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Medeski Martin & Wood 06/15/02
Concert Stage, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d2 , d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AKG C4000 (7th row DFC, 6'high; card, w/bass roll-off on, w/windscreens on)-> Samson Mixpad 4-> Zefiro In-box A/D-> DA-P1 @44.1KHz; Transfer: DA-P1-> coax-> Midiman Audiophile2496-> Soundforge5.0-> CdWave-> SHN (using mkwACT v0.97Beta); Taped, transferred, SHN'd by: Karl Letonja; Zefiro courtesy of Martin Amdur 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
JVC Jazz Festival,
Concert Stage, Harbourfront Centre,
Toronto, Ont.

Source:  AKG C4000 (7th row DFC, 6'high; card, w/bass roll-off on, w/windscreens on)-->Samson Mixpad 4-->Zefiro In-box A/D-->DA-P1 @44.1KHz
Transfer:  DA-P1-->coax-->Midiman Audiophile2496-->Soundforge5.0-->CdWave-->SHN (using mkwACT v0.97Beta)
Taped, transferred & SHN'd by: Karl Letonja ([email protected])
Zefiro courtesy of Martin Amdur

Disc #1
1. intro  (1:50)
2. Ten Dollar High  (12:38)
3. Pappy Check >  (7:26)
4. Acht O'Clock Rock -->  (9:17)
5. The Dropper -->  (10:12)
6. Uninvisible  (7:10)
7. I Wanna Ride You   (4:31)
8. Macha -->  (6:28)
9. drums-->  (6:01)
10. Fire-->  (4:23)
11. Smoke  (6:11)
(total time:  76:13)

Disc #2 - encore:
1. crowd  (1:21)
2. Think  (8:35)
(total time:  9:56)

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2a3b5ea3cf5019d60298783d5f630d23 *mmw-2002-06-15-d2t01.shn
3d1df16fc90435421feea833093366e8 *mmw-2002-06-15-d2t02.shn
234d29875a778b8f37307d9ff5e38e53 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t11.shn
874da0dc7c495c142bc464a40f56d850 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t02.shn
860705c660e4c9081d4c0b77cae2b830 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t03.shn
4c9055b838b12ff53ad72a7a6cdf5fbd *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t04.shn
c6bdd833dc553200b7a32fd96a970d35 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t05.shn
bedbf05b0fd6b15ff56e9cf22d66510f *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t06.shn
6465bf219b56d3fb21327d6d2ef245c3 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t07.shn
53c82060889f26fb723caf942fa48135 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t08.shn
6655cdfa97fd1e563f67f2f9b56ca0c2 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t09.shn
95742a93f1ea24be8f9fea309e027952 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t10.shn
21a1b47b36afb318aaa2555a15554507 *mmw-2002-06-15-d1t01.shn

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