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KVHW 11/27/99
Quixote's True Blue Cafe, Denver, CO
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
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Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C61 tubes. Unknown Transfer, DAE steps likely. 
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Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

onstage AKG C61's

Disk 1:

Set I
1. Bad Hair
2. From The Bass Up
3. Nine>Ring Around The Moon>Nine
4. Ray Bantor
5. Poonk>Express Yourself>Poonk

Disk 2:

Set I cont'd
1. If You Only Knew
2. Footprints
Set II
3. A New Africa
4. Jam
5. Cissy Strut

Disk 3:

Set II cont'd
1. Neffertiti
2. Power Of Soul
3. Point Of No Return
4. Mr. Potato Head
5. band intros

Disc 4:
1. It's Up to You
2. Jam
3. City of Tiny Lights
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1603bc659b3678704baabba6f2d1e66d *kvhw99-11-27d1t1.shn
05e55b0cc3a2d41274d111bd519c3940 *kvhw99-11-27d1t2.shn
717807e78d4670e5aedf62a0e2e17af4 *kvhw99-11-27d1t3.shn
64f5525c86bf6ad1b7b265dcca787a0f *kvhw99-11-27d1t4.shn
ecc49e98a988d6b757e2436ea4b8a1d4 *kvhw99-11-27d1t5.shn
017fc60d197c6a42dddad406822d69c5 *kvhw99-11-27d2t1.shn
ffc266686746576a516c381d9de9c023 *kvhw99-11-27d2t2.shn
ba5e47752a9787d41a2dcd461a47f585 *kvhw99-11-27d2t3.shn
17f04af9d40b2c3f71edea39e2776a2f *kvhw99-11-27d2t4.shn
8cb6d2888edc97af6249e42b763228c6 *kvhw99-11-27d2t5.shn
8c2565c584d072e42bff5acd60813393 *kvhw99-11-27d3t1.shn
897cfb45591ff2f525866dc33670074c *kvhw99-11-27d3t2.shn
42c558eae35dee9bb4c59a2c7e61afcb *kvhw99-11-27d3t3.shn
3336e5354c285e6fd6e772338bee757a *kvhw99-11-27d3t4.shn
3e93dc730a7a55866a1e4582b7b42743 *kvhw99-11-27d3t5.shn
3c4d9155cc2d3141a34981774974f174 *kvhw99-11-27d4t1.shn
d02393a3544721a54314638bd31d0663 *kvhw99-11-27d4t2.shn
32627c795a8b571dc0927806eba667d4 *kvhw99-11-27d4t3.shn

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{onstage} AKG C61 tubes... (0) {onstage} AKG C61 tubes... (2)
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01/27/2003 twatts I wonder if this is an EAC>SHN of this source: