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nero 10/10/02
Wilf's Pub (Wilfred Laurier Univ.), Kitchener, ON
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Source Summary Microtech-Gefell UM70(cardioid, -10dB pad, 10ft from stage) ->Marantz PMD650  
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October 10, 2002

Wilf's Pub (Wilfred Laurier Univ.)

Kitchener, Ont

Source: Microtech-Gefell UM70(cardioid, -10dB pad, 10ft from stage) ->Marantz PMD650

Transfer: Marantz PMD650 ->SP/DIF in Delta 1010->Vegas 3.0

See Notes for additional sound info.



Oregano Mice->


Run Like Hell->





Wata Bug

401 Theme


E:Chocolate Monkey Machine



All monitoring was done on Event 20/20bas monitors and AKG/Sony headphones.

Some crowd noise removed to make it fit on 2 CD's.

Since this was recorded and transferred in mono, I had to make it stereo during mastering.  Overall the recording sounded pretty good, a bit boomy in the bass  and harsh in the upper midrange but all the eq'ing was minimal to correct this.

Once in Vegas, I drew in automation for the volume to smooth out changes in the PA and my drunken ass hands touching the input volume.  There was no clipping, just low levels in a few spots.

Waves 3.5 Mastering plugins were used to tweak the recording-the chain went EQ->Compressor->TrueVerb->Limiter.


Type Gain Freq Q

HP -18 42 60

BP +1.5 61 9

BP -1.5 101 7

BP -2.0 174 20

BP -1.0 3000 20

BP -2.0 4861 20

HP=Highpass, BP=Bandpass

The compressor and limiter were setup so neither one reduced gain by more than 3dB-This resulted in no artifacts from the compression and no hard clipping from the limiter, just a solid gain increase without sacrificing bandwidth.  The reverb was used very sparingly, only 10% mix.  Small club was used with an increased diffusion and lowered pre-delay.  Really it was more to convert the mono signal to Stereo than anything else...

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