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Zero 08/11/95
Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: Senn ME-80 (30' back from Kimock) > D3
Transfer via D8 > SEK'D Prodif Plus > Samplitude Project > CDWav > MKWAct > shn 
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Zero - 8/11/95
Catalyst - Santa Cruz, CA

Senn ME-80 (30' back from Kimock)->D3
xfer via D8->SEK'D Prodif Plus->
Samplitude Project->CDWav->MKWAct->shn

CD #1 - Set I
1.) Cole's Law
2.) Tangled Hangers
3.) Catalina
4.) Highway 61
5.) Home On The Range

CD #2 - Set II
1.) Afro Blue
2.) End Of The World Blues
3.) Chance In A Million

CD #3 - Set III
1.) It's Up To You
2.) Use Me Up->
    Feeling Alright
3.) Tell Me All About It
4.) Golden Road
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c9b7be479f7bae26d6439115b17a8262 *zero1995-08-11d1t1.shn
89f17d7273f50964ca5361f501fb50b9 *zero1995-08-11d1t2.shn
63602a2277c6eec31e93d2ebd3155b1c *zero1995-08-11d1t3.shn
5fca80b7b2da3739ebf3237fe9ed4993 *zero1995-08-11d1t4.shn
3266201ccf35c22f26e47cd219c3f9c3 *zero1995-08-11d1t5.shn
746240b19ac1e0766a675fb304f6e93b *zero1995-08-11d2t1.shn
3db3b0fd1faa7c16c892a431ddeafd03 *zero1995-08-11d2t2.shn
515203b2d7f2492f668d937e26b8fcf5 *zero1995-08-11d2t3.shn
a0ecc10455c4d07085c0d1f9ee8eff69 *zero1995-08-11d3t1.shn
6a542222b720d93e04c8ccf3cd34e54e *zero1995-08-11d3t2.shn
1c3945d51d34ba46d6c84138815263d5 *zero1995-08-11d3t3.shn
dbac2293e4879a3258d51cc8c7c5c1cb *zero1995-08-11d3t4.shn

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