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Grateful Dead 03/19/95
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary FOB Schoeps MK41 > DAT @ 48KHz > ZA2 (48244) > SHN  
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Grateful Dead
The Spectrum
Philadelphia, PA

    Set 1:
1.  Alabama Getaway
2.  Walkin' Blues
3.  So Many Roads
4.  Easy Answers >
5.  Don't Ease Me In
6.  Unbroken Chain
    Set 2:
7.  Samson And Delilah
8.  Way To Go Home
9.  Crazy Fingers >

    Set 2 continued:
1.  Corrina >
2.  Mathilda >
3.  Drums >
4.  Space >
5.  I Need A Miracle >
6.  Stella Blue >
7.  Not Fade Away
8.  Brokedown Palace

Schoeps MK41 (F.O.B.) > DAT @ 48KHz > ZA2 (48244) > SHN

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fb6dba7ebd0c5b0f6b87385ad57642a2 *gd95-03-19d1t01.shn
c0e303a2f9d7aa73447d258ff79fe372 *gd95-03-19d1t02.shn
ef84bd7fead6eaed2f80cf1ff905a573 *gd95-03-19d1t03.shn
baa3f00b7f05a0d4bddd478251b587c5 *gd95-03-19d1t04.shn
052002cba4605762b52605fae336b519 *gd95-03-19d1t05.shn
2aa0345c1932bb732203e28fc7037a9a *gd95-03-19d1t06.shn
a4b857e7aa4986bb66dc90ca8d37c888 *gd95-03-19d1t07.shn
60de154964640db38a21d6fcfd37f311 *gd95-03-19d1t08.shn
c8e6a5d8d2752f9ec535622368bf83af *gd95-03-19d1t09.shn
6cc585d8dddb9ae6d3ceba898967377d *gd95-03-19d2t01.shn
24c11cc2bce5ed0d6345b605eb3ce55a *gd95-03-19d2t02.shn
02bc640dee556db18a7701cb78b77341 *gd95-03-19d2t03.shn
8d63bfad3a43c732e8bcc13518a45ccf *gd95-03-19d2t04.shn
f7dd8110fbf8b50dd861de64c8f53019 *gd95-03-19d2t05.shn
b3af2f1b0b6e840edf0fa83fcc1be2d1 *gd95-03-19d2t06.shn
9bd6288cce3b665f4fad0c7cc3c240c9 *gd95-03-19d2t07.shn
c92d007455bbffb6e1cc00d4b2a4d7f8 *gd95-03-19d2t08.shn
ca9783cad5e8b5ea236058269766ce82 [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t01.shn
07b2fa238ec89826df9a07904339bc8f [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t02.shn
6b2479bbfdaf762b4cd6fdab075cb28e [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t03.shn
83e1d55f11629f182649726ca375d15e [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t04.shn
3ec034e6fa2be75c711262ed074484cc [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t05.shn
ec63e7b2ae1b88b0180a52bde5fb88d7 [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t06.shn
96adccc7a5c46be72f0205f8f5e32477 [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t07.shn
c7306d3b775c9a0e1653b71681608410 [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t08.shn
fd0e0f6f798030fef9432ee6aac593b6 [shntool] gd95-03-19d1t09.shn
5ef64fb02728937f5fd92ea4ecd8080c [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t01.shn
de3d2f52fc24f86c799eb366b4f3b9aa [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t02.shn
13f3ee5ddb2a9e486e50dbfc053606a9 [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t03.shn
e7abc6587d8894f27558dcbbf984856e [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t04.shn
2bf7204b56bfa5ad7398383743c52ebf [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t05.shn
1689e182a90ca63d38728a3c3a47dfdb [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t06.shn
24a695d5ffc5f7a7a42c369de1d6733d [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t07.shn
e10f96c315dbad94b33edf5f9e1a0f68 [shntool] gd95-03-19d2t08.shn

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