ced2d5ef3464e1c [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t10.shn
a36642160d6316a3f9dae011ac25c44a [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t11.shn
cde42df3d31d0a0d91fa2b9c95422d22 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t12.shn
ba382dba4675179eba788ab714324659 [shntool] gd69-02-07late_d1t13.shn

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