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Medeski Martin & Wood 09/22/01
Van Hoy Farms, Union Grove, NC
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Entered by duggy
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Source Summary DAUD Sch 41 Caps SPLIT 20' (FOB) > Sonosax > DAP1 @ 44k > SPDIF Zoltrix Nightingale > CDWAV > SHN; Rec By Dail Reed, with thanks to Peter Costello 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
Mountain Oasis Music Festival
Van Hoy Farms, Union Grove, NC

Schoeps MK41 spread 20' Fob >CMC? > Sonosax > DAP1 @ 44k > SPDIF Zoltrix Nightingale > CDWAV > SHN
Encoded, Recorded Bla bla bla Dail Reed [email protected]
Thanks to Peter Costello for the Caps & the Sanosax

One Set Only:  
01. Improv >
02. Shacklyn Knights
03. Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho >
04. Felic >
05. Spy Kiss
06. Big Time >
07. Note Bleu >
08. Third Stone From The Sun >
09. Drum Solo * >
10. Think
11. Blue Pepper >
12. No Ke Ano Ahiahi
13. Night Marchers
14. Gonzo

* bass joins near very end of track
w/DJ Logic from Felic onwards
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2783a060255075712448fb59c44f7bbf *mmw010922t14.shn
b98d8ada000684fda77c728ebfa4b3e8 *mmw010922t02.shn
a8a589dd084fd99407aededa1a9b8db9 *mmw010922t03.shn
11f3b5220420511840aa1eb91c746624 *mmw010922t04.shn
d699eac387d36a2fc0c3c15484b91918 *mmw010922t05.shn
a6f50590115dd62a6305ac9320a6aff7 *mmw010922t06.shn
8b37cfc1b48ab12ccb589ab926b09491 *mmw010922t07.shn
146303a8e292e734798b483c79f6e138 *mmw010922t08.shn
23ea6ebd25e48de1d989ac49b4e42976 *mmw010922t09.shn
b5f9bcd84b97172900568dee88e31c0e *mmw010922t10.shn
210db4ec21762b457f0b830c1f072b72 *mmw010922t11.shn
8fabf2f78ff35eccd31cc63f1f731f7c *mmw010922t12.shn
d7eae8603ac65276755cacfcbfc7d34c *mmw010922t13.shn
7cb19078d5926e3f249b8467179f01e5 *mmw010922t01.shn

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02/21/2005 Diana Source details discussion at, hope to update here when finalized.
09/21/2007 duggy Corrected spelling of "Wood" in band-name; added/altered a few segues; and updated source info based on seeder/taper's recent torrent here: