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Disco Biscuits 05/06/99
Chameleon Club, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Jon Goldberg
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: AKG 480/ck61->Lunatev2->GP ADC-20->DA-P1; Transfer: DA-P1->Sek'd Prodif 32->Broadcast 2000 Taper: Tim Danielson Transfer and Encoding: Brendan Wood 
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The Disco Biscuits
Chameleon Club - Atlanta, GA

Source: AKG 480/ck61->Lunatev2->GP ADC-20->DA-P1
Transfer: DA-P1->Sek'd Prodif 32->Broadcast 2000
Taper: Tim Danielson
Transfer and Encoding: Brendan Wood
-Another seed brought to you by the Paradigm Server team-

Disc 1:
(Set I)

1) Overture
2) Once The Fiddler Paid
3) Little Lai
4) M.E.M.P.H.I.S.->
5) New From Nowhere
6) Above the Waves

Disc 2:
(Set II)

1) Voices Insane
2) I-Man->
3) Pygmy Twylyte->
4) I-Man->

Disc 3:
(Set II cont.)

1) Vassillios->
2) Helicopters


3) Morph Dusseldorf
4) Afro Blues
5) Barfly

* Throughout the show, there are a few pops, all of which were generated by
the equipment onstage.. none of it was generated by the taper.

*This show was transferred and encoded completely under Linux*
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23806b68c78c7d25f94bcaa6714a1abc db99-05-06d1t1.wav.shn
0cd0c7614fc0f83c9b2d19666e1c7612 db99-05-06d1t2.wav.shn
1aaf19ebd1a714d4db83dc8df6e00735 db99-05-06d1t3.wav.shn
8d2ddafc87dbd1d543ee3f9f524fe428 db99-05-06d1t4.wav.shn
116622fcd50cdad3bc9265082c8ecb6c db99-05-06d1t5.wav.shn
af921dc268fd0a144ccbc69011d15066 db99-05-06d1t6.wav.shn
bd06b33c798a130c855c9807ed5d9218 db99-05-06d1t7.wav.shn
e14d3a91ae176d96ca8e75ccd3ae8448 db99-05-06d2t1.wav.shn
9466296e0980acdf3a44bf565b8b077f db99-05-06d2t2.wav.shn
5d56d614684423745db1823ca5cec4f7 db99-05-06d2t3.wav.shn
eb8dcc3c20f42c87363f9f1c2b022534 db99-05-06d2t4.wav.shn
0493c60f0dac063a7aab7df3c9e783ea db99-05-06d3t1.wav.shn
e9766f6bd8136dabdbad7ea7419b3491 db99-05-06d3t2.wav.shn
9a6be89ed7be6b1855872cdccab3b219 db99-05-06d3t3.wav.shn
91fd2414d988c099037dc4a081952de2 db99-05-06d3t4.wav.shn
007c99a9b5d146b1394bbc719c8cb433 db99-05-06d3t5.wav.shn

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