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Grateful Dead 11/14/73
San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary Lineage: 7" Master Reel > Cassette > CD Transferred, burned, shn'ed, and all by David Hollister  
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Grateful Dead
Sports Arena
San Diego, CA
November 14, 1973

Lineage: 7" Master Reel > Cassette > CD

The cassette was played back on a Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 >
Flying Calf 24-bit A/D > ZA2 and tracked and burned with CD

This version is several orders of magnitude better than the
circulating version and breathes new life into what is actually
a smokin' show.

Technical notes:
Small static at 1:51 in Row Jimmy. Big pop at 1:55 attenuated
down to very small pop. There are a series of low-level pops
that occur from about 4:51 - 4:57 in Rider. All of these flaws
are non-digital. Reel flips during The Other One and Wharf Rat
seamlessly edited together.

Transferred, burned, shn'ed, and all by David Hollister
([email protected])

Disc 1 - Set 1
1. Big Railroad Blues
2. Jack Straw
3. Sugaree
4. Mexicali Blues
5. Here Comes Sunshine
6. Black Throated Wind
7. Cumberland Blues

Disc 2
1. Row Jimmy
2. The Race Is On
3. Brown-eyed Women
4. Beat It On Down The Line
5. Tennessee Jed
6. El Paso
7. China Cat Sunflower ->
8. I Know You Rider
9. Around & Around

Disc 3 - Set 2
1. Truckin' ->
2. Jam ->
3. The Other One ->
4. Jam ->
5. Big River ->
6. The Other One ->
7. Eyes of the World ->
8. Wharf Rat

Disc 4
1. Me & My Uncle
2. Goin' Down The Road ->
3. One More Saturday Night
Show Checksums
4673f61c54cc16f1b56ee355a2330484 *gd731114-d1t7.shn
55c19046557c00c4fa00cad432cfb230 *gd731114-d1t2.shn
d67638098444ec34d4ae3c63ca61a3af *gd731114-d1t3.shn
9ce6857cf1dbb6f1eee88e7492d27c14 *gd731114-d1t4.shn
01e348f3a58de37c6eef20a54f42cd84 *gd731114-d1t5.shn
12e2fe0db8aa625aeb6f8ac979272fed *gd731114-d1t6.shn
6a3504b237c040ece8c3f8a283140f4b *gd731114-d1t1.shn
e5fba737a7532072bbf0e2b4183d7114 *gd731114-d2t9.shn
05b4b866de01b3f5a46072cfca80b0c3 *gd731114-d2t2.shn
8548fa7f3f4de9a5fe109c3e863c36cb *gd731114-d2t3.shn
2b69bbfc53b8c783595d0a1d60269ec6 *gd731114-d2t4.shn
0689bc1cec8138c100fbf94d6c4f50bb *gd731114-d2t5.shn
79c259066f3898655862a9825c2dc66b *gd731114-d2t6.shn
95eee6c18012080d017799095c4203ea *gd731114-d2t7.shn
658db6f05c562e96c5a7b0935b6eb473 *gd731114-d2t8.shn
cb5584430f9dac1c5fc15223319b1e17 *gd731114-d2t1.shn
62aa5c99f4b513d5d5d34d3e40e9cb5f *gd731114-d4t3.shn
60c481c91d67ff60a79ca132edab7399 *gd731114-d3t2.shn
c5288b694cac374474176f5f05edd3f9 *gd731114-d3t3.shn
27908ca7766e29c13053fdec858219fc *gd731114-d3t4.shn
3a7af7ed465a9b6b5e350509768b12a6 *gd731114-d3t5.shn
908997e557ee220c4880059e32cfb40b *gd731114-d3t6.shn
40ac1829db9f1f5e2dff00f29a4364cc *gd731114-d3t7.shn
a6757c00bb55fc561961702f616ea748 *gd731114-d3t8.shn
e38acbb273bc4b08e441344e3356842a *gd731114-d3t9.shn
938604c7110af6703ffb78eb7103600b *gd731114-d4t1.shn
670f12bb129e73fecc6d95b660450018 *gd731114-d4t2.shn
402eedf584e0d835f2ceb6495bc28423 *gd731114-d3t1.shn
3b8a5bf55ff468e6cb75f66a94217783 [shntool] gd731114-d1t1.shn
d7ff6a44fc4f6118a830d37a393bdbd2 [shntool] gd731114-d1t2.shn
01a13b489be05b14e02837348240df85 [shntool] gd731114-d1t3.shn
7e79a25fc261bf97f86509f39fa4bf47 [shntool] gd731114-d1t4.shn
4b9a16f9d914c2fd8eada6c54886fca3 [shntool] gd731114-d1t5.shn
83541bdd958ac6823be5e00a79665aa3 [shntool] gd731114-d1t6.shn
e8932c4f01445d7dd9fc113b7effbdcb [shntool] gd731114-d1t7.shn
4e59d41a16de161cbdcfc298438a7dea [shntool] gd731114-d2t1.shn
a3ba84b6a259bc01df016d08e03ac3de [shntool] gd731114-d2t2.shn
a2e94cd246f7c9d303bfa83cb14eaf05 [shntool] gd731114-d2t3.shn
131ab78aeb43e2dcfaefc6af03b6d31e [shntool] gd731114-d2t4.shn
c7c61f603afaeb7727c9a1d7e83e44af [shntool] gd731114-d2t5.shn
a51c295b9a2ea6e4d454112b981c69de [shntool] gd731114-d2t6.shn
9fce18d0c34b59d4b3ad825fdb1401c0 [shntool] gd731114-d2t7.shn
2b90b27152cc177e17815d9a1aaf3113 [shntool] gd731114-d2t8.shn
8b6b12912a2ac9a8eb7d3c051aa0c250 [shntool] gd731114-d2t9.shn
5d045bea67f8c449d25aeac41221e783 [shntool] gd731114-d3t1.shn
ca09ce51ad354390884396baed468953 [shntool] gd731114-d3t2.shn
fbb4bce538b48575361423a194df82f5 [shntool] gd731114-d3t3.shn
c26ca4c85e988aa2724973741d43c526 [shntool] gd731114-d3t4.shn
98e3db344bc85f23718c61a519fa75ac [shntool] gd731114-d3t5.shn
f36d108bcadd9932550e8dcdc2098263 [shntool] gd731114-d3t6.shn
36f0ad97b2b74da38f16c2fdf18bfb04 [shntool] gd731114-d3t7.shn
b92bfd632f6ef2be7d98f496a64d39f2 [shntool] gd731114-d3t8.shn
b85341454729cd83ca7920242217e49e [shntool] gd731114-d3t9.shn
ac5f9750efdb63a0ba2a9700df534474 [shntool] gd731114-d4t1.shn
934947366780ce6ecf299795524b6850 [shntool] gd731114-d4t2.shn
0a98358adde3fe9591ceb3284c05359a [shntool] gd731114-d4t3.shn

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