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Phish 10/28/95
The Palace, Detroit, MI
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary B+K 4011 > DA-P1 @48kHz; D8 > Hercules GT-XP > Samplitude 2496 (48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped by Mark Lampke; Transferred by Rob Robar  
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Auburn Hills, MI
The Palace
Source: B&K 4011>DAP1 @ 48 kHz
Taped by: Mark Lampke
Transfer: D8>Hercules GT-XP>Samplitude 2496 (re-sampled to 44.1 kHz, Normalized to 100%)>CDWave>mkwACT v.97>.shn (NO DAE)
Transferred by: Rob Robar [email protected]
Seeded on: 05/08/2002

Disc One: Set One
1. AC/DC Bag
2. Mound
3. Timber (Jerry)
4. Uncle Pen
5. Sample in a Jar
6. Lizards
7. Billy Breathes
8. Acoustic Army
9. Prince Caspian
10. Run Like an Antelope

Disc Two: Set Two
1. Maze
2. Theme from the Bottom>
3. Scent of a Mule
4. You Enjoy Myself
5. Strange Design

Disc Three: Set Two Cont.
1. Frankenstein
2. Chalk Dust Torture
3. Crowd
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Show Checksums
eec7498ce2e277e3d9708d584ff21838 *ph1995-10-28d01t01.shn
4183f6c32c72d122dde07701e8992637 *ph1995-10-28d01t02.shn
1c1f36411814d51f9c1fd0783dcec69f *ph1995-10-28d01t03.shn
e1f02fd5c38da85c804da7c0b228bcc9 *ph1995-10-28d01t04.shn
03c320b254c28d43aa9cf595e5c0ba7d *ph1995-10-28d01t05.shn
5bade76c63890666aa7ce4f7eb43481d *ph1995-10-28d01t06.shn
5fad7dcd6529088949e29348cb7ab6d1 *ph1995-10-28d01t07.shn
c6e9f0f00dc192954c1ac44c8ad47cf9 *ph1995-10-28d01t08.shn
07e3fbe915db594348168badd0ed5cad *ph1995-10-28d01t09.shn
30533a6d7061b2a444ce647cdad0156a *ph1995-10-28d01t10.shn
4c98a348d2e96acbc1882da16eb40fe0 *ph1995-10-28d02t01.shn
8fd798dcefd24ac41994f13af38487a5 *ph1995-10-28d02t02.shn
3faffb1a57c9f08285a21c7c667edc37 *ph1995-10-28d02t03.shn
0efde2c36c5530b48c5e69fd18dce611 *ph1995-10-28d02t04.shn
c9f7b04f67503283c3801cb5a7d4cfc2 *ph1995-10-28d02t05.shn
970bc474256771968d2c9eb99cfcec07 *ph1995-10-28d03t01.shn
c44fdb11ad46290b609ed2068c9fd336 *ph1995-10-28d03t02.shn
4c454f687cc4b8169e387c2755129898 *ph1995-10-28d03t03.shn
446f6172c9e872d6bf5197528b61c759 *ph1995-10-28d03t04.shn

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