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Jeff Tweedy 01/08/03
The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Source # 14609 Other Sources
Entered by Tom Wilder
Checksums d1
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary SBD>MZ-R70>CEP>SHN 
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Jeff Tweedy
The Vic, Chicago, IL

Taper: Tom Wilder email: [email protected]
Source: SBD>MZ-R70>Cool Edit Pro>Wave>SHN

                    THIS SHOW IS NOT TO BE MP3-ENCODED

Disc 1
Airline to Heaven
Not For The Season
Hesitating Beauty
Box Full Of Letters
Jesus, etc.
Someday, Some Morning, Sometime
She's A Jar
I'm Trying To Break Your Heart
I'm The Man Who Loves You
Heavy Metal Drummer

Disc 2
In The Future Age
Chinese Apple
Hoodoo Voodoo
We've Been Had
Casino Queen
Please Tell My Brother
Red-Eyed & Blue
I Got You
Fuck The Grammys
Bob Dylan's Beard
Lost Love
Be Not So Fearful
Show Checksums
9d43154db39d8fff809ee0c42dc6a706 *jt2003-01-08-d01t01.shn
924a4d9e7367aed6efad770a1fda472e *jt2003-01-08-d01t02.shn
837ad69c7127a651a599db31e095c4dc *jt2003-01-08-d01t03.shn
ce5395f84b39f2d108ab8ea3ae6ba572 *jt2003-01-08-d01t04.shn
3f9bbdb5fbfc86a65f6350e7c043f56b *jt2003-01-08-d01t05.shn
992c74b2d4a81e4dc9a4bd56f17c5050 *jt2003-01-08-d01t06.shn
bf6b84ac20f19aa491ec316b6ab5138a *jt2003-01-08-d01t07.shn
24ed71d2f8c2f9fc9d7a352c8b19bcb7 *jt2003-01-08-d01t08.shn
8fa4e38c1682bd2affb768c52d6129a0 *jt2003-01-08-d01t09.shn
4330b2f59e6d0be02689399d3f75033f *jt2003-01-08-d01t10.shn
ce2978578f82d47f83e403f1576e1f0d *jt2003-01-08-d01t11.shn
e41f8b56d2858ce7e60ed34108934840 *jt2003-01-08-d01t12.shn
bf855f5c1fa205bc9782d510c482fcfb *jt2003-01-08-d01t13.shn
f8c63040906ade881ef3ee740630aeb1 *jt2003-01-08-d02t01.shn
abf76bfdedb5e22af9560e5d3f8dc925 *jt2003-01-08-d02t02.shn
cbb1b4f4ae8f4249577dde9c65ce3097 *jt2003-01-08-d02t03.shn
53bc3623a2258ad4a87fb20b1bab0cfd *jt2003-01-08-d02t04.shn
d39fa31a6e10d3a30753f2cbfe75f360 *jt2003-01-08-d02t05.shn
3dfee53d0abad4747c043e51d25f6645 *jt2003-01-08-d02t06.shn
48dbd030abe72a9bc7ceba2c93675b5d *jt2003-01-08-d02t07.shn
330b539a5b65ce17bb6aceda9648c8f8 *jt2003-01-08-d02t08.shn
c34c258a72e1ed681159153183858f34 *jt2003-01-08-d02t09.shn
c822b1e1e1202641eeff12bf7c35f49a *jt2003-01-08-d02t10.shn
6022f85337c82d9375b8d7ed71fa90bf *jt2003-01-08-d02t11.shn
c6f8a10dac7097af0a7d447f9f1e2989 *jt2003-01-08-d02t12.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
AT831>SP Batt Box> Sharp MD... (1) AKG C1000 S's w/ PPC 1000 >... (0)
Date User Comment
10/21/2003 John Cook Note that none of the tracks of this seed are sector-aligned. Please use 'shntool fix' to correct the sector-misalignments prior to trading this one.

'shntool len' reports:

length expanded size cdr filename
5:01.36 53181328 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t01.shn
3:13.26 34107196 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t02.shn
3:47.19 40088068 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t03.shn
2:51.27 30227708 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t04.shn
2:55.71 31035932 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t05.shn
5:39.73 59970436 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t06.shn
3:40.63 38956552 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t07.shn
4:24.62 46715520 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t08.shn
4:44.74 50271720 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t09.shn
3:58.19 42027812 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t10.shn
4:34.68 48493620 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t11.shn
4:07.20 43616732 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t12.shn
4:24.07 46585180 -b- jt2003-01-08-d01t13.shn
2:53.54 30643264 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t01.shn
4:47.22 50679228 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t02.shn
4:39.40 49309628 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t03.shn
3:21.19 35501720 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t04.shn
3:48.13 40250352 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t05.shn
3:02.02 32109840 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t06.shn
2:09.35 22838704 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t07.shn
3:31.06 37235348 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t08.shn
2:23.11 25250704 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t09.shn
2:57.25 31280716 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t10.shn
2:42.28 28642584 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t11.shn
3:14.21 34271756 -b- jt2003-01-08-d02t12.shn
92:54.16 983291648 B (totals for 25 files)