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Grateful Dead 07/23/94
Soldier Field, Chicago, IL
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Source # 14839 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary DSBD>D>CD>SHN Transcription from DAT and Encoding by JR Fishman 
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Grateful Dead
Soldier Field
Chicago, IL  
Source: DSBD>D>CD>SHN  

CD 1 (54:00)
Picasso Moon
New Minglewood Blues (1)
Lazy River Road
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Brown Eyed Women

CD 2 (70:34)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Samba In The Rain
Playing In The Band >
Terrapin Station >
Drums >
Space >

CD 3  (27:01)
The Other One >
Wharf Rat >
One More Saturday Night

Encore :Knockin' On Heaven's Door (missing)

Transcription from DAT and Encoding by

JR Fishman
[email protected]

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f371e7e9f00c1609aaea2279de537c5d *gd1994-07-23-d106.shn
ffbe67a0b59f39fe3390dcbd56b1f10f *gd1994-07-23-d107.shn
1ebe1b4042799326970e8ff665d6f679 *gd1994-07-23-d108.shn
6adf49720b8c9cd9641206517f90ec88 *gd1994-07-23-d201.shn
9a84fe8a9681bc4561b1d595e5bc0a7e *gd1994-07-23-d202.shn
d0f41caca682f0cc3f9a9b8c88854324 *gd1994-07-23-d203.shn
dfec2c2dad88b38440387d9f8bc6b2e5 *gd1994-07-23-d204.shn
56a5ff83e64d32372d6ac0f80b055a12 *gd1994-07-23-d205.shn
85661a3ee3ad6d5c061076c4696d0ce9 *gd1994-07-23-d206.shn
2f4fc7edf959a5598b126ae543758560 *gd1994-07-23-d301.shn
2ecedf8d30c5dee1b823f5967b1fa91a *gd1994-07-23-d302.shn
ba966b85f650c3676dc1631d5b64528f *gd1994-07-23-d303.shn
3c77f30fe5619ae1efea38b433c21a2d *gd1994-07-23-d101.shn
6ac3918e326f070d7aa7dce584a73312 *gd1994-07-23-d102.shn
b79570b288950a475980092274f7bd18 *gd1994-07-23-d103.shn
e63b2298a22b924f37c3f5e6d2ec0aae *gd1994-07-23-d104.shn
37d65d1a32faed0d94605400b983e40d *gd1994-07-23-d105.shn
7e923f785690201d13a80d52c04feec3 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d101.shn
22f2c08c6950e113d75f587377e47fed [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d102.shn
b155719ea08beaa4fd9cb9991f9b2d7d [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d103.shn
949d7245259678fdf26b7f2d4860368d [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d104.shn
01332ee29f21d393a783084eb85bfb26 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d105.shn
b7757ee5efa52b4095b75f623fa60cf4 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d106.shn
b599832ccd72d44fcc64f245857b6f81 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d107.shn
fc481d8db224a16abb867ec05370ec78 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d108.shn
28a9ff97531480d0cb207fd5d849415e [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d201.shn
ccb425a5d9b6d2a57a1f99492e505429 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d202.shn
f46b34de0c2046072b09d2f048684646 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d203.shn
5b6358366a1c91cc3c53d57794ce1a0e [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d204.shn
4afbbb10fb28f2e4066509c9bc545264 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d205.shn
f66e8304717d1cc8e985a04fe0b268a7 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d206.shn
969ec03c49a84c3e1746a37f7d002ec5 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d301.shn
3305b37be31abf80e8f605890120891a [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d302.shn
c487d42e7bccdd70b3069a5cc29eaa63 [shntool] gd1994-07-23-d303.shn

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FOB (15th Row) Schoeps... (0) flac16; SBD Monitor... (0)
Date User Comment
09/11/2007 cool_breeze Disc one contains eight tracks, not the seven listed in the text file. The disc starts with a tuning track. For those of you keeping score at home, disc one is actually tracked like this:

d1t01 Tunin' Up
d1t02 Picasso Moon
d1t03 Sugaree
d1t04 New Minglewood Blues (1)
d1t05 Lazy River Road
d1t06 When I Paint My Masterpiece
d1t07 Brown Eyed Women
d1t08 Cassidy

Also, the "(1)" designation for Minglewood remains to this day a mystery -- a footnote with no note.