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Zero 05/15/01
Berkeley Community Center, Berkeley, CA
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Source Summary Source: schoeps cmc64's ORTF FOB stealth 10th row middle section, close to DFC -> MP2 -> D8 (DAT) 
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ZERO All-Star Jam
Wavy Gravy's Birthday Bash
Berkeley Community Center
Berkeley, CA
May 15, 2001

Source:  schoeps cmc64's ORTF FOB stealth 10th row middle section, close to DFC -> MP2 -> D8 (DAT)

This was a "no-taping" show. Unknown taper, unknown transfer info.

Originally came to me in APE files which I decoded and re-encoded to SHN files for this seed.
I removed a spurious empty track, renamed the tracks, and fleshed out this info file.

This recording sounds excellent, and sounds like a great time was had by all, ENJOY !

1 SHN disc, 1 AUDIO disc

Set 1 (only)

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Rigor Mortis
d1t03 Golden Road
d1t04 Jam > (with Bob Weir on acoustic guitar)
d1t05 Victim Or The Crime (with Bob Weir on acoustic guitar & vocals)
d1t06 Wavy Gravy Speaks

ZERO Personnel this night:

Steve Kimock - Guitars
Greg Anton - Drums
Bobby Vega - Bass
Pete Sears - Keyboards

Howard Danchik - Live Sound

SHNTOOL LEN *.wav results:

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     2:01.16      21382076     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t01.wav
     8:26.52      89380748     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t02.wav
   16:11.32     171359708     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t03.wav
     7:35.43      80363180     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t04.wav
     8:46.19      92831132     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t05.wav
   14:30.48     153580940     ---   --    ---    zero2001-05-15t06.wav
   57:31.60     608897784 B                      (totals for 6 files)

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08da64fb850eff9a8e30e13580e47816 *zero2001-05-15t01.shn
634cfb285926452e2165fb68701a5c44 *zero2001-05-15t02.shn
f58bb30132d4827bfa029b1343106137 *zero2001-05-15t03.shn
5ae9c542b250e345a2f53fc050aac28b *zero2001-05-15t04.shn
33edf61be640aa1197b9356d3044c667 *zero2001-05-15t05.shn
4e36184b64b21e728a7499c22b8d145c *zero2001-05-15t06.shn

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