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Jeff Tweedy 01/06/03
The Vic, Chicago, IL
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Source # 14542 Other Sources
Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary SBD>MZ-R70>CEP>SHN 
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Jeff Tweedy
The Vic, Chicago, IL

Taper: Tom Wilder email: [email protected]
Source: SBD>MZ-R70>Cool Edit Pro>Wave>SHN

                    THIS SHOW IS NOT TO BE MP3-ENCODED

Disc 1
Thax Douglas Poem
Bob Dylan's Beard
When the Roses Bloom Again
Sunken Treasure
I'm the Man Who Loves You
Old Maid
Heavy Metal Drummer
I'm A Wheel
Black Eye
Be Not So Fearful
California Stars
Airline to Heaven
Less than You Think
Via Chicago

Disc 2
Not for the Season
Dear Employer
How to Fight Loneliness
Pecan Pie
Remember the Mountain Bed
Passenger Side
True Love Will Find You in the End
Show Checksums
51eccd0b19d173adc46d5f2a2b0c0899 *JT2003-01-06d01t01.shn
2c223ab96deb7320f44cbec94f3956a6 *JT2003-01-06d01t02.shn
06fb580484acff22dc58e3b08fff3b7c *JT2003-01-06d01t03.shn
3a67b2a7c9eb7748464b8c61e49247de *JT2003-01-06d01t04.shn
63501120185e84567a37446e50fd25c3 *JT2003-01-06d01t05.shn
18a280f4ed3ca312e6baa802c0054be5 *JT2003-01-06d01t06.shn
3277da82f5a355005c59f930f57ed882 *JT2003-01-06d01t07.shn
8fddc875813c948e4b984d2620442265 *JT2003-01-06d01t08.shn
603cc8474a447824981ea0ba7e84e32f *JT2003-01-06d01t09.shn
264ef2392174082ebb59c3f4614cbd5d *JT2003-01-06d01t10.shn
3584c698643eab4050df4870c1f67f65 *JT2003-01-06d01t11.shn
1060bfa104d0196779c5637ecd4f1ca6 *JT2003-01-06d01t12.shn
8126975c359654c4e71d4a234e293e29 *JT2003-01-06d01t13.shn
ce5501b19dfadfde5a4a61b35a1587e9 *JT2003-01-06d01t14.shn
89d536867861470bd221c44cc070fbdc *JT2003-01-06d01t15.shn
1232e9652f7f13a80c6e533c66b9322c *JT2003-01-06d01t16.shn
bacae865fe65cca9d271930b74148df8 *JT2003-01-06d01t17.shn
5dbaf68807568821f0b9c042ecffb6c1 *JT2003-01-06d01t18.shn
5d66160701ca698d81b93b55f5cf7252 *JT2003-01-06d01t19.shn
93bac8874bb48fc517a8165238c6fc80 *JT2003-01-06d02t01.shn
d28400579f47e1ebe93b7cdd0d81c99c *JT2003-01-06d02t02.shn
3218b89bc9dd240905fdc27668d45f98 *JT2003-01-06d02t03.shn
6370514afee40817615ff0cb52f2476b *JT2003-01-06d02t04.shn
a7bab1851f95eedb9b942e4ae24aeba6 *JT2003-01-06d02t05.shn
a5f39ee66c5c7b428de3fc19cd05a445 *JT2003-01-06d02t06.shn
bc637ea161a597b7720877ad7704197c *JT2003-01-06d02t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AKG C1000 S's w/ PPC 1000 >... (0)
Date User Comment
10/21/2003 John Cook Note that none of the tracks of this seed are sector-aligned. Please use 'shntool fix' to correct the sector-misalignments prior to trading this one.

'shntool len' reports:
length     expanded size  cdr  filename
1:31.00 16052864 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t01.shn
3:04.55 32587476 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t02.shn
2:23.35 25308716 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t03.shn
3:51.31 40820480 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t04.shn
5:44.60 60822496 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t05.shn
6:44.50 71382852 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t06.shn
3:14.29 34289212 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t07.shn
3:16.52 34697416 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t08.shn
3:46.59 40004072 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t09.shn
4:44.47 50209180 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t10.shn
3:46.59 40004072 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t11.shn
4:16.65 45310732 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t12.shn
3:10.08 33535832 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t13.shn
1:52.59 19896520 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t14.shn
2:36.72 27688548 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t15.shn
3:53.68 41261340 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t16.shn
4:58.40 52662492 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t17.shn
3:04.50 32574752 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t18.shn
5:29.44 58139564 -b- jt2003-01-06d01t19.shn
6:23.10 67584104 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t01.shn
4:45.48 50386040 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t02.shn
3:43.08 39355940 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t03.shn
2:51.28 30230568 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t04.shn
6:04.74 64384136 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t05.shn
3:37.12 38307424 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t06.shn
4:36.46 48793832 -b- jt2003-01-06d02t07.shn
103:34.59 1096290660 B (totals for 26 files)<\pre>